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Mahlatse Ramatseba

A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 31

The moment she yanked my hand and walked out, I felt a huge part of me die. I remember back in varsity when we saw a pregnant couple walk hand in hand. That day, I pinky promised her that I will be with her when she fall pregnant. This was all my fault because if I didn't do stupid stuff then I would have known about her pregnancy and walk with her every step of the way. I'm an asshole. That I know.
I kinda felt my world coming to a halt. All this time She has been carrying my child. The child I have been longing for.
"Mordecai I'm really sorry. Please forgive me" Lucy said coming closer to me.
This woman deserved to be treated like a plague. She really did turn my life upside down. I deserved it though.
"Lucy you made me go through all that trouble for you, just to mess it up? Linda raged.
I can't say I was surprised that they plotted it together. Linda never liked Ria and she could do anything to make her life a living hell. Come to think of it, these two must have planned how to get Lucy into my life.
"Girls all I need is my money." The guy demanded.
" You never loved me Mordecai, never. All you cared about was her. You don't care about my problems. I sacrificed everything for you. I even did an abortion for...."
"What did you just say Lucy? I thought you miscarried." I muttered
"Yeah I....uh... I miscarried.."
"Cut the crap Lucy" I scolded her.
"I had no choice. The kid wasn't yours" she said softly.
"Lucy did you really have to tell him that now? What have you been smoking." Linda asked in disappointment. This surely means I was the one in the dark while people knew all the secrets out there. I was surely the biggest joke of the year. Lucy's head dropped in dejection. That was surely a slip of a tongue. She didn't want to say it. I put my hands on head. I took the stairs slowly. If Rianze knew all this, then she might have thought I was the biggest fool she had the misfortune of falling in love with.
I came back with the divorce papers. "Please sign" I said giving them to Lucy.
"I won't do that. Its not like problems can't be solved." She said dropping them on the floor.
"Well I'm gonna give you my car, all my shares in my dad's company and all my investments. Everything I have will be yours .just sign the papers and leave me alone."
"Oh wow..that's more like it" she immediately picked them up. within seconds she was done signing. I really Married a Gold digger.
After signing they left. I let her leave with the car. It was already late and I was in no mood to drive around. After all it now belongs to her.
I immediately went to sleep. People were still grooving outside. It didn't take long for me to fell into a deep sleep.
Morning I woke up and went for a swim, after I have had enough swimming, I chilled at the chairs beside the pool.
I didn't even hear Roger come in.
"It was kind cool yesterday hey..... Mordecai?"
"Oh yeah cool!" I said coming back to reality. I kept thinking about Rianze.
"Are you alright?" Roger asked.
"Ria told me everything." I sad softly.
"Oh no..oh hell no. Why did she do that. Dad is gonna freak out."He stood up.
"Its not like you have to tell him that I know" I responded. I wasn't even bothered.
"Well still, You didn't deserve to know. I kinda enjoyed seeing Ria act like my step mom and ruining your wife's life in the was cool."
"Act? I thought....oh damn it" I hit my forehead. "
Ria would never date my dad but Lucy made me believe somehow. I did have my suspicions but didn't have the concrete truth.
I told Roger about Lucy signing the divorce papers which he seemed excited upon hearing it . That doesn't mean I wasn't worrying. What if Rianze decides to cut me off my baby's life or worse she had already found a new guy. I actually can't have another man raise my baby for me. Not in this lifetime. I'll rather go fight for custody if Rianze doesn't take me back. Well the chances of her taking me back though are so slim.
The day was getting late and I was starting to worry about Ria. Nandipha and christy asked on her whereabouts and I told them she might have gone home. The last time I saw her was last night. I took out my phone and called her. It was on voicemail. I assumed she was at Thembisa and didn't want disturbance.
The time was now 8pm and I have asked Roger about Ria and he had no idea. Surprisingly he said her mom called four times saying she couldn't find her on her phone, and he lied.
The only thing Nandi Remembers was seeing Rianze getting in her car last night and driving off.
We were all trying to call her to no avail. My heart was now beating faster than normal. I was antsy – pacing back and forth like a caged panther ,constantly watching the doors for her .
What if she got into an accident or got kidnapped. I brushed those ideas off my mind, as I kept pacing up and down.
When somebody is missing ,you firstly don't take it serious because you think they will come back or call and they don't and day by day , the hope of ever seeing them fade with a passing of each day.
"Her mother called again and she said she can feel that something Isn't right. I'm tired of giving lame excuses I can't do this anymore. We must call the police and tell everyone the truth." Roger argued.
I didn't want my dad to find out.
" I'm scared Roger. She left late last night and didn't even go home. This country isn't safe for her to be roaming around alone.
No person is safe in South Africa anymore. Somebody can just shoot, stab, bludgeon her for no particular reason. I mean people are robbed in the streets, the malls, on the trains, in public parks, at the beach, sitting at table in a restaurant, basically anywhere at any time." I whispered.
"Erm what's up with the speeches now. Ria is safe and sound wherever she is. She once told me she wanted to leave the country and now that you have made it easy for her to do so, she is probably somewhere joining the ISIS." Roger smirked.
"Not funny. I should call aunt susan she will talk to dad on our behalf and he will find her.
On the first ring she picked up. Aunt suzan was my dad's only sister. We left her in our London house.
Me :Hey aunt suzy
Aunt suzan:Hey you. To what do I owe the pleasure?
Me: Aunt I'm just checking on you...well I'm in trouble. I need you to talk to dad.
Aunt s: What's up, my favourite nephew, I hope you have stopped pissing off nathan hey.
Me: well Ria is missing.
Aunt s: The girl I heard your father said you rejected?
The door swooshed open. I looked up with joy expecting to see Ria walking in, but no. It was her mother and my dad. I immediately hung up.
"utsho njan ukuba intombi yamu ilahlekile" Dinah shouted the moment she stepped in the house.( what do you mean my daughter is missing)
Oh oh! I looked up to Roger whom I know have been learning xhosa from Ria and Nandipha.
"Um well I think she is asking why her daughter is missing or something like that." He translated.
Sometimes you don't need to learn a language to understand what a person is saying. You can just listen to their tone and expression to have an idea of what they saying. One thing that I have heard about Dinah from Rianze is that once she is angry she speaks in her mother tongue and her mother toungue only. Despite the other person not understanding it.
"I didn't really say she was missing per se. I just said I haven't seen her since I have been around the house." I said trying to sound more calm.
"Cut the crap Mordecai, where is she?"Roger?? Dad shouted.
" Um dad Dad,We don't knw where she went. She left last night and um her phone is off." Roger stuttered.
"Why did she leave,?" Dad asked.
"Well she had a minor argument with Mord." Roger immediately looked down. Surprisingly dad didn't go on a rampage but Dinah did.
"ucingba ndisis denge. ukub ndingeva ukuba ubu nomnwe eku lahlekeni kwalo mtwana. uyondavi ngalo mini "(You take me for a fool. If I ever find out you had anything to do with her disappearance. You will know me.)
I swear I dnt know any xhosa but I sure did hear that. It was a threat.
Oh Ria. Wherever you are please call!!

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