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Mahlatse Ramatseba

A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 32

I have heard people saying running away doesn't solve a thing but I'm sure it has worked for some other people somewhere ,somehow. I couldn't stand another sight of Mordecai and his beloved wife, everybody could see that she was playing him for a fool yet he chose her. I'm yet to find out why he chose her over me. Life I tell you, its such a mystery.
Getting away from those people and that house meant freedom for me. Well I know a lot of ya had come across the quote" ill rather cry in a limousine than laugh on a bicycle"
Well I surely don't want to cry in a limo. As I was driving away, not even sure where I was heading to, I couldn't hold the flood of tears that came down my face. How did I even get here?. Why did Mordecai do all that he did?. For what? I found a hotel and rest.
I decided that it was time to go find my dad or his family. I used facebook to check all the people with my surname and inboxed them. It proved to be fruitless but as I was about to give up, somebody told me he was related to my father. We talked and asked stuff I wanted to know.
Next morning I got up and got ready to drive to Venda . I have never been there but navigator was gonna come in handy.
I woke up at about 4 and decided to embark on a journey that I wasn't sure what it was going to bring. I have never actually driven long distances and I was scared as hell. What if I got sick along the way?
My phone was off and I decided I was gonna keep it that way till I decide otherwise.
Since I was early there wasn't really much traffic but as I went on, it was starting to be there. Not that I was surprised ,it is the festive seasons after all.
I kept playing music to keep me company. Driving Long distance alone with no one to talk to is no child's play. I was starting to regret the decision I made. I wasn't even on my right state of mind when I decided that.
There was no reason for me to go see the guy or a family who rejected both my mother and me.
As I drove I noticed things that made me laugh alone. Along the road , I'd pass cars that were stuck. Some of them overloaded as if the person was never going back to wherever they were coming from. Most of the cars where not even road worthy yet there were traffic cops who did nothing about it but rather take bribes and kept quiet. Ok is there a need for you to take you 1970 corolla on the road knowing very well it will disappoint you as it always does by just getting stuck in the middle of nowhere? Next time just take a bus please. You will use it when you go back to Jozi.
As the distance lessen, I couldn't concentrate anymore. I was feeling dizzy and I almost drove on the other lane. I saw an engen 1 stop and thanked my lucky stars. I drove there and decided to go buy some energy drink. Maybe it was going to help me. As I walked, it was just getting worse
I tripped and when I was about to fall a guy got hold of me. Which I was thankful for. I turned around to size him up.
He immediately smiled and asked" are you ok mam, can I do something to help.?"
I wanted to smile back and say I just tripped but it wasn't going to help. Pride was wasn't going to save me. I told him I was dizzy and couldn't drive no more. I asked if he knew of any lodge close by that I could use.
He insisted that he was going to drive me to a hospital after finding out I was driving alone and no husband of mine was present. He asked about the husband since he saw the ring plus the baby bump. It was odd though, how can a complete stranger offer to help someone in a place like that?. Was he just gonna leave his car there or what. No one can be trusted in South Africa anymore. No matter how good they looked.
While I was still perplexed by his request. Two guys who looked the same age as him approached us. My heart was now beating faster. What if they kidnapped me.? He started telling them about me not being alright and wanting to take me to a hospital. He was speaking Sotho and another one was answering in venda. I learnt that they were a group of friends who were going to visit one of the guy's family. They were all driving in a polo. I accepted the guy's offer. They said they were going to take me to a nearest hospital.
As the journey continued, i started feeling better. There was no need for a hospital, I asked him to take me to where I was supposed to go in the first place. We talked about random stuff and he kept on complementing my car. I switched on my phone and all the missed calls and messages flooded in. There were long texts from Mordecai either begging me to come home or declaring his undying love for me. He even texted Lucy signed the divorce papers. If he thinks I was going to jump on the very first opportunity of being back in his arms then he was wrong.
We got to Thohoyandou Unit C and I had to ask around for the house.
When I got there, I was feeling A-ok. The guys left me there and I thanked them. I exchanged numbers with the one who was driving me. I kinda felt like I couldn't say no since he helped me and saved my life.
When got inside the yard I found an old lady sitting outside with a guy my age or a bit older.
She looked at me as if she was shocked then shouted "nwana wa nwananga vhathu"( my son's daughter)
I did understand what she was saying. I used to learn venda ever since I found out my dad was one.
The woman whom I can safely assume was my granny came and hugged me, then looked at me.she held my face.
"You so look like your aunt Ria" she said smiling.
Oh she even knew my name . Looking like my aunt though, I refuse. I couldn't look like people who wanted nothing to do with my mom.
The guy greeted me. The aunt came out. She might have been in her late 30's. Gosh we did look alike. She had a razor cut hairstyle on,nude pink lipstick and white flare dress. She must have been a very stylish woman to dress and wear make up even when she was just at home.
"Naho hutshipfi mini, hoyu ndi Rianze, nwana wa khaladzi anga vhathu. You even married and expecting a baby? You also driving an s8 wow" she said hugging me.
I wanted to smile and added I was a CEO just so they know that they didn't leave us in the cold and we never tried to find a warmer place.
It wasn't really worth mentioning thought since they might have read the newspaper about how I got the job. This wasn't the life I envisaged for myself . I went to varsity and I wanted to find a job by myself but reality failed me.
Well if only she knew that all that was glittering wasn't gold then she wouldn't have been wowed.
I saw the man who looked like my dad standing by the door. He looked so frail and sick. The resemblance were there though. I went and hugged him.
"Forgive me my child" he muttered.
I wanted to shout all the rumblings my mom made because of him. I wanted to tell him how useless he was as a man. I wanted to let him know he didn't deserve my hug at all. But instead all I did was cry. I couldn't help it. He was a deadbeat father yes, but he was still my father.
My aunt tried to comfort me but she was as guilty as he was. I'm sure they all celebrated when he left with another woman. I sat down with my father, the guy and granny while my aunt was busy cooking in the kitchen with her teenage daughter. From what I heard my aunt wasn't married. It surely run in both sides for having single parents.
My dad started telling me of his misfortunes. How the woman he married looted everything he worked for and left him to die in new york after losing his pilot job there due to an illness.
My heart was dancing all sorts of dances there is. My mom was surely gonna love hearing that. Well it served him right for being a dimwit.
He didn't deserve my sympathy but they way he looked so sad, I couldn't help but give him some. Its not like I never wondered what my life would have been had he stayed around and continued being with us.
My phone rang and I knew it was either my mom, Mordecai or Mr Martins. It was my mom. I answered and she didn't dare greet me.
"Rianze I want you to get your ass back in Thembisa right now"
The tracker sold me out. Nxa this woman should be glad I never dragged her to an episode in khumbulekhaya or worse utatakho.
Hello guys, I'm humbly asking to take a festive season break. I will continue writing after the 4th of jan.
I wish ya'all safe holidays and awesome one.
Hope the notice finds you in order please. smile emoticon I will surely miss ya'all in this short period of time

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