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Monday, January 18


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 35


Chapter 35.
Back in high school when people started to fight, others would shout "war" and a lot of students would come running just to see those who were fighting. These days people tend to take videos and photos if there are such incidents and soon enough you will see them trending on social networks.
This case was no exception. There were people who were actually taking videos and photos of mam fundisi beating his husband. It was going to be a hit, I tell you. If daily sun ever gets its claws in the photos, it will be bad news for those two and the church.
Well I applauded Mrs Mkhize for standing up to her cheating husband and not just the mistress. How many of ya'all still blame the girl who is cheating with your boyfriend and not him? It needs to stop!
Most people were just watching the Fight until the deacon and some men from church came and break them apart. Lucy was weak, few punches and she just laid there like a dead chicken. well for all that she and Mordecai put me through , she deserved it.
Christy suggested we should leave. We left although Nandi didn't want to leave.
"That was the best fight I have seen in years bethuna. Mam' mufundisi ungishayele umuntu vandag! Yoh yoh yoh! That woman is my hero. No doubt. Did you see the punches? It was like chinese movie baba." Nandi said imitating the punches.
Christy and I just smiled. It sure was a good fight. We drove to my mom's place. There was a lot to be discussed between us but she had visitors so we didn't stay long but left.
I dropped the girls at their places and went home. There was no one when I arrived.
I had already made up my mind about leaving the house. What was eating me was how was i going to do it. Do I tell everyone or just leave letters for them.
I ran my fingers through my hair and stared at the bags in front of me.
Yes I have already packed. I just took the clothes and threw them in the bags. There was no need for proper packing in case Mordecai walked in.
It was for the best. We needed the space. If we were meant to be then it was going to happen. We couldn't do it just for the sake of the kids.
Alright. There was no way in hell I could carry those. I paced up and down thinking of calling the girls to come help me. I wasn't certain if Mordecai was in yet or not. I got out to hear of any movement in the house but there was none. I wondered where josephine went.
I let out a big sigh and walked back to my room. Gosh! Maybe I could have just waited for everyone to be around and tell them rather than trying to run away again. Well this isn't running away, its called moving out. They sure will understand.
Ok this was it. I took one bag and started pulling it down the stairs.
Just when I thought i was alone. I spotted Mordecai lying on the couch, looking like he was asleep, with his arm over his eyes and his iPod’s earplug in his ear.
I tiptoed to the door.
When I opened the door, there stood Roger and his dad with luggages.
"And now, where you going?". Roger asked getting inside the house.
"Um well,I was actually thinking of...erm" I stuttered.
There was something about this old man that just sent my knees buckling.
He stood there and gave me the look, the one that said" I know you are lying, I just want to hear how you will implicate yourself in more lies.
"You are not thinking of running away again, are you?" He asked staring at me.
"Come let's sit down" he added. I followed him to the couch. I felt like a prisoner.
Mordecai was now awake, Roger might have woken him up.
"Well dad we have good news" Morde said. You could swear he was not someone who was sleeping 2 minutes ago.
"What is it? Did you guys work things out? Are you getting married?" Mr Martins replied excitedly.
That was surely what he wanted. Me and his son back together again.
"Not yet dad. Well we are having twins" Morde blurted it out.
"Oh wow. That is great news. Omg I love twins. I'm going to be the baby sitter.".Roger exclaimed excitedly.
"What? Did I hear you right. Oh my gosh that's the best news i have heard since.... forever. This calls for celebration. Wow! congratulations you two. Now you just have to work harder to make your relationship work.I still can't believe you are having twins. I think we need to go house hunting for a bigger house. there is a lot to be done. When are you due Ria?. We should go buy clothes, cots, prams and all the other stuff." There was no doubt Jonathan Martins was on cloud 9.
" I'm leaving" my voice came out in a whisper and when Mr Martins went on and on. I yelled" I'm leaving".
They all gave me a shocked look, like I really didn't say that.
"Yes I want to start my own life out of this house" I said looking down.
"But Ria we also need to be closer to the kids. Please" Roger pleaded.
"Well Its fine you can go, I mean you have been with us for almost a year now and it isn't fair on you. I'm sure you miss home or being independent" Mr martins said in a calm tone.
Phew!! That went better than expected. Here I was thinking he would go ballistic. This guy was so considerate. I found myself smiling alone. Mordecai and Roger looked down in dejection. Poor Roger!
"Well you can leave next month after you have given birth so that you can leave the kids behind" Mr Martins added in the same calm tone.
"What?????" I'm sure that echoed all the way to tsakane.
I just couldn't believe that. As if that wasn't enough, he added" I thought long and hard about this, and I had my lawyer draft a contract..."
"A what?" I cut him in.
" A contract that stipulates that you give the full custody to us while you can come and see them whenever you want. You get to keep your job, your car or I can buy you a new one. All the monetary stuff you want, you will get" he continued.
I just looked at him.
I really couldn’t say anything.
There was a lot running through my mind. I wanted to shout all obscenities there is in the world but they wouldn't come out.
He thought I could be bought, by material things. he really thought I was gonna jump into the very first opportunity of selling my kids. How the hell do you explain that? All this time he had his sinister motive while I thought he was just being nice.
"Its your call Ria. You sign or ill take you to court" he said.
I felt my head too heavy for my body. I tried to maintain my composure but my knees gave in and down I went.
I blanked out!!

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