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Sunday, October 4


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 4


Expectation is the root of all heartache!
If fairy tales were for real then Harry would have been the guy I would live my happily ever after with. But this was real life, he turned out to be the complete opposite of it all, worst part being that the person who is supposed to be my shoulder to cry on was not as baffled as I was, busy making jokes with that mini lucifer Harry!
"Can you guys please give me some space? I have a test to study for" I said opening the door for them.
Harry apologized then left. He couldn't stop saying how sorry he really was. I didn't care, he might as well take his sorry and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.
Mordecai didn't leave, instead he took a sit on my bed. I desperately wanted him to leave. I wanted to be alone.
Mordecai: you are not such a good liar Rianze, what test are you talking about? Have you forgotten we doing the same courses?
Yh right. That wasn't a good lie. What was I thinking?
Mordecai: You totally loved him ne? Yes you did.
I let out a mocking laugh. I impulsively opted to go on defense.
Me: don't be silly Mordecai. How can I love someone in just two weeks? That is ridiculous
Feelings can be mysterious because you don't choose when to have them and when not to have them. I was feeling hurt.

It was just a sad pattern. I wanted a proper boyfriend and a relationship that could last more than 3 years but I kept falling for the same kind of guys; douchebags.
I finally convinced Mordecai to give me some space and he left. After sleeping for few hours I woke up and went to hang out with my girls. I told them what had happened since they could see I wasn't well.
Monday went by and so did tuesday. They were very uneventful days... So uneventful that I assumed my entire week would be that way.
Mordecai on the other hand was always on my side. I didn't like the fact that he was always there. I was mad at him too. He was like Harry, even though he wasn't doing it to me but rather to other innocent girls out there.
I started focusing more on my studies than anything else. I had to put dating on hold up until I finish my degree. Yep that was the goal and I was sticking to it.
Mordecai didn't stop coming to my room as much as I was giving him the cold shoulder.
Mordecai: why are you so grumpy these days? You acting like a pregnant woman, so moody and all that!
Me: ( I let out a fake smile) I'm alright mordecai, just busy with school stuff. You know I'm using a bursary so I need to do well.
Mordecai: don't patronize me Rianze. I know you, and I can see when u faking it.
Me: I liked Harry and I was secretly hoping he would be my ideal boyfriend ,the one I have always wanted to have. He had all the characteristics. He treated me like his first lady but it was all an act. Worst part being that you didn't see it as that bad since he is your friend and ya"all doing the same thing.
Mordecai: oh my Gosh, I'm so sorry, I honestly didn't think you were into him. I thought it was the same situation as Thabiso as you got over him in two days.
He gave me a long hug and I buried my head on his chest. I felt like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders.
After that he was treating me like a princess, his reason being I had a broken heart that needed to be nursed. I wasn't complaining since I wasn't only getting spoiled but his attention as well.
My first year I was almost over. We were preparing for the final exams. The highlights for this year was probably meeting the best friend in the whole universe, Mordecai and my two precious girls, nandi and christy. I was just disappointed that I haven't met that boyfriend I was hoping to get. The one I would date for four years here in varsity then go get married, buy our house and then have two beautiful kids with. That's what most young women aspire to have and dream about daily.
For so many years Human kind has been consistent on one thing and that is the way of life. As much as we are born in this imperfect world, we are told one thing and one thing only "Education is the key to success." We are told to go to school, get your matric qualification, then go to institution of higher learning to get your Diploma or Degree. The impression is that after you get your qualification you get a job, get married, sign up for a mortgage and start a family. This is the one thing that human kind has been consistent on. However, as much as it works for some, it doesn't work for everyone. In my case the love and marriage thing seem to be what I wasn't going to have.
That's what I told myself until I met Josh, it was now october and all I cared about was the library .
Josh was a nerd kinda guy, he was into books you would swear that's all he saw when he woke up. I was glad because we could study together. Mordecai was the kind of guy who studied only when the exams were really really close.
I told Mordecai about Josh right away because I didn't want the Harry saga to repeat itself. Mordecai said he would go and investigate him since he didn't know him at all but what he came back with was stuff like " he is in a debate team, science what what group, he is a poet..blah blah blah"
Josh was maybe my prince charming. Finally.
Mordecai: he better treat you right or ill break those ugly sunglasses of his.
Me: you are now acting like my father. This is the guy ill marry mate. I tell you. Just take a back seat and see
We both laughed, my phone rang. It was my mom.
Yoh I haven't talked to my mom for a week. I'm sure she understood that I have been busy.
Me : hello mom!
Mom: hey baby, how are you Rianze
I could hear she was excited. She never used my full name unless her ecstacy was above normal. I hope she won a lotto. What could possibly give her this much joy?
Me: erm....I'm ok mom, how are you.
Mom: I have got good news.
I knew it, she wasn't just excited for nothing. In fact my mom was the kind of woman who will call just to give advice after another. Every time she calls me,she will be telling me how I have to study hard or not trust boys and all ill be saying throughout the conversation will be " ohk, yes mom, yh, I know mom, ok , no problem. Yes. Don't worry, I won't. Yes, ok, love you too"
The love you too part is an exxageration. Most black parents hardly teach their children to contantly say " I love you". It wasn't for my mom too.
Me: what's the good news mom,Out with it already!
Mom: I'm getting married.
Me: ( I laughed out loud for good 5 minutes, it was a good joke that I just couldn't stop. Mordecai was suprised) stop it Dinah, married? Mom please!!
Mom: I'm dead serious Rianze!
Me : oh my gosh!! Mom, with who? When did it happen, how?
It was the truth, Dinah the anti men was getting married! It can't be!!!

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