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Monday, October 5


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 5


Chapter 5
I was in total shock. Words cant even describe how shocked i was at the fact that my mom will be getting married. Whoever came up with never say never was right. My mom and marriages were like kaizer chiefs and Orlando pirates fans. They didn’t see eye to eye. I grew up around that woman for 18 years and I heard all the rumblings she ever made.
Me: I’m so happy mom. I’m happy for you.
What happy? I wasn’t happy. I didn’t know the man . what if I didn’t like him? What if after marriage he takes her to go live with him in sebokeng or hammanskraal or wherever?
Mom: just focus on your exams baby girl, then when you are done, come back home so we can start preparing for the wedding?
Me: what wedding mom, you even having a wedding?I thought its just lobola and that's it. I haven’t even met the man mom, what if he is my sugar daddy?
Mom: what sugar daddy, I have taught you better than running around with old men with pot bellies. Baby you need a guy with good six packs
Love can change people eh? My mom was being all cheerful talking about men? Chineke!!
Mom: I’m having a white wedding?
Me: a what???? Ahaaa soon you will be telling me it will be shown on “Our perfect wedding”
Mom: that’s exactly what I want to do.
Me: that's so embarrassing mom. Please!
I was tongue tied, this woman though. We said our goodbyes, then she said I should halla Mordecai for her . We hung up. I slept besides Mordecai because I needed to digest what I have just been told.
My mom had met Mordecai becuase when varsity was closed, Mordecai would come to my house. My mom thought we were dating and I cleared that out. She still thought we would make a great couple
Mordecai: so mom is getting married eh? Wow
Me: I still can't believe it man! She is too old for marriages
Mordecai: she is 40 for crying out loud, you can't expect her to grow old alone and miserable. What's gonna happen to her when you get married?
Me: hahaha man I never thought mom was having a boyfriend ever since I knew she was my mom.I don't believe this wedding story,Either way ,let's wait and see.
Ya'all cannot understand how shocked I was at the news that mom is getting married. I decided not to dwell much on it but rather focus on my exams and my Josh.
Josh and I were better than ever, growing stronger everyday. Finally, my prayers of being in love were answered!
Josh was a simple guy and he was not trying to please anyone. That's what I loved more about him. He didn't try to impress me with stuff he couldn't afford.
In relationships, if it's someone worth dating they really won't care whether you can buy them stuff or not. The smallest things and acts of kindness are all you need to sustain a relationship not lavish nights out.
What josh mostly do for me was to make a cup of coffee or a study snacks when we were studying, Not dinners and meals out. He wrote me letters and at first I thought he was so backward. I later found it romantic because his letters made me laugh. He spent time with me and that was the best gift he could give me. Isn't the whole point of a relationship finding someone to spend quality time who will love you despite your flaws? I don't know maybe I'm romantic and don't understand other girls motives for relationships.
Mordecai on the other hand hardly spent time with the girls he was dating. Money was his number one objective and these ladies never complained. All they cared about was money to buy stuff they needed.
The fact that I hardly spent time with Mordecai now that I spent all my time with my boyfriend was not sitting well with Mordecai. One night when I was getting ready to go study with my Josh, Mordecai barged in.
Me: why do you always act like you own this room? You found me on my way out, so I'm gonna leave you here.
Mordecai: doing what? I'm here to see you.
Me: but I'm going to study, you know exams are next week. I'm not like you.
Mordecai: oh now that you are dating that "holier than thou" Josh. I'm nothing to you. Look Rianze I'm still your friend, give me some of your time, I beg.
Me: ohk how about we go studying now.
Mordecai: fine, I'm game.
I thought he was joking but he came along and not once but everyday. It was great at first, spending time with my friend and boyfriend, but Problem arose when Mordecai became a tag along in everything I did with Josh.
Josh and I never went to dinner dates but with Mordecai in the picture he persuaded us to go on weekend to rest from studying.
The bill would always be on him. Well it wasn’t really a problem at first because he would bring one of his girls and it would be a double date. One saturday evening when we were having our dinner, I realized that letting Mordecai close to me always was a problem.
Josh started telling me how he was planning to take me out on a romantic gateaway the following year. It was something that he had been planning all along and unfortunately it just happened to be the place that Mordecai has took me to before. I didn’t really mind that josh was taking me to places I have seen before; I mean Mordecai took me to almost every place in Western Cape. When josh would try to talk about some of those places or a restaurant that he would love us to go to, Mordecai would always go like
“hey Ria do you remember that time when we were there and the waitress thought we were dating and she complimented on how cute we looked together”.
I could really see josh being uncomfortable with it all. I was as well. Who does that? I did try to stop him from doing it or hanging out with me when josh was around but he would stop for two days and still continue.
Mordecai’s “do you remember” stories never ceased. Infact they got worse.
When I saw him sitting at the jammie steps with his girl I realized that's when I had my chance to talk some sense into him, because once Josh was around there was nothing that I could ever tell him and he would listen.
Me: hello guys... Mordecai can we talk?
His girl immidiately gave me the " I don't like you look". Who cares
Mordecai: hey my little angel, hey babe can you move. I need to talk to this little angelkie of mine
That was the problem with Mordecai, he never took me seriously. Even if he knew I was angry, he would make sure that it didn't last long. The girl left us.
Me: you are really doing everything in your power to sabotage my relationship ,neh?
Mordecai : that Josh is not good enough for you, do you even see the way he dress. He got wardrobe malfunction disorder. No baby girl you deserve better!
Me: why are you complaining on my behalf? What the heck dude, I love him the way he is. Stop hanging out with me when he is around because you are making him uncomfortable. Pleaaaase tog!!!
Mordecai: ok what have I done here, you angry because I have just told you the truth? Jeez
Me: you know what? I'm wasting my energy on you,nxa!!
I got up and went to my room! I was mad at him, mad at myself. Josh never wanted to go to dinners with Mordecai but I forced him .
When I got to my room, I decided to take my phone and call him. Before I could even dial his numbers, a message came through. I wanted to ignore it as I thought it was these scam messages about me winning millions out of the blue.
It was from Josh and the contents read as follows:
“I like you so much Rianze but I think Mordecai has a problem that you two need to address. I think he is in love with you or something. I think it’s better for me to get out of this before it gets messy. We can still hang around though”
Omg I have just been dumped through an sms. Why though? Why couldn't he come and tell me face to face.
Well, come to think of it, there was no explaination that was needed. Mordecai was the reason I was being dumped. No guy could stand Mordecai’s blabbering; in fact he might have thought we were sleeping together. I did try to pursue Josh to fix things between us but he was reluctant. I let go.
After the break up with josh, I didn’t tell Mordecai because I know how he would have reacted.
“Oh come on Ria, don’t tell me you wanna cry for him. He wasn’t a dude enough for you. Now let’s go celebrate.”
That was what I was going to hear from him and besides I was still angry at him after our conversation at jammie steps.
The whole week passed without a hurdle and Mordecai never came in my room. That was a first. Maybe it was high time I got rid of him.
That saturday I heard a knock, I thought it was one of my girls. I was wrong. It was him
Mordecai: I'm back!!!!! Who wants a hug
Me: nobody, get your skinny ass out of my room!
Mordecai: haha feisty!! Mm I like....well I stopped coming cause you were angry at me,I wanted to give you and your bf some space. Man that course we wrote on monday, showed me hell! I looked at the questions and thought to myself" I studied hard last night but what is this?". That course chowed me man. So after that I decided to tighten the belt. I'm gonna pass this thing man.
One thing about this guy is he could talk and you wouldn't believe it if it was your first time meeting him
Mordecai: “Why haven’t I seen josh with you these days” (he was lying on my bed tossing my teddy bear.)
Me: “Oh well we have just been doing it out of your sight Mordecai, we realised we didn’t have to report our every move to you.
I was folding my laundry. He burst out laughing and sat upright watching my every move. I laughed with him.
Mordecai: “So you were not planning to tell me the truth huh, well I’ve got news for you boy because I met josh the day after you broke up and he was like “oh Mordecai I know you want her. She is all yours” and I was like “ok”. If he wanted you he should have fought for you.
Me: “Really? Mordecai, I don’t give your girlfriends hard time so that they should fight for you. Damn you need to stop or else I’m never going to introduce any other guy I’ll ever date to you”
Mordecai: “Oh come on I’m looking out for you. You can’t date just any Tom, Dick and Jerry. Some are bad news”
Exams came to end. I could relax,finally! Mom on the other hand kept on calling me , reminding me that I need to get home after the exam to help her with the wedding! Yoh there was no one who could convince her otherwise. I lied and said I was finishing the following week.I wanted some fresh air before I go back to eating bunny chows and maskopas at my kasi.
Mordecai and I would go to movies and clubs and sometimes when a random Guy came to chat with me, Mordecai would snap! It was really getting out of hand and everytime I tried to talk to him, he will go on defence.
“Well Francesca you are beautiful, young woman with a bright future who can get any man you want. You can’t just date these low life assholes”
That was exactly what Mordecai told me when I tried telling him that what he was doing was wrong.
Sometimes in life you have to make decisions. I had to let go of Mordecai. He was ruining my life, yes he was a good friend but a bad one in some sense. They year was almost over and there was no gurantee that when next year arrives he won't be snooping around my business as well. I was never going to date with Mordecai around becuase he wanted a perfect guy for me who doesn't exist. Mordecai was far from being perfect, I wouldn't even recommend a friend of mine to date him. When we had a converstaion he always triumph coz he always has the right things to say.
When I met this guy, I had a crush on him then it dissapered when I realised I would never have a relationship with him. I was not on his league so I opted for friendship instead which was now bad considering the fact that I don't have a boyfriend cause of him.
I was going to start my 2nd year without him. I took out my phone and called him.
Mordecai: hello cutey. Miss me already
Me: Mordecai we need to talk.
Mordecai: you love using that line, that's for girls who are trying to dump their boyfriends.
Me:( I smiled) I'm serious man, stop it
Mordecai: haha forgive me.
Me: I want us to stop being friends.
I could hear him laugh out loud at the end of the line.
Mordecai: you are dumping me as your friend? I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! On a serious note though, did I cheat ?
Me: you think this is some sort of a joke, no its real. You are ruining my life, well my dating life ofcourse. I'm never going to have a boyfriend if you are still around. I just lost a good guy because he wasn't stylish for you, then went on a rampage to sabotage everything. For what?
Mordecai: maybe you need time to thi.....
Me: I don't need time, I need you out of my life. For good.
Mordecai. No you can't be serious Ria, its gonna kill me.
Me:( I let out a mocking laugh) kill you? You have been killing me .
Mordecai: ok fine,ill grant you your heart desire but you will be seeing a lot of me this festive season because your mom asked me to help her out with the wedding. So I talked to my dad and he will give her his Chrysler for the wedding, And I'm not just helping out with cars but with other stuff as well.
Me: aha
This woman was now making us a charity case and worse she was now acting like Mordecai was a good friend of hers. Why didn't she just find a rich guy to marry?I give up.
It was going to be hard getting rid of this Mordecai!

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