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Tuesday, October 6


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 6


I decided to go home earlier than i planned. I booked a flight for the next morning, I seriously missed my mom.
I had a lot of bags and this was the time when I needed Mordecai around, cause he had a car and would have helped me take my stuff inside. Now using the local venture meant I had to walk to my house and everybody would know I was back. I didn't like that.
When I opened the gate, two dogs came running straight to me, I dropped my bags, and looked for the closest stone I could find. The guy who was helping me with my bags, did the same.
We were ready to attack if this dogs were not going to surrender. The dogs immediately backed down.
Its very funny, black people and dogs are not much of friends. When a white person comes back from wherever he was, his dog will run to him wriggling its tail and start licking him all over while with blacks its a different story. The dogs don't bother anymore because When it runs to u and try to lick you. You will react with a " voetsek bobby man, this dog has no manners"
The worst thing is you don't even feed the dog but you expect it to guard your house. Ai blacks mara!
I knew for a fact that we didn't have dogs and mom hated dogs so what were the dogs doing here?
My mom came out from the back shouting.
" Voetsek billy and speshil"
I immediately laughed, Speshil looked skinny and funny.
Me: since when do u make decisions without informing me? When did u get these dogs?look at Speshil, he looks so sick and skinny.
Mom: don't talk too much, your father might hear you
Me: you mean my real father is here?.
Mom: no ,I mean my fiance, these are his dogs
Me: oh why are you calling him my father already? And why are his dogs here, has he moved in already, mom are you marrying a hobo?
Me : be nice
When I got in, I found him on the couch watching tv, I greeted him and he greeted me back. He didn't seem like a type who talked too much. My mom on the other hand could talk. That's why she got along with Mordecai pretty well, because together they never ran out of things to say.
I would just be watching them while I hardly say a thing.
After putting my stuff, my mom forced me to go sit with her and the fiance at the lounge. I wasn't in the mood. A part of me was happy that my mom had finally found somebody. The rumblings about my dad were going to stop. I was just curious about his ex or kids if he had any but I couldn't ask, not yet.
The preparations for the wedding were underway and everything was going as planned with few hiccups here and there. Mordecai came as he promised. A part of me was hoping he would send someone instead. His brother maybe.
When he came , he just greeted me and that was it. He talked to my mother and never with me. I was feeling guilty. Getting over him was difficult, imagine if we were dating? It was gonna be worse
When I got time to be with my mom, I asked her about her fiance, I wanted to know everything about him apart from the fact that he had 3 kids.
We were busy cleaning my room when she started it.
Mom: you don't seem excited about this wedding and everything that's happening, what's wrong?
Me: I'm ok mom, really. I'm just curious about the living arrangements, his kids, how did you meet?
Mom: I met sipho this other day when I was in patrick's car. He was speeding and the metro cops stopped us. This guy started telling patrick that he should step out of the car and stuff. Patrick was pleading with the guy not to write him a ticket and that's when I got in and pleaded too. He was like"
Why didn't you tell your husband not to speed, when he heard that I wasn't the wife, he asked for my numbers in exchange to not getting the ticket
Me: haaaa mom, he is crazy
Mom: and he hit me up through whatsapp.
I laughed, even old guys these days use social media to ask you out. Aikhona. Me and my mom were friends. We talked about everything and anything.
Mom: what's happening between you and Mordecai? I have been observing everything from afar
Me: let's not talk about him now, Let's talk about you and your man.
Mom: he is going to come live with me and his kids.
Me: what?? Mom. No ways
This is what I was scared for, change. I couldn't do it. My mom tried to make me understand but who could understand such, I have been staying with my mom my whole life. Just the two of us.
The reason for all this was because the guy's house was repossessed by the bank when his wife made a lot of debts she couldn't pay. They lost everything and she left him with the kids. Some women though, motherly instincts are far from their blood line. Well since my mom wanted to help her soon to be husband, I didn't have to act like a brat. I just wanted a friend to talk to and my home girl Thato wasn't that kind of a person I could trust.
I texted Mordecai and told him I really needed a friend. He didn't ask much but within some minutes he was there. This was a friend I could count on. We talked and walked to some spaza for some bunny chows. It was fun and I missed laughing with him.
And when we were walking you could see people looking at us. They knew me and didn't know him. He didn't look like your typical kasi boy at all. You could see girls giving him funny poses. If he had his car, then they would surely have asked him out in the spot.
The whole december was now better because I had Mordecai around. I was going to be bored out of my wits had he not been around. I met my siblings and they didn't seem that bad, it was just gonna take time to get used to them. Mom told me , their father was going to extend the house and make it a double storey house. I couldn't complain. Before I knew it the wedding had arrived. Mom was nervous as any person can be. Everything was in order. I was just glad she didn't take it to " our perfect wedding tv show"
The wedding was cool and all I cared about was seeing my mom happy. Indeed she was and so was I. I just wanted to go back to school though and have my privacy.
My mom invited people from a village she was born and they came to support her. A guy named Ayanda was among them. He is the guy I saw among all of them and thought was pretty cool.
The first day I saw him, I took in his appearance, he was wearing high top white adidas sneakers, a maroon chino pants with a light grey t-shirt written lover boy in red on the front pocket. He folded the t-shirt twice on the arms. He had tattoos, like a lot on both his arms. He had neat, black dreads, a piercing on his lips and on top of his right eyebrow. He also had a piercing on his ear. Ok this was a bad boy.
I didn’t think he would be interested in me. He was just too cute and weird. I didn't show him I was interested when my mom introduced him as her friend's son. He might have been gay. These days you will never know .
Everyday when I saw him, I could see how stylish he really was but I never flirt with him or anything. Until he came over to me. We did talk and he told me he just wrote his grade 12 and was coming to UCT if all goes well. I was praying it does.
Mordecai saw me with Ayanda, friday before the wedding
“Why the hell are you hanging out with a guy like that. He is bad news Ria. Not to be trusted” Mordecai said throwing himself in my bed.
He kept on blabbering about how he looks like a dangerous guy and stuff. I wasn’t paying attention to him.
The day of the wedding , you could swear Ayanda was the one getting married. You know what they say " a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to man". The guy got me dreaming about my own wedding.
Mordecai was busy driving my mom and the husband. I figured out his father didn't want anyone to drive his Chrysler. I spent most of the day with Ayanda talking and laughing. I couldn't even stop staring at his eyes and when he was about to tell me how he feels about me. Mordecai came in between us. I didn't even see him coming.
"Hey babe. I'm sorry I took longer than expected, but I just couldn't leave my mom in law in bad hands"
With that said, he gave me a sultry, passionate kiss. I didn't expect it but just gave in and kissed him back.
I could see the cupid flying over us!

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