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Thursday, October 8


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 7


That was just the kiss I longed for. The one I dreamt about ever since I discovered the guy existed. Ayanda excused us. Mordecai left me wanting more and I was hoping he just didn't do it to spite Ayanda. Well Mordecai was called to go help with something so we couldn't really talk about why he did all that. We never got a time after that as either one of us was busy. I wanted to text him that night so that maybe we could talk but I couldn't. There was that air about him that petrified me. Yes he was my friend and all but when it comes to expressing my feelings,it wasn't easy. We all have that one person whom you can't just pick up your phone and call, or you try to text them but end up deleting and re_writing stuff hoping to send the right words.
The wedding was great and my mom went for a honeymoon with her hubby in Dubai. It was the first time my mom board a plane, let alone go outside the country. We were one of the same actually. My mom never visited her village when I was growing up. The thing is she got married when she was about 21 and my dad had a house in isithama section. They were staying together until he left her for her best friend and disappeared. As we all know news travel faster than light,people didn't take long to hear what happened to my mom and when she go there they would be talking behind her back. She was just forced to go home and see my grandma. People from my dad's side came and evict my mom from the house. She then started renting.
When my granny passed on, my mom as the only child got all her pension fund. My granny had been working as a cleaner at a municipality,almost all her life. My mom bought us a house when there was a new housing project being done in ibazelo. I'm so proud of that woman.
I didn't get a chance to talk to Mordecai because after the wedding he had to leave for London with his family. It turned out that he was actually born and bred there, which explained his accent. He came here when he was doing grade 11. I wonder if he was ever gonna go back there for good. I never asked him such, infact I never asked where he came from the moment I though his accent was not what I was used to.
I was left home with my new siblings. I was just counting down my days to go back to school, apparently Mordecai returned and went straight to school as he has a supplementary exam to write. It was that subject he complained about. When he was in london, we kept in touch through skype. I got the laptop from him.
The newly wedded couple came back and I left for school. Ayanda did well in matric and was accepted at UCT. Mordecai and I never talked about the kiss, in fact I felt so stupid to believe that something will ever happen between us, he was a player for crying out loud and ladies threw themselves in him.
This was a good looking guy, from a rich family, who dress himself well, and probably the fact that he was born in London count to some women. He had it all.
So he got money, good looks and fairly good personality , there had to be something missing, probably he was bad in between the sheets, he was surely the guy who hit with the dreaded premature ejaculation. Yep that has to be it. Women were sticking around because Mordecai, didn't mind spending money, wherever he was. He could go to vuzu's rich kids and we wouldn't complain. The car he was driving was 5 times better than what most lecturers were driving.
I saw him kissing a girl on jammie's steps this other day and that confirmed that he just wanted to spite Ayanda that time. I was growing closer to ayanda and helping him with stuff since he was new, but he was the guy who didn't look like a fresher. He already had a lot of friends who were almost like him, with tattoos and piercing and what not.
I started a relationship with Ayanda to Mordecai’s dismay. He could see I wasn’t going to let him ruin it for me. I refused when he wanted to be a tag along. I actually spent most time with my boyfriend than with him. Ayanda was the kind of guy I wanted for a boyfriend and I wasn’t going to start comparing him with Mordecai in any other way.
Having dated for about 3 months, the pressure to sleep with him was mounting. I was a virgin and I wanted the right guy to give it away to. I sat down with Ayanda and he seemed cool with it. This was like the first serious relationship I have been too and Ayanda was not scared to introduce me to his friends. We were taking pictures together and Ayanda has already started posting them on Facebook and tagging me. Mordecai hated that a lot and every time Ayanda tagged he will call me and say.
" Ag man, that love struck boyfriend of yours is filling up my news feed, I don't see anything but " Rianze was tagged in ayanda's post or photo or whatever."
I just laughed it off. 4 months down the line I haven’t slept with him. Ayanda was now pressuring me to do it. I was just scared. Mordecai and I were still friends. During the first two months of my relationship with Ayanda, he hardly talked to me. I think he was just jealous but then he got used to it and we would still go for movies and soccer matches and whatever.
Ayanda understood he was my friend and I cleared the air about that wedding kiss . Ayanda also had girlfriends he hanged out with. At first I wasn’t comfortable being around his friends. They loved fashion like no other. The real makoya fashionistas. They were on another level. Atleast the endless clothes that Mordecai bought for me were keeping me in their league. You may argue all you want but the way you dress matters in varsity does matter.
I decided I was going to sleep with Ayanda at last. I was going to surprise him actually. So when I got to his room, I wanted to call him but decided to try his door first. I heard strange noises coming from the room. My hand trembled as I reached the door handle. It wasn’t locked. A shiver shook me as my eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I struggled to catch a breath as if it was my last one.
Ayanda was busy shagging some girl, not just any girl but two. He was having a threesome with those girls I knew as his friends. My hands were sweating. My heart pounded in my ears, I didn’t even feel myself getting out of that room.
I couldn’t hear what Ayanda was saying running after me but I just ran as fast as I could, I ran out of the campus. I saw a meter taxi and got in, I didn't even know where I was going, I opted for Llandudno Beach. I wanted some breeze.
I didn't have the money on me and the driver waited while I searched myself. I was wearing a dress, why was I even searching? Lucky I knew the guy through Mordecai so I told him ill pay when I see him again. He could see I was stressed.
I felt a pat on my shoulder while I was busy sobbing sitting at the sand. It was Mordecai.
He sat down and just hugged me. He didn’t ask much but after sitting in silence for like 40 minutes. He said we should go back. It was getting cold. When we got to my room, I went to bath and left Mordecai in my room. I put on my pj’s
“I don’t know what happened in Ayanda’s room but I think it wasn’t good and I’m sorry. I saw you running out of his residence and then him following you with boxers on. You will tell me all about it when you are fine and ready to.”
He got up and just hugged me. This guy knew what I wanted and when I wanted it. I felt the sultry of his body. I didn’t want him to let go.
He placed his hand on my cheek. Gently stroking, he leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. I didn’t move. It must have been what I wanted but I was not sure if it’s really what I wanted. I responded clumsily.
“You are beautiful and I have always wanted to do this with you. I just wasn’t sure if I was the right guy for you. I don't like seeing you hurt”
‘Oh?’ my tongue darted out to moisten my dry lips, heat beginning to flush through my breasts at the fierce expression in his eyes.

I wasn’t ready for this emotional talk with Mordecai right now. I have always wanted us to talk about our feelings or whatever that was between us but he was never into that. Today, all of a sudden he was ready.
He smiled. Cupping my chin in his hand, he lightly kissed my eyes, my cheeks, and then moved to my lips. I may have protested, but my cries were hushed when his lips covered mine. I couldn’t help but surrender.
Even though I wasn’t sure whether it was a right thing to do, my body couldn’t deny what I was feeling.
‘I want to make love to you now,’ he told me with arrogant confidence.
‘So I see,’ i said shakily, trying to look and sound blasé rather than panic-stricken by his impressive proportions by this time he was kissing my neck ,pulling my pj’s top, I wasn’t wearing a bra so it was so easy for him to get hold of my breasts
Do you want me to stop Ria?
Do I?

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