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Thursday, October 8


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 8


‘No, of course not!’ I answered breathlessly, hypnotized by his hands caressing both my breasts. He was now sucking on my nipples.
It’s just—’ i felt something warm—something hard yet invitingly soft
He picked me up and put me in bed.
He continued licking my nipples, down to my belly. I took a very deep breath and then an even deeper one when he reached my pussy. Holding my hips, he used his tongue to flick in and out of my labia and nibbled and sucked my clitoris. I let out a moan. I was experiencing all these for the first time in my life.
My eyes were turning darker as I watched him. I closed them and just enjoyed the moment, he starts fingering me while licking my clitoris. After doing that for some time he raised over me.
He starts massaging his cock in the tip of my vagina and in one hard thrust he entered me deeply. I screamed. It kind of hurt and felt great at the same time. Mordecai stopped as if he wanted to ask something but decided against it.
He started the rhythm of thrusting slow and passionate. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to let out a moan. He went faster and harder. I lost myself in his thrusts. I was actually going mad with the intensity of the movement.
I wrapped my legs around Mordecai and pulled him tighter. He increased the pressure as he thrust harder. He was like a bull ready to attack.
Mordecai continued increasing pressure on my clit and thrusting harder until he himself started feeling the rising pressure. He was on the edge as he watched me with my first orgasm with him. He pulled out quickly and started licking and sucking my clitoris once again. I was writhing
Suddenly he could not stand no more. He thrust hard inside of me. I gasped at the aggressiveness of his thrusts, but he was bringing me to another orgasmic wave. My hips arching towards him, Meeting him thrust for thrust.
His eyes were fixated on me as he took the few steps towards me.
“Ria I want you” he whispered
He pulled me into him, placed his hand on the back of my mouth. Exploring my lips with his, he pulled even closer. I responded to him by leaning in, opening my mouth to accept his tongue.
he stepped up the pace until his cock was going like a piston rod. I gasped after a gasped as he was hitting my g spot over and over again. He rammed and rammed and then screamed with another climax as he shot his load.
Kissing me gently on the lips he rolled and lay by my side to catch his breath. I was tired. This was it. I just had my first sexual encounter.
Mordecai shook me awake. Satiated from the love making, we had fallen into a state of deep sleep in each other’s arms.
I turned towards him with sleepy eyes and a half smile. Reaching towards him, I snuggled into his arms and kissed his chest gently. Moving slowly, I nibbled and sucked at his skin as I moved my body into his. I could feel how hard he was already.
Something hit me.
“Mordecai did you use a condom last night?” I asked freaking out.
Mordecai didn’t seem like he wanted to answer that but rather to have another erotic moment with me. I got up and stood by the door.
Me: “I didn’t see you taking out a condom anywhere. In fact I don’t think you had the time to have any condom with you. Please tell me you had any in your pants and you used it.”
Mordecai didn’t seem fazed by this. He was just his normal self.

Mordecai: “Oh well I’m sorry but I didn’t have any. And why the heck didn’t you tell me you were a virgin? But it’s alright last night didn’t need a condom at all. It was your first time babe and I’m glad I didn’t have any. Last night was magical.
He wasn’t taking all these serious.
Me: “What the fuck man? Are you forgetting that you are a man whore who might have slept with half of the campus? Who knows what you were up to in high school as well? I don’t want you giving some diseases on my first time, let alone a pregnancy. I was vulnerable last night and not thinking straight.
Mordecai:I haven’t slept with half of the campus or whatever and I always use a condom and also tests regularly. I’m sorry about last night. I'm gonna grab a morning after pill and I’ll come with it in class.
With that being said, he got dressed then left.
Ok that was awkward; maybe I didn’t address it properly. I just had my first sex and I was already fighting with the guy. Damn it!
I checked my phone ,I was having endless missed calls and messages from Ayanda, but I decided to just ignore them. I went to the shower. I put on my favourite light blue ripped skinny jeans and a black printed tank top with my Nike sneakers. I took my books and went to class. I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. I just grabbed an apple from my fridge.
When I got to class, I found Mordecai waiting for me. He handed me a small pharmacy plastic. I took it and went to the toilet to drink them. When I went back to class Mordecai was now sitting with some two chicks. We always sat together but today we weren’t. I didn’t take much of it, he was still angry about how I handled the whole condom issue. So after class I ran to him when he left with the two chicks.
“Mordecai can I talk to you” I shouted behind him.
He stopped and just said “what?”
Me: “mmmmm that was rude, I stopped you to apologize about this morning. Maybe I was being a drama queen a little”
Mordecai: “Not a little, but come here. It’s water under the bridge. I really understand” he embraced me. He told the girls to leave.
We left and went to my room. Our other class was cancelled so we were free. I was hoping we would talk about our way forward after what happened between us last night. Here I was, just had sex with my long time best friend and I didn’t know where I stood with him. When we got there he took out the ice-cream he bought last week and started eating it straight from the five liter bucket.
I just laughed and shook my head. I didn’t know how to start the whole issue. We were talking about petty issues and his phone beeped. He read the message.
“Oh I gotta bounce, the guys wants to see me.”
He left and I decided I should sleep but within some time Nandipha called me. She wanted me to accompany her to some girl who lives at fuller hall residences. I changed and wore an above the knee black circle skirt.
I didn’t ask much and got up and met her outside my res. I hardly went to other residences. When we got there, the girl called her and said she would be there in 10 minutes. I told her we should go wait in the TV room. When I got there my heart started beating faster when I thought I saw Mordecai snuggling with some chick, laughing. Nandipha could see I was no longer my usual self and when she saw Mordecai she saw why I changed gears all of a sudden. She knew Mordecai and I were friends and I never had a problem with his girls.
When he saw me, he jumped like he had seen a snake.
“Oh hey Ria I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” He had a ingritiating smile on his face.
The girl came to hug me.
“Oh my gosh, are you Ria?. Mordecai talks about you all the time and I have been nagging him to let me meet you. Oh you are a pretty girl”
O.K. this is weird. I didn’t even know her nor had Mordecai ever mentioned her to me but by the look of it the two were lovebirds. This was an awkward moment.
I was just greening impishly hoping Nandipha would tell me we should leave.
“Oh Well I am Abongile, Mordecai's girlfriend . For about a month I have wanted to meet you girl but fate has it we will meet today and here we are.” This girl was hyper active and forever smiling.
Me: Nice to meet you Abongile, Mordecai talks about you too a lot. Nandi I think it’s time we should leave.
When we got outside I knew Nandi wouldn’t let it go.
Nandi:“What was that all about? I have never seen so much awkwardness between you and Mordecai before. That has to be never
Me: “Well that’s because I lost my virginity to him last night.”
Nandi: “Wait you what" her voiced echoed like she was in a cage. Well she didn’t even know I was a virgin. I told her everything from the Ayanda incident to what transpired between me and Mordecai. She just hugged me.
Mordecai: Rianze wait!! Its no what you think, Abongile is crazy.
He came from tv room running after us
Me: there is no need to explain yourself, I'm fine really.
I wasn't fine at all. I felt a repulsive feeling against him.
Me: only a vile person could sleep with someone and pretends like nothing happened afterwards.
Mordecai: I know I lied to you about going to see the guys while in fact I was seeing her. I just didn’t want you to feel like I used you”
Me: “Yes you did and there is no need to sugar coat it.im cool with it. Life goes on”
Mordecai: No man, it’s nothing like that.
Nandipha: well guys the girl I'm looking for just went in there, so I'm gonna leave you.
Me: ill see you later girl.
Mordecai: let's go talk about this in my room or yours. Whichever you will be more comfortable in.
We went to his. There was silence throughout the way.
Mordecai: do you want something to drink?
Me: like really Mordecai? Why you being formal all of a sudden. You know this is also my room.
We both laughed then there was silence that lasted longer than usual.
Mordecai: I was ending things between me and Abongile before I could come back and make things official between us. I just wanted to sort out the mess I was in then come back and be the boyfriend you have always wanted. I can't date you and have you hear stories about stuff I'm doing with other girls outchea. I have always loved you and I want things to be real between us. I broke up with Abongile and she understands. We weren’t dating but rather friends with benefits. I want us to build something together. You are that woman I want to be with for the rest of my life. And no, I’m not just saying this because you just gave me your virginity. Its love man and I can’t tell you the most romantic words to make you believe me but I love you.”
He said all those things gazing intently at me.
Me: well I don't trust you anymore, I used to think I can do this with you but I can't. I know stuff that you do , all of them. You are like Harry. I don't even know why I thought this was gonna work!
Mordecai: This is the reason I couldn't bring myself to ask you if we could date, coz you know my past and you will always use it against me. But here I am Rianze, ready to give you my all and you don't want. No man don't hurt me like this. I also need to be given some genuine love and I know you are capable of doing that but you don't want.
Me: you know I want to! I'm just scared.
Mordecai: is it because of Ayanda? You love him more than me. I know you do.
My phone rang and displayed Ayanda. Ag this guy though. He had bad timing. Mordecai saw that, then got up and went to stand by the window looking outside. I went to hug him from behind.
Me: I love you and you alone.
Mordecai: I love you too, i promise we gonna make it work! We have to

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