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Thursday, January 7


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 156 (Part A)


Dygo 156
Kev: Obonolo! Don’t fool yourself my baby. This is just you being in denial. If those kids were not mine, you would not have tried to hide them from me or panic this much. But because you know in your heart of hearts that it was highly possible, you want them to disappear. I get it that you prayed and wished the outcome was otherwise, same here Shuga, but it is what it is and we need to start planning for that. So stop trying to make this harder than it already is.
Hard as it is for all of us, we know the truth. Just like my sister and Nyiko and my mom knew it from the beginning. I don’t need paternity to prove the obvious. I suggest you get used to the fact that I am going to be the father to those boys. As you can see, I have already started preparing for their arrival. Ooh and speaking of preparations, I need us to discuss somethings. Can we go inside and sit down? I am sure you are tired of standing, besides given your attitude towards the issue, I would need you to be seated to discuss this.
Jeso wa Nazareth! Am I dreaming or my husband has just lost his mind? Did he just tell me all that bullsh*t? I pinched myself and realised that I was not dreaming, I have been served a plate of bull crap topped with chicken sh*t. Hell no, this chick was not about to eat that crap from Kevin. That was a promise. I have had enough ke manyala a monna enwa. I thought. Well, let’s hear what Mr I can do everything and get away with it wanted us to discuss, sitting down for that matter. Tlltlt
Kevin was now waiting for me by the door.
I must say, I almost sank to my knees. A wail erupted from somewhere deep within. I felt so numb. A pit formed in my stomach. Even my baby girl was moving and kicking me so hard. It was like she was reminding me that I needed to be strong for her. Her kicks felt like she was shaking me off what I thought was a terrible nightmare. I drew a shaky breath and forced my feet to carry me towards the door.
I finally made it to the lounge and threw myself on the sofa in a slow motion. Kevin pulled a chair from the dinning room and sat in front of me . I studied his face carefully, trying to read him. I was trying to connect with him just by looking deep into his eyes and be able to feel the love I once felt. I felt empty and hurt.
He moved closer to me, our knees almost touching. He then tried to pull my hands, but I just squirmed and slid my hands underneath my legs and settled my back on the sofa. He then set his hands on my knees. I ached inside as I starred and pierced at my husband’s face. I was trying to remember how I used to feel when I looked at my dimpled dark chocolate husbee. Right there I could not recognize the man in front me. He looked arrogant, self-centered, proud and not a single inch of care was displayed on his face. Something my Kevin had never appeared in my eyes for as long as I could remember.
He cleared his throat and looked at me. At first he seemed content and calm, yet so humbled.
Kevin: Bobowapeloyaka, I am sorry for everything that I have ever done to you. You know I had never meant to hurt you intentionally. If I could turn back the hand of time, I would go back to those moments in time and erase everything. But I can’t. Having said that, you knew Sheryl called us that day that she was pregnant with my child, and you and I agreed that we would not do anything until the paternity tests.
But when my mom called me on Wednesday to ask me why was I quiet about what I did. I was so lost, I did not understand what she was on about. That’s when my mom told me that she thought you told me that my ex mistress was pregnant with my twin boys. You can imagine the shock! I still played dumb, lying to my mom about some ex who claimed to be pregnant with my child.
Until she told me everything that Reatli and Nyiko told you. I contacted Sheryl and we met. She told me about their meeting at Reatli and Nyiko’s regarding Dintle’s boy and somehow her mom told them by passing about her carrying twins. I immediately set an appointment with Nyiko. Initially he tried to lie to me and cover up, but after I told him that Sheryl and my mom told me, He suggested we drove to their home and he and Reatlehile told me everything, and also the fact that you knew since Saturday and kept it away from me as well. You of all people?. I was furious with you, but like I said earlier, I had to move on and focus on ensuring that I do what’s right with my kids. They are innocent in all this. I can’t punish or neglect or abandon them because of sins of their mom, hence I decided that I must make use of the opportunity, by being there for them for the remaining weeks before they are born. I know initially we agreed that we would only be involved after birth and paternity, but now things changed. She is carrying twins , my twins , Tau's seeds.
You were once pregnant with twins, you know how delicate twin pregnancy could be. Hence she could do with some proper medical care and attention. She need to see good doctors. Having said that, there is no need for me to wait for paternity tests, Sheryl is unfortunately pregnant with my twin boys and like I said earlier, I want to be part of their lives but that we would discuss once they are born. For now I need to make sure they arrive safe and healthy , and in a proper and good care and environment. They are my responsibility.
Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…….the sofa I was sitting on was literally spinning. I saw dark spots like clouds obscuring my view of my husband’s face. It was literally dark. It seemed as if someone had placed a huge black and hard stone between us . I could not see my husband at all. For a second I thought I had passed out. But no, I was as awake and present in that awful moment . My ears had some echoing and pulsating noise. I could hear my own heartbeat.
Shattered was an understatement.
Just like that, my husband spoke….and I stood there and listened. And now, I was lost for words… What do you do when the one you love with all your heart, just stand before you, and literally rip out you heart , detach it from your body and cut it into million pieces and not even aware of the excruciating pain he or she was causing you?
What do you do?
Nna: Just stop right there Kevin. I cannot begin to grab, or digest or let what you just said sink in my mind for me to understand it. You sit there, talk about how you never meant to hurt me and how you wish you could reverse time, yet you tell me such nonsense? You went and did all this to our marriage, for four years you kept your cheating and lies away from me. I forgave you because you promised to put me and our kids first. You begged me not to walk away from us. When you found out that your tramp could be pregnant with your kid, I wanted to end our marriage because I didn’t want to be caught up in all this, still you pleaded and begged me for another chance for our marriage.
You promised me that we would do whatever it takes to protect each other from the Sheryl situation and I agreed to give us that second chance. You said I should have the upper hand on everything that got to do with Sheryl, and that whatever I decide we would do this together, you Kevin told me to run with this, now you seem to be singing a totally different tune. What had gotten into you monna ke wena? You are now making decisions alone and you have already made up your mind about fathering those twins.
You seem not to care what this is doing to me. How I lie awake at night begging God to guide me and lead me to be strong enough for whatever outcome, I battle Kevin. This Sheryl being pregnant issue is way too heavy on me and I am really trying but you can’t put yourself in my shoes just once and understand why I didn’t tell you. I have fears you know. You are living free while I am sentenced to lifetime of hell having to accept that my own husband went outside our marriage and made some woman pregnant. But does it even bother you? No it doesn’t. To you, its all about doing what’s right for your boys and their mother, what about what’s right for your wife and your kids? Have you forgotten that I am also pregnant? I can’t believe you even asking me to get used to their presence in our lives. That woman almost broke and destroyed our marriage, manipulated and threatened you, you had to pay her close to half a million of rands to get rid of her and now you want to tell me about getting her proper care? And I have to be okay with it or “get used to it” ? Really?
Yes maybe those kids might be innocent and all, but they were conceived out of sin. To me they are a curse to my marriage. I still say, we won’t be doing anything for her until those “innocent kids” are born. Maybe after their birth and the results proving that you are the father I would or might understand that they deserve to be looked after, not her. She is not your responsibility Kevin. No. Not her, perhaps the bastards she is carrying. So Mr Tau, whether she was pregnant with triplets or sextuplets she doesn’t deserve our sympathy or our money. For as long as I am alive.
Kevin: Your own fears made you try to keep me away from my kids. You should have thought about what I compromised to make you feel valued by involving you in that situation, yet you messed it up . You forfeited the right to make decisions regarding the matter because of your attitude and your bad feelings towards Sheryl. We were supposed to do this together but No, you had to handle it yourself.
Unfortunately I cannot trust you with that anymore. You are obviously not being rational about the situation, hence you could sit there and make this about you. Being selfish as always. You are right, she almost ruin my marriage and I am still angry at her for that and I still regret hurting you like that but you forgave me for that. Why are you still holding it against me? As if you think I wanted her to be pregnant with my child? No I didn’t! And I already told you over and over what happened those times. But if there was that high possibility that she is indeed carrying my flesh and blood, don’t you think I deserved to be involved? I decided to be a man enough to get things in order. We are still going to do some things together when it comes to raising them and stuff but the twins birth remains my responsibility. So Mrs. Tau, brace yourself, there are two Tau boys on the way. And as minister of finance, I ask you to please release the funds so that I could ensure that those kids are born in a proper and good hospital. Just like the twins.
Nna: Kevin Tau! Are you hearing yourself? Are you listening to what you are saying or you just talk because you like to hear yourself talk? You think I didn’t tell you about Sheryl being pregnant with twins because I am selfish? Oh no darling, not even. Unlike you, I stuck to our agreements, vows and promises. The least could be said about you. Have you forgotten about our agreement ? The one about not discussing Sheryl, or anything regarding her till she gives birth? Why am I even asking you? You are not capable of honouring promises that you made. You always have reasons for not telling me sensitive and important stuff as and when they happen, you wait days or weeks, or months even years later, or when you are caught to discuss. And your reasons would be that you were scared or didn’t know how to approach me, yet nna I kept quiet for only three days for obvious reasons and you tell me it was for selfish reasons and hatred towards your tramp? Wow Kevin! Did you say you can’t trust me? Yet you can trust her? And I should trust you? Classic! Yaa ka nnete o botlhokwa ho wena.
You know my Lavo, I’m beginning to wonder and question your story about being drunk and drugged. Did she really drug you? Or this conceiving happened during a “sexual healing moment?” Hence you are so sure you and her made twins? Honestly Kevin?? You are Man enough? Phuuuuuliiiiiz! Is that why you immediately took your phone and called her to meet and also believed whatever she said? Is that why you took her shopping and had dinner together? Mmm ? You talk about doing things together? Is that why you went and bought those stuff and had the audacity to bring them in my house? With our kids around without my say or input or permission? Now you want our kids money fund you and your pregnant tramp? And you tell me about responsibility? You gotta be freaking kidding me. Grow some strong balls!
Well, I heard you and I have one thing I would say to you. Whatever you have planned in your head, your heart or mind, about looking after that pregnant trashy tramp of yours and that request for me to release any funds will happen over my dead body. O ntse o mametse? I won’t do it. Nxxx O ntlwaela hampe hona. You selfish bastard.
Kev: Whoa! Stop with name calling ausi. What are you saying? Are you going to uphold that attitude? Well , listen here Obonolo Tau, stop swearing at me. Ka kopo Mme. I am still your husband, and the head of this house. So wena mamela mona, whatever I just said was not a request but an order. The trashy tramp you are talking about is due to give birth to my boys in Eight weeks, I need to book for her hospital bed and I need to organize her accommodation. For as long as she stays at her brothers, it would be a struggle for me to go there, hence I must get them a proper home so that I could be able to go see my boys whenever I want to. Don’t forget, those kids are Tau's. Like Kaho ,Kani and the one coming, they are all entitled to our money. That’s why we opened a trust fund account, joint investment accounts and every savings account, for our kids’ welfares. So madam Tau, I need that money in my personal account by tomorrow.
Breath in and out Obonolo . Relax. Don’t let this man send you to early labour. Do not succumb to all the crap he is saying. In and out! Keep calm. Relax. Take it easy. Don’t panic. Breathe! Breathe. You are stronger than this. Those were the thoughts that ran through my mind as I tried to calm myself down. I didn’t want a panic attack. I didn’t want to be in hospital. I didn’t want to jeopardize my health and that of my daughter. In my darkest thoughts I could see myself lying in a hospital bed while Sheryl moves in to my home. That alone gave me power to be as calm as I can to avoid my heart to take yet another knock.
What happened to my husband maar? This man has lost it big time. And what’s with the story of Sheryl being due in eight weeks? Was Kevin confused with due dates? Or did he found out that from Sheryl? But that was farther from the truth. Sheryl could pop anytime from now

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