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Thursday, January 21


Diabetes - life time threatening diseases


A health threat

diatetes disease 

part 1

Many people in South Africa suffer from diabetes. It is a disease in which the body makes too little or no insulin, the substance that changes sugar in the body into energy.
When the body cannot use sugar, diabetes develops.

People with diabetes have insulin injections or take medicine in order to maintain the proper levels of insulin in their bodies. Eating smaller meals, as often
as six times each day, helps to keep the disease under control.

There are different types of diabetes, some are found in adults and some are also found in children. Children with diabetes can take part in normal activities, but must follow a careful exercise and diet plan.

People with diabetes must make a lifelong commitment to
control the disease. Once the symptoms are detected, the should
visit the nearest clinic or doctor.

Healthy behavior can contribute significantly to preventing
the harmful effects of this disease. If people take their medication,
and adopt a healthy diet, they can live a normal life.

The symptoms that diabetic people portray include, blurred vision, fatigue, abnormal thirst, weight loss despite enormous appetite, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, slow healing of cuts, frequent urination, weakness and drowsiness.

It is advisable that people with diabetes take part in sport and exercises that will help to keep their bodies fit and strong so as to slow down the damage diabetes causes in a person.

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