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Wednesday, January 6


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 76


He took off his glasses and I looked into his eyes.
I just couldn't believe it. I smiled shyly at him.
"Wangu what are you doing here?"
I looked back at the receptionist then to the envelope in my hands.
"I came to drop an application letter."
"How come you were leaving with it?"
I looked at the security guard then back to the receptionist who quickly looked down and started fumbling with papers on the desk.
"Come with me to my office and we can talk about everything."
I looked at his smart suit considering how shabby I looked.
He took my hand and we walked right past the reception.
We arrived in his office and he called his secretary to bring refreshments. The office was cooler than the heat I had walked under for half of the day.
The refreshments were brought in and I greatfully digged in the cold drink and biscuits. All along Peter was looking at me as if we had just met.
"Tell me everything."
" About what?" I asked laughing.
"The kids, yourself and life generally."
" How is Chris?" I asked instead.
"He is fine. He went to the village for the holidays but he is back now and growing everyday."
I wanted to say Chris will absorb his grandmother's character like a sponge instead I just smiled.
I didn't know why Peter was now being nice after everything that happened including the last incident we had at Joy's funeral.
I hated telling him that I lost my job knowing that he might feel the push to help me.
He told me that he was now the Project Manager of this organization. He was really doing good for himself if I was to be honest. I told him about the kids and how they have grown as well as Beatrice's wedding.
His telephone rung. He answered and was a bit hesitant as he said, "Please let him in."
I wondered who was coming as I watched his face.
"Mike is coming."he said after putting the phone down.
I didn't know if I was ready to meet him.
In the next few minutes he strode in.
"Well did I walk in on something." He asked amused.
"Sit down bra."
I looked at his face and clothes. He needed a shave and a shower. Even his clothes didn't suit him as the Mike I used to know.
I greeted him and almost got tempted to ask after the kids to which I kept quite.
"I can see you two have a lot of catching up to do. I am off to Nkhatabay this afternoon.Mum called that the kids need some gloceries and other stuff."
Joy must have been turning in her grave. Those kids were going to have their brains whitewashed and manipulated. I hoped they wouldn't end up with their grandmother messing up their lives like she had done with their father and uncle.
"Greet the kids for me." I said unable to restrain myself.
"Sure." Mike answered.
"Let me see him off. Wait for me I will be back in a few minutes."
I nodded in agreement.
They went out together and after some time Peter returned.
"Sorry for keeping you waiting. You know how Mike is like." 
I shrugged my shoulders to mean I didn't mind waiting.
" So...tell me, what do you think about us?"
" Come on Wangu don't pretend you don't love and want me anymore because I know you do."
I had seen this coming the moment we had bumped into each other.
"Leave me alone. You and me are done thanks to your mother."
"I know my mum is not your most favorite person in the world but come on she is just a lonely woman with only her kids in the world that's why she is overprotective."
I only sighed.
"I promise this time she won't come between us again"
"I don't want to go through all that drama again.Find a woman who will suit your mother's taste and you won't ever complain a day in your life."
He gazed at his wristwatch then said,"how about we discuss this over dinner tonight?"
Going out with him would mean betraying myself.I knew the tactics he was likely to use to get to me again. I couldn't deny that I still loved him so much more but there was enough baggage between us to last a life time that I couldn't stomach.
His habit of flirting with other girls was something I couldn't tolerate. I hated a man who made me feel like I was nothing to him compared to other girls he accomodated in his life for all the different reasons.
If other girls meant the world to him, why was he still tailing me? Wasn't it better that without me he was free to mingle and tangle with whoever he wanted when the fancy took him?
"I'm sorry but am not going anywhere with you."
"Give it time. If you change your mind just call me I still use the same number."
" If you need anything please don't hesitate to call me. Do you still use the same account number? " To which I said yes.
He started doing something on his phone and after some time I received a bank notification message that money amounting to twenty thousand kwacha has been deposited into my account. I was speechless. I knew it was him.
" Why did you do that?"
"Just keep quite we both know you need it."
I couldn't protest because it was true. 
" Thank you very much.God will bless you for that. I should be on my way back home,the kids must be back from school by now."
"Alright let me drop you.I'm also knocking off. Give me your letter and I will personally take it to the HR's office."
"Thank you so much once again for your kindness."
"You are welcome."
I waited for him while he took his briefcase and car keys. He told his secretary to clear the desk and to remember to lock the office.
We walked out of the building to the car park, leaving the receptionist puzzled as she bade Peter a nice ride home. I was laughing inside as we were going towards his car.
Suddenly we heard someone calling his name behind us.
We stopped and looked. She was a beautiful lady in black stilettos,purple and pink floral dress. 
She approached us and I watched almost mouth agape as they engaged in a hug and kiss.
"Sweetheart you didn't wait for me.I sent you a whatsapp message that I was coming. "
She said,her full red lips smacking his cheek again.
"Sorry honey I didn't see it."
I was irritated the way these two were carrying on. It was like I wasn't there at all.
"Forgive my lack of manners. Babe meet my good friend Wangu. Wangu this is my lovely wife Alice."
"Nice meeting you Wangu" she purred.
I only sighed...

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