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Thursday, January 7


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 77


Love and deceit do not mix.
So Peter was married and he only wanted to take me for a fool's ride. I was free from his snare as I had resisted him and his charm. I was sitting on my bed and laughing to myself how close I had been to falling right into it. 
I will never understand what else he wanted from me. One thing that intrigued me was how long he had known the lady for them to get married. Anyway that wasn't my headache. I wished them all the best in their married life and I hoped she was made of steel enough to withstand Peter's mother.
I didn't like Peter's messages the moment I stepped into a minbus back home since he couldn't drop me anymore because he had to go home with his wife.
"Please let me explain. Its not what you think" read one of his messages. What was there to explain? I didn't have time for married men, besides he owed me nothing. It was his life for him to live how he saw fit.
I didn't reply to all his flooding messages and eventually broke him.
Amanda came to tell me that her father had come. Ben was now coming to my house whenever he saw fit. I didn't like it one bit.
I put on my slippers and went outside. Ben was looking so jovial for a moment I thought he was a different person.
"What brings you here? I don't remember you calling me to say you were coming."
"Kids please go to your room I have to talk to your mum."
Laurent was reluctant to go until he was promised an ice cream if he did as he is told.
"Should I make you a cup of tea?" I asked him.
"No thanks."
I seriously didn't want another suprise after what happened with Peter that afternoon.
"I know I have wronged you countless times." He started.
oh please...
"I haven't treated you with the respect and kindness that you deserve. Trust me that has given me sleepless nights..."
I interrupted him.
"If that's what you have come to say please don't bother because that is water under the bridge and I have forgotten all about it."
"Please hear me out."
In all the time I had known Ben he had never pleaded with me before because all he did was being bossy and ordering me about.
"I have come to ask for your forgiveness. "
If he expected me to play along with him just like Peter had wanted then he was in for a big shock.
"I already forgave you..."
"Thanks alot.I want to make up for lost time by being a better father. I have realised that while I was busy making your life hell, you never took revenge.You have been a good woman despite all our differences."
Was he drunk perhaps?
"What has made you say all this?" I couldn't help asking.
"Nothing only that I have taken time to reflect upon my life and if I'm not careful it will affect my future."
"Okay.I don't hold any grudges against you."
"Thank you very much. In case you should know, Cindy and I are expecting a baby."
That was it then. All the new softness that had risen was due to this news. I offered my warm congratulations and knew that Laurent and Amanda would fuss over the baby once it arrived.
If having more babies had the power to change Ben then I prayed that he should have more babies for him to have a big heart overflowing with love. God has His own divine way of doing things.
A week later Beatrice came to visit. She was heavily pregnant and I was tempted to say she fall pregnant even before the wedding. The passports were not yet ready, her husband it seemed did not have extra money to bribe some Immigration officials for quick processing. You know how they work.
As we were talking about the village and her family. She told me that she had noticed some sores in her private Parts. I asked her if she had visited the hospital to which she said not yet. The husband was blaming the wives for sleeping around. If he had three wives what would stop him from having extra girlfriends? He had the guts to point fingers when he was the one entirely to blame. I told her to come with me so that I escort her to the hospital. We went to a government hospital because she didn't have enough money to go to a private hospital. We stayed on the queue for two hours before we saw a doctor.
She had an STI and couldn't be treated in the advanced stage of her pregnancy. She tested non reactive to HIV and She was advised to bring her husband for treatment.
"You should also bring those two owls here." I said on our way back home. I told her to avoid sexual contact with him if she valued her life and her baby's. Sharing had its own disadvantage for real.
Isaac couldn't just let me be. Day by day he was coming to my place to see me. He made it his business to be closer to me and I can't deny saying I let him. We talked and texted all day when he was at work until late at night when we both retired to bed. I was falling in love with him every passing day. I gave myself a chance to trust him and set aside the circumstances that had broken my heart previously. Isaac was just different, perhaps it was the maturity in him. He was some one who didn't make decisions based on his emotions. If I was in one of my 'moods' that came by because he didn't reply my text in time or didn't call me back after seeing a missed call. All that feeling of being betrayed would come tumbling back. Forcing me to imagine what was not there and anticipating the worst to happen any time. I taught myself to have self control over my emotions by trusting him and loving him. Trust is vital and many of us have trust issues basing on our past but we can't keep on harbouring distrust in our present relationships because somebody didn't think twice when betraying our feelings.
Isaac understood that I needed time to shed off the dead skin of my pains.
He told me to ask him anything if I wasn't clear on it because it couldn't help to be angry with him based on speculations and imaginations...
I didn't realise how serious he was with me until eight months into our relationship he proposed...

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