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Thursday, January 21


Don't let germs threaten your health


Wage war against germs

germs vs health

part 1

Many people are aware of th tiny, disease-causing germs around them and now they need to know more about what to do with these 'enemies'. You should be equipped for battle and more aware of your 'defense' against diseases.

Your skin is your first line to defense against disease. It forms a covering around your body and prevents germs from getting inside. However, if you fall off your bicycle or trip over something and fall and injure your skin, germs may enter your body through the break in the skin. Washing and covering the broken skin with a plaster or clean bandage can help keep the germs out of your body.

Your eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids help to protect your eyes from germs. When you are outside on a windy day, blinking your eyes will help to keep the dust from entering your eyes. Your tears also contain a substance that protects your body against the germs.

Suppose you inhale dust, then the tiny hairs in your nose trap the dust and keep the germs from entering your body. Sneezing will help get rid of the germs. If germs enter your body through your mouth, the saliva in your mouth and the acid inside your stomach help to destroy the germs.

Sometimes germs enter your blood or your body cells. Then your white blood cells help to protect your body against these germs. They surround the germs and destroy them before they can cause any harm.

Knowing this, you don't have to be afraid because most of the time you will keep well even when germs do enter the antibodies in your body. When, for instance, a germ enters your body, antibodies will be produced to kill that germ. You will then get well.

Another way to develop immunity is by receiving a vaccine. A vaccine causes th body to form antibodies against a particular disease. A vaccine can be given by a doctor or nurse by injection or by mouth.

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