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Thursday, January 14


Epilogue (The Journey Of Life. A cycle)


Epilogue (The Journey Of Life. A cycle)

We are never, captains of our own ships, we just assistants because God has the future plan already we just there helping to drive the ship!
A beautiful day turned sour in a matter of a phone call.
The great news was that Chriselda was healthy and unharmed yet. Gloria called doctor Dr. Motsepe in devastation. She was doing her normal routine awaiting Rorisang's arrival so she can sneak him in to propose however God's plan had something different. Gloria found Lesego having a seizure, machines wailing out of control when doctors rushed to her ward...
Just like that, her soul had divorced her body and returned home.
7:30, 24th December.
Gloria's words cut my her hiccups. But Oarabile could make up her intended sentence.
He stood there, face sour as shock trapped in his body at high voltage.
Somehow he knew it'd come to this but not like this, not in this manner and definitely not today!
Couldn't she hold on longer?
He couldn't call his little brother, but how he can he protect a grown man who is ready to marry.
Oarabile gathered everyone and broke the news. Mrs Motsepe covered her mouth before she couldn't scream her lungs out while gravity dragged her down, Mr Motsepe catching her before she reached the ground.
Kaboentle couldn't believe it, it was a dream, she felt a bit disoriented. She flashed a fake smile, looking differently at Thabang, shaking her head "It can't be, my best friend is sleeping right" sounding convincing.
Chrissie couraged up and told everyone that they have to rush to the hospital, Rorisang isn't going to handle this well.
There they went, leaving the last few guest still intoxicated. The news sobered everyone.
They finally reach the hospital, bumping into the crying Mrs Masemola and her husband.
They asked where Rorisang was and they pointed at the ward door...
Rorisang appeared, his tie hanging carelessly, bloodshot red eyes and a bloated face.
He giggled sacarstically "They covered her in a white cloth!
She.." he couldn't finish his sentence as he bluntly lost control and fainted.
The nurses came running into the waiting room area, as they pulled Rorisang onto the whhelchair, Kaboentle could not help but cry because she felt like she was going to lose her brother too. Within a minute, Rorisang was already rushed into the admission ward for check up. The whole families sitting there with devastation drawn on their faces. Mma Motsepe stood up, as she is a woman who believes in prayer, she asked everyone to stand on their feet to pray for strength in what they are facing.
Mma Motsepe : Lord, I come to you today with a broken heart, We are gathered here today my Lord, for You have told us in Matthew 18v20 ‘’For where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I in their midst’’, we believe that you are here with us Almighty God. You are the one who knows what is best for us , for You have told us in Jeremiah 33v3 ‘’Call unto me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know’’, we are calling unto You my Lord. I do not know your plans for our children ‘’Lesego and Rorisang’’ but You have told us in Jeremiah 29v11 ‘’For I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you’’, I believe that you have plans for our children which are to make them prosper in their lives. We believe that you are the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. You are our Shepard , we shall fear nothing. I pray that you bring our children back to good health. AMEN’’.
As the prayer ended, the whole family had Hope that the Lord is there with them. Kaboentle could not even bear the thought of her losing two important people in her life, it was something that she could not even imagine. The family were engaging in Inspirational talks to inspire one another in this hardship that they are facing, as they were talking, the doctor that admitted Rorisang came into the room
Dr Tladi : Hi, I am Dr Tladi, I have admitted Mr Rorisang Motsepe in ward 5. There is no need to worry, Mr Motsepe had fainted,
Mrs Motsepe : Yes doctor, I am the mother of Rorisang, what was the problem?
Dr Tladi : Ohk maa’m, the problem with Mr Rorisang is that he fainted, the cause of him fainting was because odf dehydration, the sudden drop in his blood pressure and hyperventilation. We have managed to keep Mr Rorisang in a stable condition. We will be keeping him here for a few hours so that he can be able to go home where he can be taken care of.
Mrs Motsepe : Oh God, what are you showing me, thank you Doctor. We appreciate your help, may God continue to bless you in this wonderful job that you are doing. My son is alright.
Dr Tladi : I thank you too for those words of Hope.
As the doctor left the room, Mrs Motsepe felt like something heavy on her shoulders was taken off. The whole family started believing that everything was going to be alright, as long as Rorisang had managed to pull through, then Lesego can also pull through. Then it knocked into her senses that Lesego is no more!
The elders went Lesego's ward to to pray for her soul although it was hard, it had to be done.
The two families sat in support of each other even through the circumstances. The Lord is there with them. A few hours passed while waiting for Rorisang to be brought back to the waiting area. Rorisang appeared in the room in a wheelchair, the whole family ran to him to give him warm hugs of love. They were all happy that he was back feeling better than he last did. Mr Motsepe was feeling very happy over this because he could see that his son was a soldier, a soldier never dies without a fight.
Oarabile couldn't practice that night and decided to head home with everyone, he felt weak like he failed himself. The girls cried all the way home. Lerato and Kaboentle were a mess.
Rorisang on the other hand was a zombie walking.
Days passed while preparation for the funeral were underway.
Kgosi kept Rorisang sane, when his son slept he'd stare into complete space. He felt like his heart had been ripped out literary out of his chest.
Setswana sere Lethabo letla le sello!
Happiness comes with heartache.
A parable that explained the tragic event that fell upon the Motsepe and Masemola family.
The follwing week, on a friday, 31 December, new year's eve. They did bury Lesego, a dignified yet heart breaking ceremony. Both Lerato and Kaboentle couldn't walk, they were paralysed by pain of losing a friend but most importantly a sister.
Everyone was devastated, a beautiful girl who had a bright future ahead of her. Thabiso and Thabang were great help to their girlfriends.
The Journey of life, a cycle. Indeed a cycle that left an infant motherless, well not internally. Lesego had left a note that Kaboentle would be a guardian to Kgosi, basically his mother.
Rorisang was never the same after she died. He focused on his work and his son.
Oarabile and Chrissie found it a bit hard for the first to 2yrs to celebrate their anniversary, because it was also the anniversary of Lesego death.
Kaboentle transferred to UP in order to be around her, nephew now son and Thabang. They relationship grew stronger and stronger.
The Masemolas were scarred for life. Lesego's brother named his first born after her sister years later.
The Motsepe families share their gratitude. First it was Mr and Mrs Motsepe
Mrs Motsepe : I stand infront of you today, we have had a long journey of happiness and pain in our family. We have had setbacks in our family but we stuck together. I love how we have done things, I stand here as a proud mother to all of you. I might have been a little bit hard sometimes but I want all of you to know that I did everything out of love. I love you.
Mr Motsepe : I also stand infront of you, I have tried being a great father to all of you, you are the people in my life, I love you with all my heart. I am a proud father of all of you, you have all made me proud, God has really blessed me with wonderful children and wife. The journey that we took together has made me stronger and believe that God has greater plans for all of us.
The children felt appreciated by their parents. It’s a great feeling to feel and know that your parents appreciate all of you as their children. Parents that know how to build a great family of love, warmth and respect are one of the best parents one would dream of.
It was now the turn for the children to speak. The first one to speak was Kaboentle
Kaboentle : Uhm, everyone in here deserves nothing but an award. You have all done a lot for me in my life. My parents, you have supported me in everything that I did, as your baby girl, I love you so much. As a daughter, I feel blessed to be a Motsepe. You are the best parents in the whole world. My brothers have stuck with me through thick and thin, every advice that I needed my brothers were there. I love them very much. I am this amazing women because of them, Mr President will forever be mine, this ring around my neck reassures me.
Emotions were high and overwhelming next one was Rorisang.
Rorisang : I don’t have a lot of words to say but all I can say is that God is love. I have done a lot of things that disappointed you but everyone stood with me, I appreciate that you did not throw in the towel, I appreciate that you did not give up on me. The moment I became a father, everything in my life changed, I will be a great father to Kgosi. Lesego's memory will forever live in my heart. That young lady taught me love, for that my heart will belong to her as long as I live. I married her in my heart and nobody else. To respect her I'll be single and raise our son with the support of both of our families.
The next person was Oarabile and Chriselda. The husband and wife.
Oarabile : The feeling that I feel cannot be explained by words but by love. I have been supported in my decisions which I took, I always wanted a better life for the Motsepe family, that is what made me achieve more than I did. The only Doctor in the Motsepe family, I always be there for you. You are my life. My family.
Chriselda : The moment I was welcomed into this family, I felt the warmth of this family. The Motsepe family is a respectable family filled with Love and Happiness. I vow to be a great wife to Oarabile. My Husband. I feel proud when I call myself ‘’Mrs Motsepe’’. I appreciate how everyone treated me, I never felt like an outsider. I feel part of this family, in fact I am part of this family. I love all you.
This great moment in the Motsepe house was making everyone appreciate each other. A strong family that prays together stays together.
******THE END******

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