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Wednesday, January 20


How to be rich free and fast.


In Christ jesus I assure you more blessings to bless others - In  that way your blessings will multiply.

If you plant a seed on infertile soil do you think it will bear fruits , People should learn to plant their seeds on fertile soil. Let's think outside the box for a while . If you plant one seed of millie how many millies will you get? and if you plant multi seeds, how many millies you will get? answer your self that complimentary question...

IF you own cows; ant you allowed to milk them. All I am trying to show you is that man of God are allowed to eat part of your blessings because they feed you with the spiritual food. (scriptures support my statement )

Those who are renting apartments and flats are paying rent money on a monthly basis. Everything depend on money always . Churches depend on money to run.

Invest in GOd and you will see the great one showering your life with multi blessings. Don't you wanna be a millionaire? invest in GOd today and he shall keep his promise and bless you.

The more you give is the more you will receive , the less you give is the less you will receive and the zero you you give the is "0" you will receive. Money for you is just waiting for you to press the release button by planting a seed on fertile soil which will take a short time to grow and bear fruits for just you my brother my sister.

mzansi stories readers I want you to be billionaires today by adhering to the priciples of the living God.

God knows our problems and all we need; so let's follow his principles to get blessed to bless others...

"Receive more money in Jesus name Amen"

Don't be selfish , and share this post so that you don't be a billionaire alone

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