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Saturday, January 9


Obesity vs losing weight - overweight


Obesity vs losing weight - obesity is no good at all.

Growing up I have always been chubby,and with that I just looked at everyone in my family and I realised that we are all overweight and so I gave up on losing the weight.  I ate all kinds of food especially junk food. Whenever I was thirsty I resorted to fizzy drinks. I hated the taste of water. One day I was at town and I fainted in the middle of the busy streets. I was taken to hospital by someone till this day I don't know who it was. The Doctor came to see me later on my hospital bed that day and told me that I fainted because I'm obese and unhealthy.

Many blood samples were taken and the Doctor told me my blood type and gave me a booklet with a list of the right food for my body . I was told I'm blood type B . I weighed a heavy 130kg and I'm short so the weight was just too much for my height. I followed the booklet for good 6 months and the results were amazing. I love that Meat doesn't make my blood type gain weight. I substituted all my fizzy drinks with water,I just add fresh mint leaves  and lemon. I enjoy them so much that I can't go a day without my 3-5 litres of water.
I have since lost over 34kgs in six months and I don't even starve my self.  I just changed the kind of food I eat and added water into my daily life and ofcourse I jog or take long walks when I have time.

My moods have changed. I used to be grumpy and preferred being indoors but now I'm such a happy soul and I love being out doors and I'm still going to lose more weight because this is not just a losing weight programme but my new life style.

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