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Tuesday, January 19


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - Diplomatic LIVE 18/01/2016


Diplomatic LIVE - 18/01/2016


Everytime you are in a prophetic arena, it is imperative to understand how God operates in such an arena.
Seldom people's situations do not change due to their lack of understanding and revelation thereof.
Understand this dynamic truth,when one is privileged to be associated with such a powerful anointing as the one working upon Major 1, the only thing that stands in the way of them receiving a miracle, is revelation.
Readers all round, join us on these LIVE minute-to-minute updates of the Monday Diplomatic Service. Lives are guaranteed to change tonight!


Many times, people experience a business lapse and failure due to lack of principles.
In order for one to run a smooth business it needs to be pioneered by firm principles.
-Major 1 Teaching


Before God formed anything, He first created it in the spirit; then he went on to form it by speaking forth.
The lesson is this, before you form anything in your life, you must first create it in the spirit thereafter , it will begin to manifest in the natural.
-Major 1



God gave power to human kind to dominate over several things on earth.
This means that a human has dominion over money, animals, business, their marriage and breakthroughs.
Dominion had already been placed in the spirit by God to take over, now it is the time for the manifestation of this dominion to come into being.
Major 1 Teaching.

Be a Diplomatic Manager

" Good management is defined as the proper organization and coordination of particular activities in order to achieve defined objectives. It is a factor of production.
Listen, management is a defining factor of success. If you are unable to manage your time and resources you will not be able to yield great results.
Sometimes it's not a question of deliverance or demonic influence, it is simply a question of how you are managing your things."
-Major 1

The Principle of Management

"God analyses the way in which you handle the basic stuff before he blesses you.
There is no way that you can handle millions if you are failing to manage your bedroom."
-Major 1

Self- management

"The way in which you manage your personal life is of prime importance.
You need to discipline yourself enough to spend your time wisely, pray unceasingly , set your priorities straight , eliminate unnecessary wants and ventures and simply focus."
-Major 1

 A good manager

" A good manager not only has a right perspective but he carries God's perspective.
He does not see sickness he sees healing. He does not see failure he sees success. He does not tire he pushes further.
A good manager has a stubborn faith. Are you a good manager ?"
-Major 1

Diplomatic LIVE:

"God is looking for people who can manage themselves well before He brings in their miracles.
Effective self-management precedes the manifestation of divine blessings."
-Major 1

Spiritual Management

" You need to handle issues of lust, pride and all fleshly desires before God can bless you.
Spiritually , you need to be disciplined and focused before God can bless you with abundant miracles.
Poor management is standing in the way of your blessings today. Ask yourself this question, if God is to bless you with a million dollars today, what would you do with it ?
A good manager plans and makes forecasts. They establish ideas and set up contracts. A good manager puts things in order."
-Major 1


"The Lord will bless you and transform you into a good manager tonight, receive the blessing of the Lord."
-Major 1

"If you can not manage your bedroom, you can not manage your business. It starts from how clean you are. For women, if you can not manage your kitchen, you can not manage millions of dollars. God is looking for people who can manage themselves before He gives them what to manage."
- Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Closing Prayer

Our dearest readers, as the night comes to a close, the man of God anoints the ears of every individual that was in attendance. Declaring thereafter that divine revelations must become manifest in the lives of Gods children.
Distance is never a hindrance, therefore, by reason of you being connected , may you also become a good manager who carries divine revelation.
May everything in your life prosper and succeed by reason of good management.
Shalom !

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