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Thursday, January 21


Sexually transmitted diseases


Diseases are not romantic to your health

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Sexually transmitted infections are also communicable- but they can very often be prevented. As indicated by their name, these diseases are transmitted mainly through sexual intercourse.

 These diseases include gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, pubic lice and scabies. The symptoms usually include itching sores in or around the genitals, discharge from the vagina or penis and burning sensation during urination.

 It is important to realize that sexually transmitted diseases are different from other diseases because the body does not build up immunity to any sexually transmitted disease.

 There is also no vaccination available to prevent these diseases.
 Since sexually transmitted diseases are spread by sexual contact with an infected person, the only sure way not to contract such a disease is through abstinence from sex. More and more young people are recognizing this choice as the only choice that is 100% effective.

A few sexually transmitted diseases are also transmitted through contact with the blood of an infected person. People who use illegal drugs run a high risk of contracting these diseases when they share needles that have been contaminated with the blood of an infected person.

Drugs such as alcohol also play an indirect role in spreading sexually transmitted diseases. People who drink too much alcohol may not think clearly and may make choices that they later regret. For instance, they may engage in sexual behavior that places them at risk for infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

Every person should behave in a way that prevents the spread the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and also not put themselves in line to contract such health threatening diseases.

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