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Saturday, January 9


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 100 (Part A)


Insert 100
JOL for Chriselda Thompson-Motsepe
They say love is kind and merciful, doesn't hold grudges and it isn't selfish.
It is really weird how I found it, Ed Sheraan and Rihanna sings so blissfully about it. I found it in the most awkward of places.
A places of knowledge, crowded by endless books, overflowing information about everything in this entire world, the bookshop.
I had known him for a while then, we were familiar with each other through mutual friends. He just got in and I was holding my photo album, had been printing pictures at the Kodak store few minutes ago. I recall him attaching himself to it, my dear memories. He browsed through it, making remarks there and pulling my leg with riddles. His sense of humour, with it, you wouldn't recognize the medical student in him. He was infront of me, in the cue.
So he bought his books, and surprisingly he waited for me afterwards.
We chatted as I blushed and giggled the moment with him away.
The most funny part, he'd say this over and over when we tell our story, how I came about to be his.
Because we were laughing, when he asked me out I thought he was joking and I continued to laugh.
When I met Yolanda later that day I narrated everything to him. I, the Chriselda, only daughter of Jan and Sophie Thompson was dating a black guy, my dream of having coloured kids, tick.
3 days later I accepted his proposal, I didn't realise it was Valentine's day!!!
Like Wow, amazing right?
Well in short and sweet thats how I met my knight and shining armer. Although Ek was 'n bang wanneer hy het my ouer ontmet. They are Afrikanners, pure, but miraculously they fell in love with him instantly. I was baie gelukkig, ek is nou.
8 years later, now, today, I am marrying him.
The girls and I did our hair. Well funny enough, I realise their a lot funny stuff...
I coloured my hair with blond, compliments my tan skin. Making my aquarius eyes pop out!
As we are getting our make-up done in Orchards at my Uncle's house about 20min away from Mabopane.
Angel, busy coordinating everything, im pretty sure that the venue looks amazing. The colours are simple, not normally seen at weddings. Im a pink girl while his a blue guy, the society colours for boys and girls.
Baby pink and baby blue.
Ladies looking stanning, Yolanda and Angel, are wedding knee length boobtube body huggers in baby pink while, Cathy and Kea are in the same design but in baby blue, the fabric is linen, very beautiful I must say. Their shoes are too die for!
As I scream my lungs out doing the cat walk with them.
"Meisies julle lyk pragtig!
Oh my gosh!" I scream out histerically.
They bow down a bit with complete sassyness...
I had my hair tied in a neat bun, nothing hectic. I am a simple girl.
The girls had different hairstyles, Angel had done twist braids which were also tied into a neat bun, Yolanda in a boob weave, Cathy, had her hair curled.
Kea had a nice ponytail. The ladies Pink had baby blue corsages and the ladies in blue had baby pink corsages.
My girls looking dazzling, they going to break hearts, enough said.
Well as I looked at the mirror, tears start welming in my ears. I couldn't believe it, say I lowered my eyes, little diamonds sparkled on to my eye lashes.
I had a pure white gown, a beautiful princess gown. A sweetheart, showing a bit of clivage. Cupped my breast carefully, tugging my stomach in place then flowed sweetful down in pure elegance. I had custom made shoes, special for a special day.
Pure white stilettos, with heart shaped diamond stones.
"Wooooooooooooooow"the ladies accord.
I yearned for tears yet I'd be killed to ruin my mascara.
My mom walked in, well, her dropped jaw explained everything. She took me by my and and sat me down as she fixed my gown.
The ladies excused us.
Mom: My babatjie. Kyk na jou, jy lyk pragtig. (As she sobs, My baby, look at you. You look beautiful).
Me: Mamie come on now! You going to make me cry.
Mom: Nee, moenie hail nie. (No, dont cry). A beautiful bride indeed, Mrs Mutsepe..
My baby girl is tying the knot. Well we shared our hearts at the bridal shower but always know, ek lief vir jou, bae ook (I love you, very much too)
Me: Ek lief vir jou Ma!
(We kiss through her tears) Ma Waar is Pa? (Where is dad)
Mom: Well your father, although he won't admit it, between us, he was crying too. His little girl. (As she kept brushing my thighs)
I laugh and smile brightly.
She got up and helped me up. She put tiara carefully on me, then covered it with a white detailed pattern vail.
The girls come in, reminding us it is time. Time for me to make the vow before God!
Everyone takes their bag, and they help me navigate my way with my dress.
We get to the car and all roads lead to Lutheran Bapedi Church, Mabopane.

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