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Sunday, January 10


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 100 (Part B)


Insert 100
JOL for Oarabile Motsepe
In the bible its prophesized that a man leaves his mother and father, to live his with his wife and start his own life.
Its a couple of years back when my attention was captured, facinated and deeply drawn to by a flawless creature.
When aquarius eyes drowned my perception, no life-guard could save me because strangely enough I felt whole instantly, I knew that, in them I've found my refuge.
Yet my heart yearned, for hers. Physically appealing but I seeked more than the eye could see, a bigger picture. I seeked the tingle in her finer micro hairs on her tan skin, why her smile glowed the colour of eyes, the swing in her hips, the frown in her sorrows, the sweakiness in her laughter that left me drooling.
I seeked for the feminen nature God stumped upon from our ribs, however in my seeking journey I trembled upon a treasure, worth more than money can buy, a criminal that stole my heart with just look into the windows of her soul.
Everytime I glaze upon her, I finally realise that there is a God, so miraculous and awesome. Im delited that when he created such pure gorgeousness he thought me, being her mate, Chriselda Thompson, the thief of my heart.
My life, professionally is groomed by a lot of tragic scenarios, scrambled pazzles. It is rested upon me to find solutions, provide purification.
I chuckle upon realising how blessed I am, such a fine body rested on my heart. A Goddess.
I remember the guys teasing me, Mr Dimples, has doubled the standards, Lekgowa boss! (A white person)
I'd be defensive, at times I'd walk away but today, I'm walking away from deceptions, cancelling my playboy membership and signing my life to God and the most amazing women in the world, I'd do it a million times more without an aunce of regret, thats how much I love her.
I touch almost sending me to the ground, sweeps me of my thoughts!
"Already drunk in love Grootman!"someone screams.
A group of basses gather together in laughter. As I in the edge of my bed, looking at reflection on the wall mirror. A gentleman, in a crisp white shirt buttoned till the chest showcasing my Adam's apple.
My blood rushing, like Im about to score for the first time, it clicks that its finally happening, Im marrying her!
The fellas fist bump each other as compliments and jokes fly carelessly around the room.
As they busy posing like GQ models near me, looking killer smart with a bit of swaq. Black skinny chinos, crips white shirts and last but not least baby blue and baby pink linen blazers with a single button, slim double coloured pattern ties in the signature colours.
The man of the moment, as the boys continue to tease me, "Mr Dimplez" a slim black suite custom made, double coloured handkerchief on the side pocket of the blazer.
As I feel the throne, flattered by the royal highness, myself.
"Thats my copy" a voice compliments
I glaze at the direction of the voice, there he stands in stature.
"Ah Pa!" I chuckle.
The fellas continue to fist bump me, without any harm intended.
"His joining the pack, Papz" Rori says.
I can't help but smile without any sense of shame nor regret gathered in my mind.
Joy and happiness are my wings, flying to my destination.
"Bra van my, wa vrouwa ntjaka!"Thabo, my bestman pats me on the back.
While the festivities with the boy are underway, Hugo Boss, Spice are busy polluting the interior..
Melodies of first parts are heard, I quickly check my watch, which confirms that it is the time. The due date and time.
We all walk out, me infront, the boys behind in order.
In our deminor, we bounce of our left feets in my case my right foot.
Jubilation feels the backyard, women showcasing their feminen nature in weddings.
While tapping, nearly meeting the floor, it flashes...
All of a sudden it stops my heart!
Oh my God it can't be!

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