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Wednesday, January 13


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 100 (Part D)


Insert 100
Nothing but pure joy intoxicates everyone.
Witnessing a union, blessing abundantly from above Who could object?
Rose paddles become steps to greener pastures as the precession leaves the church with hotters in a constructed melody, cars snaking their way to the picture palour.
The line of snake cars of bemears, and Merceeds slide freely yet in control to Morula Casino.
Everyone walk to neatly decorated Set for the colour film memories.
The lovers narrate their story in different poses, families and friends included. Smiles fill the atmosphere creating light.
Oara does the signature move and sweeps Chrissie of her feet as she feels complete security in his arms while floating. The camera catches every glimpse, even the unprepared smiles, imperfect smiles which bear beautiful protraits.
Thandolwethu and John look at the two smiling, completly mesmorized with each other as they giggle to themselves.
"Sthandwa, to think I almost destroyed a beautiful union"she confesses.
John drags her into his chest and peaks her forehead.
"Although you are a hot-head, God had the bigger picture. Look at them, they remind me of us" he chuckles.
It is said that it gets ugly before it can get beautiful. No matter what they went through, today, they are happier than ever because God has the bigger picture and the ugliness was to prepare them for this dignified day.
John and his beautifal wife walk arm in arm to the their children because nothing more precious than seeing your child find love. Observing that your little Prince has found his Cinderela leaves a bouncing with joy.
Kaboentle stands on far corner leaning against the car admiring, wishing that a couple of years, this, Oarala, it could be her. While secretly smiling her thoughts, her vision goes black!
She laughs once more trapped in paradise, his cologne sells him out.
"Guess who?" he asks.
She giggles while blushing "Mr President".
Thabangs takes advantage of the atmosphere and twirls Kaboentle in there as she screams "Put me down!!"
The attention lands on them, spots light is on them.
Kaboentle: (Thabangs puts her down as she lands on her Sissy Boy heels) I don't John Motsepe appreciates you putting her Princess in danger. (She teases)
Thabang: (Looks deep into her eyes) I want him to see that you drive me crazy, and I love like jelly tots, (tries to squeeze her cheeks)
Kaboentle: (Draws herself back) Make-up honey (She winks)
Love reigns, the cubid's has suddenly become a boomerang.
Everyone is escorted to their respective cars and all roads lead to the reception! Block B, Mabopane.
The road is closed, as the Makee tent occupies the streat.
Cars hoot, singers sing, dancers dance and lovers love!
Neighbors are out in their numbers witnessing the wedding of the Century.
The Grooms man, bride's ladies are in proper positions for practiced routine led by the man and women of the moment.
Mafikizolo's Webuti ngihamba naye leds their bodies to move swiftly, matching the beat, left feets completely disregarded. Everyone cheering on, singing along with Theo and Nhlanhla.
Chrissie getting down with her red buttom custom heels, who said white people can't dance?
Everyone follows into Oara and Chrissie's mini heaven, created by yours truly, Kaboentle.
In the pink, a white carpet cuts the venue in half as crystal chandeliers hang in the air. Chrissie's mouth parts in complete surprise as she consumes herself back to finishing the routine.
Rectangular long tables cothed in crisp white cloths, a spring of pink and blue silk fabrics carelessly decorate the tables. Lilacs, daisies, roses looking sexy in silver center pierces.
Vintage, wooden white flip garden chairs compliment the table.
A stage, stands firmly with a huge white couch for the king and queen. Accompanied by chairs either side for parents,the fella and ladies.
Pictures of the couple slide freely on the flat screens installed.
The guests are sitted as the new Mr and Mrs Motsepe go out to change.
The guests are entertained by the MC, Project Elevation Band and certain speakers.
"Ladies and Gentlemen can we please applaud the new Mr and Mrs Oarabile Motsepe!" The MC stands out.
Chrissie and Oara walk hand in hand. Tervin Campbell graces them with Dandelion. Chrissie who has changed into her second dress, a linen white bubble dress up to her knees. Now she's showing of bit of leg, the walk in and surprise the crowd with a first dance. Which went well, like Oara prayed that his legs dont deceive him.
Both parents spoke, giving words of encouragement, best friends and siblings.
Everything went smoothly, the food mouthwatering as expected and now everyone is intoxicated.
Rorisang drags his brother aside, it is already dawn.

"Grootman Im going to see her now!" He says.
"Please send her smuchies from me and my wife. I'll tell Gloria to sneak you in, Good luck" Oara supports.
They embrace each and Rorisang leaves.
It is already dark, Oara looks for his wife, squinting his eyes but seems to not see a thing. He taps his pockets and luckily he has his phone.
He tries to dial her number but an incoming call disturbs him.
"Wife, where are you?" Excited.
Immediately his face turns soar.

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