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Sunday, January 10


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 100 (Part C)


Insert 100
JOL for Oarabile
Feeling the out scats of thighs trips my heart instantly. My eyes grow bigger with agony, it can't possibly be, im truly a dead man. Grasping for air, for a doctor with 5 years in practice panic attack isn't a smart move.
A firm embrace crowds blazer fabric, I turn to see who it is.
"I've got them, here are they" Rorisang flashes an odd number of ring carriers.
In a milestone of another minor attack, his Colgate smile eases my guts.
I take a relieving sea deep breath in the mist of all the festivities, he pulls me aside while the others continue bracing themselves to the songs.
"So you going to do it tonight?" Curiously intrigued.
"Jah grootman, joining the pack too soon.
Any news?" Confirms to me.
"She's a fighter, busy nagging the nurses.
From Mr Skirts to Bra'One women. Jesus is alive" I chuckle to my tender statement.
We join the other in a straight cue, everything looking exquisite. Catching a glimpse as they cover up the interior of the reception, I must admit, my mother's daughter definitely out did herself. I just can't wait for my wife's reaction, yes wife, in approximately an hour and half she'll mine.
The church is just a about 7 houses away we decide to walk it, neighbors out singing and ululating as my grooms carriage follows behind me.
We get to the church and dust our shoes off,my shiny Italian shoes that present a mirror image.
Everyone prepares themselves, guests walk into the church and I overhear that she's looking totally mindblowing and she's in office.
Im tempted to go there, yet Thandoz would skin me alive.
2 minutes after everyone's sitted they call me in, accompanied by mother on my left and Bra John on my right. We walk in hand in hand smiling brightly like the royals we are, the Royal Bakfokengs.
We reach the alter, we greet the priest and my parents return their seats on the right.
I wait, next to the priest, for the one in white.
The grooms man enter on by one, bearing beautiful ladies on their strong arms waiting arm in arm with Brain McKnight's Find Myself In You.
Looking stunning, Bafana Baka Ba tswere dimomondiya (My boys have beautiful ladies), compliment each other.
I chuckle looking at them trying to walk with Bra' McKnight's beat.
The ladies stand on the right, Kabo busy winking my way and laughing at my nervous dimple face. The fellas behind me.
My boy, Thami, with Yolanda's daughter the flower girl, that's daddy's boy!
Bebe Winans' lovethang creates a standing ovation.
The church begins to brighten up, I glaze my eyes to the door and my heart sinks down to my stomach.
There she stands, in her father's tender yet strong embrace.
They walk hand in hand, I hold my saliva and just look at pure beauty. I can't believe my eyes, how did I get a hold of such.
Before I am called a sissy by the fellas, I swallow hard trying to prevent the tears in my ears.
They finally reach the alter with her father, I couldn't even get the right words as they stumble on my tongue. Her dad, leaves her in my hands, my capable hands.
"Mutsepe take care of my baby girl" je whispers.
I just nod, I just couldn't.
I took Chrissie into my hand, while her father opens the veil.
He leaves giving us his blessing.
"You look beautiful honey" I whisper in her ear.
I look into her gorgeous Aquarius eyes and they a more brighter as she glows. Her smile with her full lips makes me swallow hard.
As the oohs and aaahs die down after the beautiful bride's great entrance, everyone looks upon as witness the beautiful force of two loving hearts becoming, the electrical force that breed sends the room in compelte silence as Oara and Chrissy stand to join together in holy matrimony and become one in front of the Holy Trinity and all their friends and family. The overwhelming butterflies and nerves fluttering all over them, trembling with happiness and antscipation of the life altering step that'll see them start their life together as one. Breathing deep sighs of relief they stand face to face, centimeters apart with their hands laced together; the presiding priest looks on with smile at the nervous lovebirds, having had such experience with other newlyweds he smiles and carries on with the business of the day.
Priest M.:"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this man, Oarabile Motsepe and this woman, Chrisalda Thompson in holy matrimony. Having met in a random but yet predestined manner 8 years ago, as God intended after many of life's trials and tribulations together and made it through stronger in love, they are here in front of God, friends and family to pledge the love and seal it with a lifelong commitment that's honoured by God, himself. Our scriptural reading will be taken from, Genesis 2 verse 21- 24 " 21. And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof.
22. And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
23. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.
24. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." Amen." The whole house says Amen in unison, as the pastor proceeds.
The priest: "The wonderful couple asked if they could each speak their vows, so I'll give each the floor starting with you young man." The priest eyes a nervous Oarabile who looks at the priest then to Chrissy before doing so again for a second time, he sighs deeply as his heart rate goes up to an irratic pace such that he figuratively sees it thumping from his chest, he lets go of Chrissy suportive hands hestitantly and leading his already built-up sweaty and clumy hands, reaching for the folded up A4 paper in his inside pocket. He lets out another crackling sigh as he unfolds it, lookingbover the blue inked words on the white paper, he chuckles nervously as looks back at an awaiting Chrissy looking upom hik in pure adoration. After clearing his throat he starts off with his racy heart in accord,
I wrote these lastnight while I was thinking about you and our precious love.
But im trembling so im going to speak from the heart."
Oarabile chuckles as everyone giggles to his subtle joke.
" As the song you graced us with as tou entered its a lovethang, I anxiously waited for you arrival 8 years back, and when I first looked into your eyes I saw it.
I saw my home, my everything.
Chrissie I love you more than anything.
You've become my heart, the air that I breath.
"Wow, as always you manage to steal my words!" Chrissie finally lets out through her sobs
"Oarabile, I remember how I used to mispronounce it and still with your dimpled smile you'd tell me that practice makes perfect.
We are here today because we practiced thats why it is so perfect, we made it with the grace of the Lord.
It is amazing honey, how your weaknesses are my strengths and vise vesa...
I believe we are a match made in heaven!
I love you.
Oarabile Motsepe Kea go rata!" Her last words sends the crowd clapping in pure gratitude and cuteness.
A need for old couples to reminisce over their own treasured moments of love's journey, to look at their forever afters and smile because of their fortune and for the young budding loves to gug and pull at each other in hope and faith to one day reach that destination of eternal love. Even the Priest moved by the intensity of the emotions and truth in the house draws back his own set of tears before speaking up and breaking it,
The Priest:" After that, there is really not much to say. May we please have the rings?" Eyes fall on Rorisang who looks at them bemused and starts patting his pockets from thee outside, looking up to Oara with a panicked 'Uh-oh' expression which is subsequently transferred to Oara who's eyes begin to pop from his eye sockets in panick as well. Just as he clenches his jaw, ready to charge at Rorisang, the comedic Rori playfully takes out the small boxes and hands them to his big brother with a wink. Sighing in relief Oarabile takes the ring playfully raising his hand as warning o hit Rori which is received by chuckles and giggles from the congregation. An 18ct white gold single band ring with diamond stones around it, "LOveThang" engraved on the inside
The Priest:" Okay, Oarabile please repeat these words as you slip on the ring on her finger." He nods staring intently in her eyes.
The Priest:" Say, 'I, Oarabile Motsepe,"
Oarabile:"I, Oarabile Motsepe,"
The Priest:"Take you, Chriselda Thompson as my lawfully wedded wife,"
Oarabile:"Take you, Chriselda Thompson as my lawfully wedded wife,"
The Priest:"To have and to hold,"
Oarabile:"To have and to hold"
The Priest:"For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health,"
Oarabile:"For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health,"
The Priest:"Till death to us apart."
Oarabile:"Even death won't do us apart."
The priest:"With this-, wait what?"
Oarabile:"I'm sorry Priest but even in death I'll still love her the same so..." The Priest chuckles a bit.
The Priest:"That's quiet alright son. Shall we?"
The Priest:"Lastly, 'With this ring I thee wed', then you can slip it on."
Oarabile:"With this ring I thee wed." He slips on the ring on Chrissy's petite slim fingers that fits perfectly on her left second finger and stares at it in astonishment and love a smile creeping on his face.
Tears now fall from all those bearing witness to these sweet proclamations of love that have stirred a need in them by witnessing such true unconditional love being flattered all round without any dismay.
Kaboenetle hands a tearful Chrissy the silver chrome band that matches with her white gold ring, engraved on the inside "LOveThang", following in proper unison with the Priest she also slips on the band unto his finger, running her fingers on it before looking up at him. Loving wiping the strayed tears he looks unto her, the exaggerative love hearts beaming from their eyes as they take the next great step not only in life but in love as well. Together.
The Priest:"Well I guess there is nothing kore to say then, to say by the power vested in by the Board of the Church Lutheran Bapedi Church Intl. I pronouce you two husband and wife. Oarabile, you can now do what you so expertly been practising in the corners my son. You may now kiss your bride." Chuckles turn into loud uproars of ululating as Oara takes his time in holding on to her face gently and taking her as his with his mouth over hers. They share in a passionate kiss that seals off their wonderful ceremony to the wonderful uncertainty of married life. With the kiss he also quests his thirst, a week isn't child's play.
A miraculous gesture is seen immediately after the couple seal them commitment with a bit of intimacy.
Siphe releases an anxious Thami from her grip who runs ane hangs on Chrissie and Oara's knees while feeling the fabric of the dress.
Chrissie and Oara bow to his size, to smudge his tiny face with kisses.
The congregation seals the ceremony as well in their way!
"Semo mo tswere tswre senatla x2
Ngwana o tswere ke senatla.
Haita mapantsula jelle moenie worrie
Ngwana o tswere ke senatla x2"
The two newly weds sway their bodys moving to the beat flawlessly. Happiness, love, God and joy fills the room abundantly.
They walk out hand in hand while greeting people on either sides!
He got the girl!!!

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