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Monday, January 11


The story of a young black man Chapter 4


Leeto: The story of a young black man

Samson’s surprise to us

Chapter 4

The first day of school didn’t go as bad as I thought it would. The last school bell rang at exactly 2 o’clock and within three minutes thereafter, the school yard was full of learners again, the same way it did that morning. I waited with Tshepang at the school gate for Samson who had gone to hit on a new girl. We grew impatient and decided to leave without him. “Hey guys”, Samson shouted, running after us, “Wait up!” Tshepang and I didn’t stop walking, we just walked a bit slower to give Samson some time to catch up with us.

“So”, Samson said in excitement, “did you see her, boys?” “Who did we see, huh Sammy?” Tshepang asked him. We didn’t have to ask him; we already knew what Samson was going to say us—he was going to brag to us about the girl he had just been chatting to a few minutes ago. “My new girlfriend, of course”, Samson said, with pride-filled eyes. “Oh, I see”, Tshepang said, “and did she give you that kiss you’ve been telling us about this whole day?” “No”, Samson replied, “she’s new to the school so I already anticipated her being shy, that’s why I didn’t even bother to ask for one”. Tshepang and I said nothing; we only laughed at Samson stupidly.

“What are you, morons, laughing at?” Samson asked, “If it makes you feel better, I’ll kiss her tomorrow, after school; you boys can be my audience”. “So tell me”, Samson continued, “What are your plans now, boys?” “I’ll be going straight home”, Tshepang replied. “That goes for me too”, I said.  Samson looked at us, grinned, with a kind of a devilish look in his eyes and said, “Boys, do you want to see how the female form looks like?” “What are you on about now, ladies’ man?” I said to Samson. “I am talking about naked girls, boys. Do you want to see them or not?” “Let me guess”, Tshepang interrupted him, “You expect us to believe that you’ll get all your girlfriends to strip down naked on the busy streets of Erasmus on broad daylight for us to see? You’re talking nonsense now”.

Samson looked at us and said, “Both of you, shut up! Just come with me to my crib”.  Though reluctant, I just could not sit this one off; I wanted to see what new trick Samson had up his sleeve this time. Between the three of us, Samson has always been the less predictable one. This is the guy who once hid his father’s false teeth away on the day of his father’s year-end function at work just because the old man refused to give him extra money so that he could pay for his date for their trip to Derdepoort Resort on one year’s December 16th. Being the meat-lover that he was, Samson’s father, Samson had told us, didn’t talk to him for the rest of that week because he could not indulge in the free meat at their year-end function due to the absence of his false teeth.

Samson lived with his parents, who both worked for SAB Miller manufacturing plant in Rosslyn. He also had an older brother, Thabang, who stayed at the student residence of the University of Pretoria in Hatfield and came home every second weekend of the month to do laundry. “Come in, boys”, Samson invited us into his house after unlocking it. Whilst we made our way to the dining room, Samson quickly ran to his bedroom. “What do you think he’ll show us”, I asked Tshepang. “I have no idea, Leeto; let’s just wait and see”, Tshepang replied. Samson emerged from his bedroom after a minute with one hand visible and the other hidden away. “Guess what I am holding in the other hand”, Samson asked, with a face beaming with excitement. Before we could take our guesses, he showed to us what he had in his other hand and said, “Voila! Now prepare yourselves because you’re about to have the best boners of your lives”.     
“What’s that?” Tshepang asked, in confusion. I also wasn’t sure what it was that got Samson so excited. “It’s a blue movie, boys; a porn DVD that I had stolen from Thabang’s bag when he was here at home this past weekend. “You what?” I asked in shock. “I borrowed it from T-Man’s bag but I know him, he hasn’t even noticed that this one is missing because there are so many more where this baby comes from”, Samson replied. “Okay then”, I said, “Put it in, I want to see what’s on there”. Samson switched on the DVD player in the dining room, put the DVD in and said to Tshepang, “Quick, go and lock the kitchen door with the key, I don’t want any nasty surprises from my parents; they do, after all, have a tendency of arriving home earlier than normal”.

We all sat down on the same couch and watched as the blue movie started; Naughty Cute Cheerleaders, its name said. I had seen my sister naked before once when she was bathing and the Emmanuelle soft porn movies that etv broadcasted on Saturday nights however I had never seen anything that hardcore before. The whole room fell dead silent as we all got absorbed into that virtual world—I suppose that all of us were picturing ourselves naked with those very same beautiful girls in the blue movie, doing things to them that our parents would never be proud of us should they ever catch us doing. The movie lasted for about one and a half hour and as soon as it stopped playing, we heard Samson’s mom’s voice, greeting their neighbours. We all stood up as fast as we could, with Samson rushing to eject the DVD from the DVD player whilst Tshepang went to unlock the kitchen door.

“Hello boys”, Samson’s mom greeted us. “Hello Mrs Motshweneng”, Tshepang and I greeted her back.  “We were here for homework and now we’re leaving”, I shamelessly lied to Samson’s mother, out of guilty conscience. Samson came back from his bedroom and said, “I am sorry mom, I didn’t do the dishes like you had asked this morning; can you believe it, they gave us group tasks, on the very first day of school”. “It’s okay, Sammy”, Mrs Motshweneng replied, “I’ll do them; you’re matriculants now, it is normal for your school workload to increase. Anyway, say pass my greetings to your mothers for me, okay boys”.  “Okay Mrs Motshweneng”, Tshepang and I replied, while stepping out of the kitchen. Thank God we all had our school bags in front of us to block the view, otherwise Mrs Motshweneng would have seen our erected members on our greys trousers, all thanks to her son, Samson.

*      *      *

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