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Thursday, January 28


Zika virus - has spread over to 20 countries


Zika Virus Is Spreading  Explosively like a nuclear bomb.

Zika virus had been discovered in 1947 but it had never had much impact on the population like today.The world health organisation(WHO) predict that over 500.000 to 1.5 million people have been infected to this threat (zika).

THe threat had been prove to be spreading via mosquito bite however most people wont develop the syptoms of this threat. It causes babies to be born with extremely small heads.
The republic of United state announced that they hoping to begin human vaccine trials before 2016 could end.

The threat has attacked a lots of Brazil population(the worst affected country) and the head of international Olympics siad "steps are been taken to protect the Games in Rio de Janeiro",so that players and visitors are safe From acquiring thease disease.

I  bilieve the world is going to an end, the virus that are discovered this days cannot be cured like hiv and aids.Last year was ebola trending as a dangerous disease and now is zika.

People should make sure they dont have moquitos at their houses by cleaning the yard and the house regularly and either buy anti - mosquitos to eliminate the transfer of this disease/virus.

stay safe mzansi readers.

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