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Monday, February 1


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 40


Chapter 40
I have never been the kind of person who ever wondered how I would act if my ex dates a relative or a friend because I never thought of it ever happening.
If it was Harry or Siyanda, I would tell them to waste no time but marry Linda.
There comes a time where you feel like you have to intervene in a situation but when you do, you end up looking like the bad guy. If I told jonathan why he shouldn't marry Linda, He would think I was just being jealous nje. I didn't want to seem like a jealous ex who wasn't over him.
I didn't really have a bad air with Jonathan. We are cool.
" You really think we have the whole day of standing and chatting to you, Rianze?. This girl thinks she is miss universe. Do you think the world evolves around you?." Linda brought me back to reality with her rumblings.
"Do you two know each other" jonathan asked surprised.
"Oh yeah we are sisters.I gotta go" I finished the last sentence walking to my car which wasn't far from theirs.
I could see jonathan was riddled. He just stood.
Poor guy.
He walked towards me.
" Ria I didn't know she was your sister. I swear I wouldn't have approached her or anything."
"Don't you worry.it isn't a problem dear" I said packing the stuff I bought in the boot.
I got in and started my car.
" Where the hell do you even know her from? Come we have to go. Nxa jonathan , you are a useless man" I heard linda shouting.
I didn't waste time and reversed my car. I didn't want to see tin fish being thrown at my car. My sister could do that and claim it was a just an accident.
The fact that she didn't even respect Jonathan in public was evidence enough that she does worse behind closed doors.
I rushed home and found my nunus at the patio with their daddy and uncle.
"Oh look mommy is back. Why didn't you tell me you were going shopping?. I'd love to buy the kids some stuff too, that I personally chose" Roger said getting up and hugging me.
"You look exhausted hey, was the line that bad" morde asked rocking the kids.
"Oh don't even ask. You know its that time of the month ,But what exhausted me is the fact that Jonathan is going to marry Linda"
I said sitting down.
"So what seems to be the problem. At least someone will tame the wild cat in her" Morde said, still concentrating on the kids.
I gave him the look.
"What?.....oh noooo Ria. You mean the four eyes guy. Your ex. "He started laughing.
"What's funny. Stop calling him four eyes. I'm not worried about them being together coz he was my ex but coz Linda is a sadistic woman, she already giving the poor guy hell. Imagine."
" Well people make mistakes and they must learn the hard way. If she is already giving him hell. He could call off the wedding. Simple as that. People love complicating their lives. But as much as your sister is crazy. Lucy takes the award. Maybe you should refer jonathan to Morde. He can give him advice or two about getting rid of his wife" Roger smirked.
"Shut up, will u?" morde said throwing Roger with a toy.
My phone rang and it was surely a number I didn't know.
Hello" I answered.

When the other person answered. I could clearly hear it was Jonathan. I walked to the bedroom.
Me: Where did you even get my numbers?"
Nathan: well I stole it from your sister's phone. Once again I'm so sorry. If I had known she was your sister, I would have stopped everything from the get go.
Me: stop apologising. Its a small world. These things happens. Don't you worry.
Nathan: I actually called you so that maybe you can talk to her. Ria she is giving me hell. I don't even know what to do.
Me: cancel the wedding. If you see that you headed to a waterfall, why still paddle that side. Change the direction. Or maybe you can just go see a shrink.
I added the last line so that I didn't sound like a jealous ex or somebody who clearly wanted them apart. I really did but there wasn't a need to show them because once it starts going all wrong, jonathan will blame me.
There was a pause on the other end. I felt like he didn't wanna leave her. If that's the case then he should stop asking me advices like it was my job.
Since he was unsure of what to say next. I made the kids an excuse for me to hang up.
Just after I threw it on my bed, it rang again. I wanted to ignore it. I was in no mood for hearing another sob stories. It could be Nandipha telling me stuff about her old man that are just unnecessary like how he hates the colour of the duvet she bought.
After so much hesitation, I picked it up. It was Christy.
All she just said was" I'm coming over right now". She didn't sound ok.
After some time she got in. The guys were still chilling at the patio, so we went to my room. She clearly had been crying.
"What is wrong. What happened?" I asked anxiously.
"Pierre and I haven't been ok lately. All we have been doing was fight. I just didn't wanna tell you because you had a lot in your plate. On weekend, I went to see him." She said sobbing in between the lines.
I can't even remember if she told me she was flying to Stellenbosch. I have just been occupied with my stuff nje.
" ...and I got to our room. I heard sounds. So I thought it was him with a girl. As I walked closer, something hit me. I wanted to go back but I ended up deciding to go in.
When I opened the door, he was having sex with his best friend kobus."
The cup I was drinking from slipped from my fingers and went down.
"Does this means pierre is... You know..
"Yes he is gay. And all this time, I just thought they were close friends but no they were.." she broke down.
I didn't even know what to say next.
I was dumbfounded.
"The worst part is I'm pregnant" she mumbled with her head down.
Oh hell no. hell to the nooooo"
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