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Saturday, February 6


Communication in relationships


Communication is made up of three components namely;

Body language which equals 55%
Tonality which equals 38 %
Words which account for only 7%

Furthermore it is important to note that the a man and a woman's brains are wired differently. A woman's brain is created in a multi-tracking manner(which means a woman can jungle more than one conversations at the time) whereas a man's brain is created in a mono-tracking manner(which means men process information one bit at the time).

In order for couples to communicate well, women must understand that the more they speak a lot of things to their husbands the more they switch off and try to process what their wives are trying to say, so it is best to say only a few specific things and allow your husband/boyfriend to process and make sense of your concerns. On the other hand, husbands must notify their wives when they are experiencing information overload.

Women are also quick to pick up bodily responses, hence they can see when a man I disengaged. On the other hand men struggle tremendously to read body language. Women are more concern about the tone of their husband's voices rather than what the husband is saying. So Gents use a proper (preferably a soft one when engaging with your wife, especially when having an argument). Women stop expecting your husbands to read sign languages, they are not very good with that.

Always remember that women can multitask because they us mainly both sides of their brains, whereas men use mainly one side of their brain.

That is why most women can listen to the radio, drive, and do make up at the same time.  Whereas when a man is driving and looking for directions he would even switch off the radio in order to concentrate.

Next update coming.... From my book divorce is not my portion.  Coming soon... Elijah Padi

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