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Tuesday, February 2


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 1


Insert 1 (Revolving)
I chuckle to myself, legs elevated upon my wooden vanished desk. It is said that life isn’t a bed of roses.
Every challenge in life grooms you to becoming the best you can be, and pain aches you so you can learn the technic of strength. I’d be a character in never land if I’d say that life is easy, it is not but worth it. A pile of files flood my desk but one particular item attracts my perception, a beautiful women trapped in a frame. I remember that smile a few years into puberty when my heart yearned for just a few minutes with her. The strategy was to steal a few minutes in the morning as we walked into the school gates, we’d scan our student cards and I’d walk her to her friends while admiring her beautiful smile. Our conversations weren’t ordinary, but as long I got the glimpse of her two front teeth then my mood would be set for the day!
I can’t hold a slight giggle as it escapes the grin of my teeth carelessly, and I find my strength as a nosy irritating voice interrupts my exquisite thoughts.
“Mr Mogotsi you have a phone call on line 1.” Jennifer barges into my office unannounced.
That’s my nosy personal assistant for you.
But I can’t let her bad manner consume me because it is 10 minutes into midday and well line 1 hold sweeter pastures for me.

Without hesitation I answer my phone with bouncing heart.
“Mogotsi speaking.” I say deliberately.
I hear a slight laugh and I know I’ve done my duty as a protector.
“Shouldn’t you be bailing people out Mr Mogotsi?” she plays along.
Her voice still send chills upon my spline, and tightens other various places.
“MmaMogotsi, I was just thinking about you” I smile to my confession.
Somehow in me, I know she’s doing the same.
“I guess I know now, the reason to my restlessness. I just checking up on you and I hope you are working not day dreaming” she adds on, now sounding like my mother in a respectable manner.
I check my time and I realise that I have to be in court right about now; Mike also stands by my door tapping his Rolex watch. I stand up, phone still intact with my ear and up on my blazer.
“I promise now you can rest peacefully, Honey I’ve got to go. Remember always that my heart is yours. I love you” I say in rush yet with love.
“And mine is yours. I love you too pumpkin” she blesses my ears.
I gather my briefcase and follow my impatient partner and best friend.

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