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Thursday, February 4


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 2


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I took my passion and it became what I do for a living. It takes time to establish yourself in the law industry, and better yet creating your own company. The rest of my day revolves around me in court defending clients, mostly I specialise in divorce and custody battles. I decided to take pleasure and create a business although the law of philosophy states that business and pleasure do not mix.
My day is spent in court observing Mike do his thing, the real griller up there in the stand, a master questioner. On this one, his defending a man who cheated and the women poisoned him in complete anger; it is true that a wounded woman is unpredictable. Things are pretty heated up that the judge decides to call it a day. Law is a dirty game at times, where your values as a lawyer are tested; it is not always about lying but how to defend a sinned person trying to make them seem like an angel who was kicked out of heaven unfairly.
I left the criminology department because it sometimes changed people’s characters, the time for me to become selfish had long died and divorce seemed like the less evil of the other. Although when one does approach in a sincere manner seeking my skills I do compromise.
We head back to the office to drop a few things and Jennifer is even smiling while gazing on the computer.
“That better not be Facebook!” I command as she flaps her flake eyelashes at me.
“Yes Mr Mogotsi and you-“I interrupt her with the back my hand as Mike and I head to his office.
We end up having an unofficial meeting, discussing salaries as in a weeks’ time it is month end.
“It was really heated up today in court dude” Mike reflects
I tease him a bit as his face is a bit sour.
“Yet you were on top of your game!” I comfort him.
It comes with the little, encouraging your employees but it is a natural chemistry when it comes to brotherhood.

“Buddy for you it just slides of your tongue, the prosecutor is a women and not just any-“I interrupt him.
Having unfinished business, pushes one between a rock and a hard place.
“And when has that stopped you charmer boy?” I laugh in between my question.
He stares me down because I just took it back to law school. Mike was bowling in women back in our day, depicted charmer boy by them, the ladies.
As much as his my friend and partner, no skirt could pass him unattended to.
While chit chatting, Mike’s phone rings.
He answers and nods a few times then his eyes pop out.
“Brayaka you have someone in your office” he alerts me
I scramble my face in dismay.
“At this time of the day?” as I peep at my watch.
Mike shrugs his shoulders while packing his stuff, loading them in his briefcase.
“I have a beautiful wife waiting for me at home!” I quietly scream.
I fist bump him and remind him to send my love to Cathy, his wife.
“That’s what you get for making my sorrow the daily show!” he lashes back playfully.
Before going into my office, I give Jennifer I bit of my mine.
“Jennifer why let a client at this time of the day?” I protest.
She stands up fixing herself…
“Sir, it’s Mrs Mogotsi” she says rather unpleased.
I immediately smile, feeling amazing; my wife came to my office. Its date night again, two days in a row I is starting to love these 9 months. They becoming a blessing rather than…
I didn’t say it!
Without barging I rush to my office to find…

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