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Tuesday, February 9


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 4


Insert 4 (Revolving)
It takes a certain kind of shivering upon your spin, stomach being battered by wings and mind continuously drifted from regular life.
A feeling that scares you, you'd think you are bewitched. 
Friend's mouths fall in woe, as skirts pass without you blinking twice. Guys certainly know what I am talking about.
I found one of the amazing women in the world, a precious gem. Even gold doesn't come near her, when she found me I was just your particular labled vulture.
The drive home is just about 30min yet it feels like a decade. I haven't seen my chubby, amazing and beautiful wife in about 8 hours.
I park infront of my timber steeled gate as I press the room and it voluntarily slides for the king.
I drive into the garage and carefully gather my stuff in hand before going inside.
I use the garage door that leads into the kitchen to my surprise. There, in a perfect view as she's on her toes trying to reach the upper self yet her condition seems to be dragging her down as well
I put my things on the counter and get the glasses for her. She giggles as she feels my presence.
"Your mother really did a great job, you really are an answer." Before peaking my lips.
I forgot to introduce myself.
Karabo Mogotsi, thats just me in a nutshell.
I go down on her and greet my other most precious gift of all.
"Hope you've been good to mommy here" I whisper.

"Pumpkin, you guys will bond later I got to finish setting up the table" she complains.
"But you work yourself too hard my Angel, maternity leave, I thought it meant resting!" As I nag her.
She smiles and goes about her business. I gather my bags, walking to my study. I couldn't have asked for better. While she's busy being bossy around the kitchen I steal some few minutes to a quick shower. A bit of cold water to refresh me.
"Karabo dinner is ready!" She yells.
Walked to the dining area, to find the table looking like a magazine cover, very appetizing and beautiful.
"Angel, what is the occasion?" I tease.
She stares me down playfully.
" Can't I spoil my handsome, Hunky husband for no reason at all?" She asks seductively.
Thats us for you. We act like brother and sister, play like two best friends yet love each other dearly.
Before anything we do in our home, we pray first. Kamogelo and I are from very strong faith families.
We took what we learned at our homes and used it tp build such a beautiful home.
After a faithful pray we eat our food while chit chatting.
While showing the chicken quarter leg my wrath of hunger I notice the beautiful dandelions as our centre piece.
"You got the flowers? "
"Yes, I thought I had a secret admirer." She says.
"I kill!"
She giggles, "Then defend yourself in front a judge?".
I stumble, "Well.
.. I guess it wasn't well thought of".
I clear my throat.
"Ma was at my office today" I say.
Kamo's face turns into a faint smile. As sje chokes on her food to a point her eyes turn red and tears reveal themselves.

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