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Tuesday, February 9


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 5


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Kamogelo Mogotsi that’s the women I married, a forensic pathologist and with that being said you can see how brave she is
A true brainy I tell you, she is short but refuses to accept it no matter what yet in her dreams she says me and her are the same height, can you imagine?
In order for her to console herself she’d say that I have short legs so in that form we are even although she the one that has to stand on her toes to reach the top counter for glasses.
Currently she is on maternity leave yet she refuses to sit still and just relax, being handy is her second nature.
I quickly rush to her side to rub her back while passing her a glass of water.
“Remind me to never mention her name during dinner” I confess.
A few deep breaths bring her back and she leans back on her chair taking in the air gradually, well my mother and wife it is a different tale not telling as a bedtime story.
She finally speaks, “She passed by before heading to your side, when they delivered the flowers she signed for them”
I nod for her to continue.

“Her visit wasn’t polite, she warned me against having a baby shower and said surely history will repeat itself” her voice lowered on the last few words.
I love my mother don’t get me wrong yet when it comes to my wife, battle lines are drawn and are boldly visible I must add. I felt my blood going cold yet I maintained my calm nature for Kamo’s sake.
Still by her side, I told her to go rest on the couch and watch a bit of television while I cleared the table and did the dishes. I do the chores in the house not because of her condition but because she treats me like a king and I certainly want her to be treated like the beautiful gracious queen she is. I finish up and go join her on the couch.
I lift her feet and rest them on my lap while giving her an immature massage, she moans in pleasure and I raise the matter again.
“Honey I think it is high time I speak to my mother about this, she can’t come into your house and disrespect you like that” I chanted.
My wife’s sweet dilemma overtook and filled the entire room.
“Karabo, don’t do that, she’ll dearly hate me for life and say I turned her son against her. I’ll find a way to deal with her, she’s your mom after all.” She politely said.
I smile to her mature words. Indeed I chose well her, no return of cows.
“You are truly remarkable women, my wife” I say with confidence.
I rub her tummy once more.
“You should take after mommy” imitating a baby voice. A light snore disturbs my thoughts and I realise she’s dozed off.
Watching her sleep is like the best movie I've ever watched, one can be really blessed I think to myself. I hurry to our room to get a blanket because attempting to pick her up is a mission especially in her manner. I peak her forehead and switch of the lights and head to my study to finish up a case analysis.

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