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Tuesday, April 19


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 57


Do not live in the shadow of the masters for ever. Learn to live in the light of your soul. Life deserves full expression.
Amit Ray.
Most of us live under the shadows of our parents. That is why you find a 30 years old grown man still living with his mother, because he is afraid to stand on his own two feet.
I don't blame him, I blame the parents. Black parents will never allow you to do the stuff you want,the way you want to. I think they are more like indians, since I'm black. ill talk about most black parents. They can tell you that you are not supposed to date when you are teenager, then you grow old and they ask you " kanti when are you getting married".
They will never tell you" this is the right time to date."
Most parents goes to a length of choosing careers for their kids. They don't allow them to realize their own potential.
Communication is what lacks amongst a lot of families. Whatever parents says it goes, if you say otherwise its called disrespect.
With Mr martins, I believe he was just trying to fill the void his wife left.
"Well, what is more likely to happen when you go to court tomorrow, is they will postpone the date. You know the state witness is missing, so they can't go ahead with everything. Dad we are grown ups and you should stop reminding us that we are what we are because of your money. We know it, everybody knows it" Mordecai said walking towards his father.
"I think what he needs is a wife. We would have been angry, few years back,Had you taken another wife. But we think you need her. You need somebody to cure your loneliness
We can't forever do that for you." Roger said in a low tone.
Mr martins took a seat and kept quiet for some time. After a while, he said we could all go to south africa.
"Well we will come attend the trial when you get the other date" I said faking a smile. It was just an awkward situation that I didn't know how to act. I could have kept quiet and act like I didn't exist.
"Its ok, I think I need the boys to be on their own now. Let them do what they want. I can handle the trial, but I will let you know what goes on tomorrow" mr martins said hugging each one of us.
We left in the morning. He was in a good mood, not that I trusted it. That man had something under his sleeves. He always did.
It wasn't a bad 11hours of the flight, we had fun. With Roger around, you could never get bored. He was so good with the twins, they hardly cried when he had them than when we had them. Adrian and Aiden were crawling now, funny how kids grow faster without you realizing it. And they were getting chubby. It was all Rogers fault because he just fed them non stop when he was with them.
" Are we gonna go to my mom's house?" I asked Mordecai while the kids and Roger were sleeping.
"No, It will be too much for her, let's go to heidelwyk or the house in Sandhurst. Its like you don't want to move in there." He answered playing with my ears.
"I thought we were going to start our own lives in our own place"
He gave me the "which place?" Look. We had no place and everything we said was just a dream. Imagine if Jonathan said we shouldn't go to any of his houses. We had nowhere to go and my mom's house was no option.
Well the Sandhurst house was no longer Mr Martins's house but I wasn't so keen of moving in there.
We got to OR Tambo airport without even realizing it. My mom and Christy were already waiting for us there with a weird looking guy.
Christy ran to hug me while my mom went for the kids. We greeted each other but my mom was just giving Mordecai funny looks, I wanted to tell her that we got engaged but it didn't look like the right time for it.
"Mama who is this?" I asked while we were walking to the family car that Christy brought. We were not going to fit in a normal 5 seat car, with the stranger mom brought.
I didn't like him. He looked creepy.
"This is banele , my friend's nephew from mnambithi." She answered taking adrian from Mordecai.
"You are looking fatty, what were they feeding you in London Adrian?....yazin these kids needs xhosa names. Hayi this Adrian aiden thing won't work with me. I'm gonna give them names" my mom was already getting in the car when she said it.
She was clearly angry with the fact that I didn't come back when she said I must.
"And what business. Does he have here?" I ignored her statement and inquired more about Banele.
"Well I have been watching you doing your own things and what good has it produced? Nil, nada,zero. Instead it has made you a slave to these rich people. And you keep going back,no matter how ugly they treat you. I have talked to you countless times but it didn't help, so I had to act" she said giving me death stares.
It was awkward for the other people because they were just there, not knowing what to do or say.
"Ok, where is this going?" I asked still standing outside.
"U banele lo, has paid lobola for you. Everything has been arranged and I thought it will be good for you two to meet"
"Intoni? Hai mama. Awno yenza leyonto" (what? No mom,you can't do that"?)I shouted at her.
""Ndizo yenza" ndiyenzile"( I will do it. I have done it) she said looking the other way.
I felt my inside boiling, like there was a magma ready to erupt. I looked at Christy who shrugged her shoulders and whispered" I didn't know".
Roger just continued playing with Aiden like he didn't hear a thing while Mordecai's head dropped in dejection.
I had so much to say, but my voice couldn't allow me.
I felt defeated!

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