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Monday, April 4


Story to tell - By Lesego K Rammutla The-Poet


So can you listen... I used to dream about life in a magazine, Seeing beautiful pictures of a limousine, Living a dream only me could see, Painting pictures the world can't see, Thinking hard till my head starts to spin. So daddy listen... You taught me well to live a dream, Making sure I became a bigger man, When I look at you I see my superman, I remember when you cry with me, It was sad and taught me what prayer is. So mommy listen... You little man is grown now, Soon you'll be proud of me you know, Telling people how good I am to you, Am greatful for what you did, No matter what, I'll always love you. So buddy listen... We used to be inseperable, Talking about why life is terrible, Planning to change it another day, Being teased calling us gays, We didn't care we lived and prayed. So baby listen... I know you're not yet born, I promise you, in life you wont be bored, Daddy will be there all along, Your mom will guide you so am I, Lesego is my name Osego is yours. So lover listen... You're a precious gift from God, He look at me and made you mine, I promised to Him to love you, My life will be part of yours, Challenges will pass them together. So hater listen... I really don't know what your story is, But I can tell this is very real, I've never had a quarrel, So please just let me live, I don't know your story so please am sorry. So GOD listen... Am just a humble soul, All that I have only you knows why, So I give my life to you lead me Lord, All my enemies forgive them God, All the wrongs I did forgive me Lord. Everybody have a story to tell, So what's your story...?

story to tell

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