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Tuesday, April 19


The Veil Chapter 19


Chapter 19
It was 04:00 A.M when Joseph arrived at Loveness' house. The compound was very quite he almost felt bad from what he was about to do. For a few minutes he just stayed in the car before going to knock on the door.
Loveness heard the vehicle pulling to a stop outside.She tried to recall who it
might have been but couldn't. Their neighbor didn't own a car so it was
out of place to have a car in their compound. She checked the time, 04:15 A.M then she heard the
unmistakable knock on her door.
Highly puzzled, she quickly pulled a dress on the nearby wooden chair and a wrapper before going to open.
Her eyes widely opened at the unexpected sight of Joseph. What did he want this early? She
wondered as she adjusted her head scarf and still feeling sleepy. She wished she could slam the door shut in his face.
"Goodmorning my dearest" He greeted her jovially. She tried to sniff the air between them to catch the smell of
alcohol, there was none.
" I swear I will pay you back your money in two months time, I only have five thousand kwacha to spare
now." She said. Unsure of his next reaction.
"What? What will I do with the five thousand. Have you forgotten what you owe me perhaps? A whopping
hundred grand. Besides who said anything about coming here to collect money?"
Loveness' heart started thumping hard in her chest.
"Then... Why are you here?"
"I just want a place to sleep. I hope you don't mind me sleeping in your bed" He said as if it was an everyday thing.
"What? No... There's no way that can happen. What happened to your house? If your wife finds you here what will she say?" She was
beginning to question his mental status.
"Forget about her. Nobody will know I'm here, I will be as discreet as possible" Gesturing around with his
hands he continued, " it's so quiet now and I will get out in the evening."
Loveness looked both ways before shutting the door behind her to Joseph's dismay.
" Look... You simply can't come here and expect to be treated like royalty. Go back to your wife and sort
whatever issues you have. I have enough problems of my own without adding more. Please I'm begging you to leave my house."
" Have you forgotten who you are talking to? Let me get something clear here. You can't just slam the door
in my face like you just did, it's very rude. Just step aside and let me go inside before I woke the whole
She could feel the threat underneath his voice but it didn't move her.
"You are not entering my house. Just go away."
"Don't make me do something that I will regret"
"Like what? What can be the worst thing you can do to me? Kill me?"
Tempers were flying in all directions. Joseph pushed Loveness aside forcibly and stormed in the house. He quickly went to her bedroom, removed his shoes and dived inside
the warm bed covers.
He was smilling inside him and was waiting what Loveness was likely to do next.
Loveness was so mad, she could feel her whole body trembling. She didn't want to be a subject of gossip for the next coming days. She went to another room which
acted like a kitchen and took cold water in a cup from a bucket. She knew he
wasn't expecting this from her. She followed him to the bedroom and poured the water on his face while his eyes were peacefully closed. He jumped like he had been bitten by red ants.
Loveness knew better than to stand nearby, she went back to the lounge and stood next to the room where Flora and the children slept so that if anything she would just run
inside and lock it. She saw him coming out of the
bedroom visibly angry.
"What did you just do?" He
"I told you to leave nicely but you just couldn't."
She knew she had done a bad thing and his reaction would be so dramatic. He went back to the bedroom and started taking the blankets from the bed. He
passed her and shoved them inside the back of the truck none too gently.
As if that wasn't enough, he came back and started taking the wooden
chairs, stools and a table as well as an old radio that had stopped working long time ago.
"Please don't do that I'm sorry."
Loveness started begging. By this time the children were awake and were standing next to their mother, clueless on what was happening and what they would do to help.
"You will get back your things when you have my money." He said as he took Loveness' sack bag containing her clothes.
But as he wanted to get into the children's room, Loveness knelt down, held his feet and begged him not to take their beddings and clothes too.
" They are your brother's children Joseph, please don't illtreat them.Punish me but leave the children out of this." Tears were now
coming out of her eyes. He finished loading Loveness'
clothes and shoes as well as beddings and the mattress, then drove off.
What a way to start my day.
Loveness sighed in disbelief. It all
felt like she was in a movie and would walk out of it back to her real life. Where would she get the money to pay him back?
"Mum why had uncle done that?" Flora asked, bringing her mother back to reality. She felt like she didn't know her uncle anymore. Why
was he punishing them like that? In absence of her father, wasn't he supposed to protect them even with
his own life if necessary?
She felt sorry for her mother who had never known a day's peace since her father died. She was struggling yet there was no one to help her.
Joseph drove to the
trading centre and left the things at the back of his
friend's shop before proceeding to sleep at a nearby resthouse.He just wanted to sleep and get away from his wife until later that evening. ************************
Nelly had heard the car driving away. She was fuming inside her with so much rage. Where had he been all night when he wasn't smelling of any alcohol?
It hurt to think that she was sharing her husband with someone else. She wanted to take control of the situation before it got out of hand yet she had no idea how to go about it. He had to know that she wouldn't be taking any nonsense from him.
When she woke up and found him gone, she was disturbed. It was so unlike him. He was supposed to stay in the car until she woke up and apologize to her as usual. This was a totally different scenario. He had left without leaving any money for her to buy food. She tried his phone but it was out of reach.
She quickly went back in the house, took water in a bucket and went outside to the bathroom behind the house.
She bathed in a haste and got dressed in a hurry.
Telling her eldest daughter to keep an eye on her siblings until she got back, she left to look for her husband at his friends.
Among his four friends who she visited, none of them acknowledged seeing him the previous night nor that morning.
She was getting anxious by the passing minute, for if he hadn't been with his friends, then her fears that he was seeing another woman and had gone back to her were being confirmed. It was clearly written on the wall for all to see. What have I done? If not pushing him further to the other woman.She accused herself.
She took a bicycle for hire to the trading centre and asked around from people who knew her husband. But there was no progress for none had seen him earlier that morning.
The sun was getting high up in the sky but her search was becoming fruitless. She decided to go back home maybe he had returned in her absence.
When she was on her way, she decided to pass by the market and talk to Loveness. She remembered how Loveness' husband had for sometime been sleeping outside. How did Loveness cope? What approach did she use for him not to lose his temper and stay away. They had been together until he had breathed his last even though he had given her hell of a life.
She needed to hear from someone who had walked through that crooked path with boldness. Who had felt the pain of betrayal from her own husband but still chose to stand by his side. Binauli's womanizing was not a secret. Nelly was sure her husband was cheating and wanted to know how she could stop it before it drove her crazy for she was certain now her heart was hanging on a thin thread.
She stopped at a kiosk to buy airtime in her phone.
Loveness saw Nelly approaching at a distance and her heart could be felt thumping right in her mouth. She was sure Nelly had heard that her husband had been at her house. Knowing her well enough, she was likely to start world war. What explaination had he given her for the things he had taken from Loveness' house? It only concluded that he had ended up telling his wife about the money too. She didn't want any trouble especially here at the market. If there were issues, then she had to find her at her own house. It would give her time too to give a concrete reason why she had accepted money from Joseph behind his wife's back.
She quickly told the boy who was peeling Irish potatoes at the nearby wooden bench to look at the chips on the fire and she would be back in a moment. The boy quickly nodded, happy that he was left alone and trusted enough to take care of business in her brief absence. She left.
Nelly was sure she had seen Loveness before stopping by the kiosk but it didn't make sense for her to go away just like that. Perhaps she was wrong but she had seen her frightened face at a distance. She looked like someone who was avoiding her deliberately. It didn't make sense. The boy had said she hadn't told him where she was going but she had just said she would be back soon. Did she know anything about her husband'swhereabouts?

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