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Wednesday, May 25


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 184 (Part A)


Dygo 184
I slept over Aus Tsitsi's place. We spoke about how to approach the Tau, and also to make decision about Kevin’s request. Aus Tsitsi convinced me to let Kevin back home. She had quite valid points. She said If I so badly wanted him to remember the past so that we could finalize the divorce, what better and quicker way it might happen right under our roof. The place where so much happened. The familiar place that might trigger all that he seemed to have forgotten. I ended up agreeing that it was worth the shot.
Sunday finally arrived, I prepared myself for the meeting. I spoke to both parties and we agreed to meet in Sebokeng at 12:00. I phoned my family, mom, Olefile and Abuti Omphile, telling them what I was about to do. Olefile was shocked by the revelation about Nyiko and Sheryl. Abuti Omphile said I must be careful and suggested that I pass by his place to take a copy of Olefile’s results just in case . Mama was not impressed at all.
As soon as I told her my intentions, she was against it and told me that as long as I knew the truth, there was no point to go rub it off on their faces. She said I should give them the tests results and let it go. She said I should not get myself into such messy and dangerous position and end up suffering the consequences of my decision. She also said, if indeed Nyiko was that dangerous, he won’t let this whole revelation lying down. She said He might try to hurt me or my family for letting out his secret.
I must say Mama had a point. She’s right about what she said about what I perceived as answered prayer
She said often time when some breakthrough happen, it's not what we thought it would be. Sometimes we want something so bad that we obsess over it. We hope, pray, wish, and sometimes beg for it. There's a lesson I learned about what she said : It's that not everything you pray for is for you. Sometimes we want something so bad that God will allow us to get it, only to show us that what we were asking for is actually beneath the level He has for us. He'll let you go through it and show you in the process that it's only a stepping-stone for greater things. My mom said more often as people we tend to sell ourselves short. We're praying for a seat at the table when He's intended for us to own the table.
She said God won’t reveal the truth to me and want me to use it to destroy lives.
Mama’s last words to me were: “Obonolo ngwanaka, Pray that His will is done in your life and not your will. A lot of times we can't see what God has for us because we can't see as far as He can. Be open for greater. Be ready for bigger blessings than your mind can conceive. Trust the process; don't rush the process. Please let go and let God”
You all know how my mom is! When you are raised by such a strong and god-fearing woman, sometimes it can be good or bad. Depending on your mission. For me at that time I felt it was bad advise because my mission was to hurt and enjoy someone's pain!
I borrowed Aus Tsitsi’s car and went past the hospital. I was there to tell Kevin that I thought about our chat and that He could come back home as soon as he is discharged. He was so happy that I agreed and thanked me. I didn’t tell him about the family meeting I was heading to. We said our goodbyes and left. I drove to the my brother’s place, took the copy of Olefile’s paternity results and left.
As I drove to thee family meeting, I thought hard about how I was going to approach this and also mama's advise. In as much as I would like to enjoy the moment, and see the look on both my sister and my mother in law's face s, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. I was really battling with myself. A part of me was up for blood, another one was too tired to fight. This paternity-Sheryl saga had drained me from day one I found out about the pregnancy. All through the time all I ever wanted was to prove how trashy Sheryl was and the fact that those kids were not Kevin’s . Now, I have achieved that, unfortunately on my quest to find the truth I paid the heavy price. My marriage was over, my relationship with my in-laws was so broken and I was just battered and torn apart.
My fear was, what started as truth finding and proving my in-laws wrong, had now turned into a vindictive, victory seeking and very dangerous and more complicated saga. If I pursue it to get victory, I might regret my part in causing more damage. Yes, revenge taste sweet, but was it important for me? Will seeing the pain that the truth will do to both families and everyone involved make me happy? Will seeing the disappointment and pain on both Reatli and MamaTau’s faces make me happy? Of course, but only for that moment. What’s going to happen afterwards? I might not be able to live with myself knowing I was the reason for her marriage breakdown and causing a rift between the Baloye and DiTau. Especially when they realize what Nyiko had done to Kevin and I. My mom was right. The important thing was that God answered my prayer by revealing the truth and I have prove that I so needed. The rest was not for me to prove.
But still, for some reason I wanted Reatli to feel the pain I felt....Not a godly way of handling things, “ I know”, but after how she treated me, all I wanted was to see her suffer and get a taste of her own medicine. God will forgive later.
Obonolo Dire, are you for real? What have you become? This is not who you are and surely this is not what you want to be. Don’t fight fire with fire. Roman12:19 kept playing over and over in my mind. That’s when I decided, I will get to that meeting, tell the Tau how they hurt me, and also tell them my plans going forward and only hand them over the envelope with tests results and leave. They will figure out what to do with them. I decided that I won’t get into the dirty part of the revelation about Nyiko. I believe nothing stays hidden forever. One thing for sure, once Kevin regains his memory, I will have to tell him what kind of a monster Nyiko was.
I made up my mind that I won’t be presenting the other evidence to the family anymore, unless, and I mean unless I am truly forced to. So Reatli better behave herself and not push me. She better hold her high horses and not step on my toes or mention anything to do with Sheryl. Cause God will really have to forgive me for whatever I would do, or say, should I be pissed.
I arrived in Sebokeng exactly at eleven thirty. Reatli and Aus Nthabeleng were already there. I greeted everyone and we went to sit in the lounge. Daddyt went first and asked me why did I want to see them and what did I want to talk about.
I started by telling them about my plans for the future I told them that as per our last meeting, I wanted out of my marriage with Kevin. I told them that nothing has changed, and that I decided to put the divorce aside and ensure that Kevin gets better and was also able to remember the past for me to fairly divorce him. I then told them that the reason I was there was to let them know how hurt I was by all of them. I told them that I felt let down by them when I needed their support. I also mentioned Reatli’s actions. I told the family about Reatli taking Sheryl and her kids to visit Kevin behind my back, against my wishes and without my permission and also telling him about the accident.
She initially wanted to deny but I told her and everyone that I saw them with my own two eyes and that later that day Kevin confirmed it and asked me to tell him the truth. I further told them that I had no choice but to continue and finish off what Reatli had started by telling Kevin the truth about the accident and everything else that happened before.
Daddyt was not impressed with what Reatli did. MamaTau as usual justified her mini witch's actions and Aus Nthabeleng also thought her little sister was out of order. Daddyt calmed all of us down from bickering and bitching around, and pointing fingers at each other. He asked Reatli to apologize to me for her actions and she refused. She went on and on about how I have filled for divorce and how that had taken away my rights to Kevin. Daddyt kept reprimanding her and telling her that for as long as the divorce has not been finalized, I was still Kevin’s wife and next of kin. And can make any decisions I wanted.
After daddyt’s wise words, I told them about Kevin’s request and my decision to have him back home. MamaTau was not impressed at all. She said she would not trust me with her son especially in his condition. She kept asking daddyt to refuse me to take her son home , and suggested that I won’t be able to give him attention blah blah. I told them that I made up my mind and it was final, Kevin was going home with me as soon as He is discharged. I told them that I will get him all the help he would need, so he could get better .
Then, as expected, Reatli brought up Sheryl's name again. She told the parents that I only agreed to take Kevin home to make sure that I keep him away from his twins and Sheryl. She told the parents that I was either threatened by Sheryl’s visit or was up to something. Why else did l insist on looking after Kevin whereas I have made it clear I will carry on with the divorce? She said, nor wonder I did something to eliminate or get rid of my threat Sheryl. And she wondered what I did this time.
Her mom entertained her by asking what she meant by all that threats and getting rid of Sheryl. Like a broken record she went on about how Sheryl was so traumatized and devastated after our meeting and how she told her to be careful of me and how I told Sheryl that I would destroy Reatli’s marriage, Kevin, the twins and herself, hence she decided to run far away from me to protect her life and the twins. Reatli said she had Sheryl’s voicemail and sms to prove that indeed , I did something to threaten dearest Sheryl .
I kept quiet , praying silently to God to keep me calm and humble while she continued talking crap about me and why she didn’t think it was a good idea to be allowed to stay with Kevin blah bloody blah. For a moment I saw everyone believing her and entertaining her conspiracy theories. MamaTau made it clear that indeed she thinks I have motives and intentions to hurt Kevin and also to separate him with his other twins. Why was I suddenly interested in his well-being, if I was not planning to be his wife anymore. Daddyt kept nodding in agreement with what his daughter and wife were raising. I realized that it was no point to contain myself.
With the strength and courage so strong I stood up and raised my hand. I asked Reatli to shut her mouth up. I told her that she had said enough and now it was my turn to talk. I told her how I was not threatened by Sheryl nor anyone who wants to be with Kevin. I told all of them that I might be planning to divorce Kevin but right now I won’t give anyone the satisfaction of punishing him while he was at this lowest point. I went on telling them how they are going to have to deal with the fact that Kevin chose to go to Dainfern instead of here.
I looked at Reatli and asked her to provide us with proof that I wanted to get rid of Sheryl and her twins. I further asked her that since she is so sure that those kids are Kevin’s, I need proper proof as well. I asked her that since she met the twins, did she make sure that they have the Tau mark? I told her and everyone that until anyone could prove beyond reasonable doubt that the twins are Kevin’s, I will accept them and even give them access to everything Kevin’s kids should have and if there was no such proof , no one should ever mention Sheryl and her twins to me or Kevin until such time that there is proof.
Dearest Reatli mentioned that she had proof , and so was I.
At first I was wondering what she was talking about when she said I had proof. I asked her what she meant that I have proof. She then said I must have seen the sex tape proving exactly what happened that night and how that was proof enough for her to believe that Sheryl was made pregnant by his brother, undoubtedly.
Daddyt was shocked and shaking his head. He asked what Reatli was talking about. Which sex tape was she talking about? Daddyt asked where that sex tape was and if it would prove Reatli’s allegations . I looked at Reatli with disbelief. Just when I decided not to reveal those and suddenly she brings them up? And how did she even know that I had them? Yooo! Did Sheryl tell her and Nyiko about the DVD? But then she would not have brought that up if she knew that the sex tape was edited and I had the original. But why does she think that ? I was curious but panicking as well. But unfortunately, she asked for it...
Just as Reatli was about to answer I disturbed her.
I told daddy, that Reatli is referring to some recorded video that Sheryl’s late sister Dintle( the one who has a child with Nyiko) recorded in order to threaten and manipulate Kevin with. I also said I don’t think we should use that clip to proof that Kevin is the father of Sheryl’s twins.
Reatli insisted that the recording was Perfect! And that it was about time that everyone finally sees that and see why Kevin, Sheryl, Nyiko d myself know for a fact that those twins are Tau's.
Yooo I felt a chill going down my spine. Reatli was just too sure about the clip. Right there I decided to play dumb. For as long as she’s the one going on about the “sex tape”, I will play along. She did not know whether I had watched the original or edited video or not. , so, I decided to watch her destroy herself. One thing for sure, if she present the edited clip , I will be forced to reveal the truth and present the original. For her sake, I prayed that she doesn’t insist on getting us to watch the video at all.
I repeatedly asked her and the elders if they were sure we must watch the clip? I told them that I’ve seen the clip and thought it was rather inappropriate. Still I kept asking Reatli again if she is sure that she wanted to let them see that.
Reatli disturbed me and said, last night when I called requesting to see her, she knew we were bound to discuss Sheryl ,hence she brought the copy of the proof that Kevin was the father. At first I was a bit taken by surprise but I asked her what was that proof. She reached out for her handbag and took out the DVD . I immediately knew what she had. The copy of the edited version of the night the twins were conceived. I smiled and once again I asked the elders if they were sure that they wanted to see what was in there?
Both shook their heads in agreement. Daddyt even said, if that would proof once and for all what Reatli is saying, then hard and difficult as it surely would be, they would like to see it. I was smiling ear to ear. Knowing very well the shock on both their eyes when they get to watch the original clip. Yes Reatli did watch the edited clip, and I was sure that the DVD she had, was the one Dintle gave to Nyiko. The one that those trashes were using to manipulate Kevin with.. Little did she know what awaited her and her family.
We all headed to daddyT’s home office. Reatli went on, leading us to the office with so much confidence and put in the edited version. I was not so comfortable watching such disgraceful clip with my own parents in law. Half way through the clip, I excused myself and left them watching. I went to the bathroom. I actually was embarrassed to be watching such stuff with my in-laws. I took almost ten minutes so that by the time I went back, it will be ending.
Indeed as I sat down, it was at the end. Reatli was presenting in words, pointing at the faceless people on the clip. I only heard, “there’s Kevin, that’s Sheryl, you see him daddy?” As they stopped the clip seeing Kevin with the trashy tramp in bed naked, Reatli had victory written all over her face. She said the parents must have seen enough, that clip said it all. She even said if we could all calculate from the time of the video clip being December till the day the twins were born in September, irrespective of how intoxicated Kevin was, it was so clear and obvious that her brother made poor Sheryl pregnant that one unfortunate night .
Ooh she didn’t ! I so prayed and battled with this yet here she was playing victorious in front of everyone. God knows I did not destroy her marriage, she did. In as much as I promised Mama, God and my inner self not to reveal the truth, I had no choice, Reatli’s attitude wanted some adjustments and the truth will do just that. However painful , She’s going to be served what she so deserve.
As I prepare myself to to wipe off the devil's victorious smile on her face...I said a silent prayer. Dear God please forgive....

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