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Monday, May 30


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 185 (Part B)


Dygo 185 cont.
Tuesday finally came. I was looking forward to welcoming the father of my kids home. I made couple of phone calls organising everything that Kevin would need. Everything was going well.
Most of the morning all I did was think about last evening events, the bogus unscheduled meeting with the Gosiames and the Tau’s and cherry on top of the tiramisu cake being Kefiloe’s phone call.
You know sometimes one needs to chose their flights . My mom taught me that much. When Kefiloe and MamaG decided to come back to my house to ask me to give them the DVD and Sheryl’s recording, for some reason I was excited that whatever I said before they left after the meeting, stuck in their minds like I wanted, but, I made it clear that whatever answers or proof or clarification they might need, should be directed to Reatlehile Baloye and her husband. I was not going to go against my principles to settle the score. I chose my battle well.
Yes nothing will please me to see Reatli being paid what is due to her but I have done enough and would not want to be the one responsible for her final downfall. I reminded the Gosiames about my intentions and my goals about the whole saga and fact that I achieved them on my own. I told them that I have gotten my answers and that’s all that mattered to me. I told them that I could not give them the video and that if they wanted answers, they should dig for themselves or ask the people who brought them to my house.
Honestly I didn’t want anything combining me or to do with the Gosiames. They were after all the reasons I was where I was and I would be damned to form any alliances with them. So I told them that I was after all still Mrs. Tau and nor matter how bad things were between me and my in-laws, I would not choose to betray my own family over them. Besides who can trust the Gosiames?
Later that evening I was finalising the welcome back home banners and decorations that the kids and I were making. We were all excited making sure Kevin feels welcomed, the minute he enters the door. I really wanted to make our home as warm, welcoming and pleasant for Kevin. I took out everything that belonged to him and put it within his reach. His favourite books, dvds, CDs etc. Thank God I applied for a day's leave so that I could have enough time in the morning to finalise everything. I planned grocery shopping for everything I knew my husband loved, from snack to dessert. And then going to hospital around ten o’clock to fetch him.
Everything was looking good. As usual, I read my Bible. As I flip through, searching for a scripture, I stumbled upon a beautiful scripture in book of Galatians 6:9. It says: “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”
I thought about it and wondered why did God reveal such words to me. It was more like I was being encouraged to continue on my mission to help Kevin with promise of reaping good. It’s true, everyone has God-given dreams and desires. Who knows, maybe things were meant to be like this for Kevin and I. Maybe, just maybe, this new beginning might remind us of the Love we shared and what we vowed before God. Just maybe Kevin and I could have a second chance in building our marriage....
We all have goals we want to accomplish and situations we are believing will be turned around. Sometimes, it seems to take longer than we originally thought. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we planned, and it’s easy to lose enthusiasm. If we’re not careful, we’ll get discouraged and end up just settling where we are. But God doesn’t want us to settle, He wants to take us higher. Many times, people miss out on God’s best simply because they give up too soon. They don’t realise how close they are to their victory.
I wasn’t about to let any negativity and or discouragement pull me down. I wasn’t going to let the Tau’s make me lose focus on what I wanted to achieve. I wasn’t going to give up just because things seem hard. I’ve invested so much, and you never know, just a few more days of believing, another few weeks of doing the right thing, another few months of staying in faith, and you could see that situation turn around.
I just needed to remember that God is on my side! And to keep standing and keep believing because I was closer than I could think, to fulfilling every desire He’s placed inside of me.
Just as I got inside the sheets, my phone rang. It was the father of my kids. I picked up and greeted him. How I so wished I was able to tell him about my day from hell, the visit from his family and Sheryl’s family. But I knew that with time , all will be revealed so there was no need to stress Kevin about what happened since Friday. My focus right now was getting him back to his normal self and afterwards tell him everything.
Nna: Hallo Papa-bana-baka!
Kev: Hey Obonolo! You good?
Nna: I’ve never been better. Thank you!
Kev: Can you be here, first thing tomorrow morning ?
Nna: Ah Kev, I have plans in the morning, and I was hoping by ten I’ll be there to fetch you. Can you not wait a few hours? Don't worry Lavo, I will not change my mind, we are all looking forward to having you back home.
Kev: Please, can’t you change your plans ? Be here in the morning and then attend to whatever you want to do afterwards?
Nna: Oh no Kev! Did they say they were releasing you earlier than expected? In that case I will have to come there earlier. I know you don’t like waiting.
Kev: Thank you! Oh please bring the twins!
Nna: Hah, I was planning to take them to Creche and surprise them when they come back to find their daddy home.
Kev: Please, just bring them with. I’m begging.
Nna: Okay then. See you tomorrow morning!
Kevin and I said our goodbyes and hang up. I prayed and slept.
Wednesday, marks the beginning of a new journey full with uncertainty ...but by the grace of God, no burden or task is too heavy when you have God as the guider. No matter what lies ahead, I was ready to journey on.
The day the kids and I have been waiting for finally arrived. We prepared ourselves and by seven thirty we were getting into the car and headed to hospital. We were all excited.
We finally reached the hospital.
I took Mamo with us so that she could look after the kids, while I help Kevin out of that place to the car and also sort out his discharge procedures and getting his medications. We went straight to Kevin’s hospital room. He was there, still not changed into his clothes .
Luckily I remembered to bring him some clothes . We greeted him and he let the kids sit on his lap and play with them for few minutes. I asked Mamo to give me the bag that we brought to take out Kevin’s clean clothes and start packing up his other stuff so that we could get going. I then asked Mamo to take the kids outside by the garden while Kevin change. Mamo took the kids and left as instructed.
I took out the clean clothes and handed them over to Kevin. He took them and put them on the side of his bed. He then starred at me for few minutes without saying anything. I asked him to take off the clothes he was wearing and put on the clean ones. He kept starring and remained silent.
I have been married to this man for four years and been in his life close to twelve years if not more. So even with memory loss, I could see he was not okay or happy. His eyes always gave him away and his reluctance to express how he feels. I went closer to him and held his hands.
Nna: Kev, I have known you almost all my adult life and I can see that something is bothering you. I know this is a tough journey for you and for me too, but I want you to know that I made a choice to walk with you through it all. I need to do this for you as my husband and the father of my kids. Don’t think I am doing this only out of pity or I’m being cornered to. So, I want you to dress up and let’s get out of this place and start over our new journey, the rest will unfold as we go along.
Kev: Yaaah neh! I hear you! And I wish I could believe everything you are saying. Because right where I am, I’m battling with everything. I actually don’t know how to address this issue or problem or realisation. Obonolo, last night I was watching our wedding video, checking all the pictures and memories we have created for twelve long years. And I asked myself what happened to you and to me to end up here. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster. As it is I have no recollection of the time we were that happy or unhappy. I relied and still will rely on the people close to me to remind me of the Kevin that is trapped in this body. I was so much looking forward to go home with you and the kids and hoping that you will help me recover. Right now I...
I interrupted him while talking, assuring him that I was also looking forward to take him home and help him recover especially the good times. I asked him that we should focus on him being better and the rest will indeed happen at its own time. He interrupted me as well telling me that he wasn’t finish talking. I said ok! Can’t we finish the conversation later at home? Because right at that moment all I wanted was for us to pack and go.
Yooo! Little did I know what awaited me.
Kevin blatantly told me that he was not going home with me. He said he was going home with his parents. I was confused as to what made him change his mind and why did he mislead me to believe that he wanted to be with me and our kids. I looked at him with confusion and shock, demanding for answers.
Then right in that hospital room. Kevin went on about how he could not trust me with his life especially now when he needed to be around people who would help him remember. He went on about how he asked me the other day to tell him everything and I blatantly lied to him. He went on that I deliberately withheld crucial information about his past for personal reasons. He said he couldn’t believe that after everything else that I told him, I failed to tell him that I was the reason he was injured and lost his memory. He said had I not forced him to go to Bloemfontein that night, he wouldn’t have had the accident. He said that he might not remember why I have become obsessed with Sheryl and the other twins. And now he's convinced that he is connected to the twins and Sheryl more than I was willing to admit.
He said since last night he wondered about a lot of things. Amongst the many questions he asked himself what if before the accident he was in love with Sheryl and not me, if indeed I knew that those kids were his and that I deliberately deceived him and was happy that he could not remember anything before the accident so that I could end up with him. He went on saying that he was feeling guilty about what I told him about him breaking my heart and stuff, yet I was capable of doing such things I did.
I wondered how Kevin knew about the whole other information! But it didn’t need a genius to crack it. The entire talk and reasoning had Reatlehile Baloye written all over. I asked Kevin if Reatli came to visit him between Monday and Wednesday.
He said he would prefer if we don’t discuss his family and focus on me and him. He said there’s a lot that was brought to his attention about me and there was a lot that he figured on his own and he was interested to know about those that affects him. He said he wanted me to understand why he decided not to come back home with me. He said unlike me, he was not going to pretend that he was not hurting. He said he just can’t believe I was capable of so many dangerous tactics. He said he didn’t believe that he was willing to go with everything that I told him and try to make things right while his family were advising him not to. He said he believed that going home with me would speed up his recovery and trigger his memories, but it doesn’t look like the best idea anymore.
I asked him what changed between now and two days ago.
Turned out that Kevin knew everything that I didn’t tell him. He knew about the Sunday meeting, paternity test, Sheryl’s disappearance and apparently it seemed like he believed everything that he was told. He went and told me that he was not comfortable going to stay with me especially knowing that I was capable of keeping secrets and forcing things my way. He said, he couldn’t trust me enough to help him recover.
Yooo. When it rains it pours. I couldn’t believe that Reatli and MamaTau could be so cruel to me. On Sunday I told them that I have not told Kevin about some bad stuff especially the paternity in question. I told them that I was waiting for him to recover fully then tell him everything.
Unfortunately, in Kevin’s eyes, I was a liar, manipulator , insensitive, selfish and angry bitter person. I also learned that the Tau’s painted me very bad and told Kevin how I initially thought my younger brother was the father of the Gosiame twins and that since the last meeting we found out that Olefile was not the father, I was pinning it on Nyiko by faking the results. Kevin further asked me how I conducted the tests. Immediately after telling him what I did, he asked me if I blamed him for not trusting me . I tried explaining why I didn’t tell him other stuff and how I was waiting for the right time to tell him everything .
Kevin looked at me and asked me something I never thought of.
Kevin: OH! You didn’t tell me everything because you were protecting me ? Yet you were deceiving me?
Nna: I never meant to hurt you. I did everything for you. I was going to tell you when you recover and let you know the truth.
Kevin: OH really Bobo? Protecting me? Are you serious? Like when were you planning to tell me that you have filled for divorce?
Oh no! Kevin knows about the divorce? Thank you Reatli and MamaTau....
What do I do now? What do I say?
PS: If I get 150 Likes and 100 comments, I will spoil you with Dygo Season Finale. If the above is not reached, then I will see you end of June for Season 2.
Thank you for the Love...thank you for the support. You are all too special to me. I will miss you sorely. See you in season 2

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30 May 2016 at 07:42 delete

Tnx Bobo , pls spoil us with dat season finaly pls

Your spiritual standards r out of this world , what I liked most of your work is dat from day 1 spiritual guidance has been your pillar of strenght. Lesser bibble reader I was but now I sing a different tune lol #alto n all thanks to Bobo wa Lavo.....

Tnx once more n keep up d gud work u doing. You simply r d best #excellent.
Nna ke ratili tiro ya gaga tlhe. Modimo ke oooooooo

But b4 u go pls just tell us who Obonolo is , we would like to know so dat we can go praise u all over d world.
I think with briliant work like this everyone would like to know who the real u is.

Masego katlego nala

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Seconded Bobo wa lavo, please spoil us with the special finale....
We've been the faithful readers-fans-supporters of DYGO from the start...

I can't wait for S2, you are talented and ur work is amazing, truly...

I would also love to know the person whose behind the pen&diary...
Also it is for them first time I see you interacting with your readers....thumbs up to that....this is one of the keys row building a stronger relationship with your fans..

Thankw you! Thank you! Thank you!

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wooooww wooowww wooooww!!!!!! great work indeed. cant wait for season two... I fully concur with the previous comments...I love tour style of writing esp the spiritual aspect ya ga Obonolo.

Modimo a go okeletse and bless the works of your hands.


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Bobo Wa Lavo,mamago dikokoberrie, what an outstanding work you doing here,your spiritual view of life has made me revisit my spiritual being and now God is my pillar.

please grace us, your loyal fans with the season finale please BOBO...

Re a leboga e le tota ka thuto e o re neyang yona.
A Modimo a go okeletse mo botshelong ba gago...

18 August 2016 at 00:42 delete

Can someone please tell me who wrote Diary ya ga Obonolo?Good indeed. I have just become a loyal fan to this material. Is there perhaps a hard copy and where can one get it? ke lebogela tiro e e tswileng matsogo thata jaana. Ruri e ama kwa botebong jwa pelo. Feela nna nka itumelela go reka a hard copy. I am definately waiting for season 2 ka pelo yame yootlhe.