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Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 185 (Part A)


Dygo 185
My Monday went pretty well. I even squeezed time to go see Kevin at hospital during lunch. I had an appointment with his doctor to discuss his discharge and what I will need. We agreed that I will be back on Wednesday to fetch him. So we were not going to see each other on Tuesday.
I got back to work, put up a full day's leave for Wednesday. Since I didn’t have lots to do at the office I rushed back home for my afternoon appointment with the company that installs Stairlifts. By 16:00 the guys were already started with installation. It was not as complicated and difficult as I thought it would be. At exactly five thirty the Stairlift was installed, tested as ready for use. I paid the guys and they left.
I told the kids that daddy was coming home on Wednesday. Shame my kokoberries were just excited. Jumping up and down to the news. We went upstairs to playroom for some bonding time before supper . While I was having fun with my kids, Mamo came rushing upstairs to tell me that I had visitors.
Visitors? This time of the night? I wasn’t expecting any visitors. I wondered who could it be. Just as I was scratching my head, Mamo said it was my in-laws! I was shocked and surprised. Million questions went through my mind. Did they get the stuff verified? Were they here to ask ( no beg) for my forgiveness? Couldn’t they have called and tell me over the phone that I was right? Or apologize or just leave me the hell alone?Truth was, I did not want their apologies or anything, I meant what I said on Sunday, i was done with all the saga. I was moving on with my life.
Just as I snap out of my million dollar quiz, Mamo was gone. So I didn’t get to ask her who exactly was in my house from head office. I left the playroom and rushed to my bedroom to wear something makoti -appropriate...You know how we roll. Obviously thinking papazala was one of the uninvited guests.
I quickly dialled my big sister Tsitsi, telling her that the Lions just rocked up and I was about to find out to what do I owe this honour. Aus Tsitsi wondered why they just rocked up without letting me know before hand. She jokingly said I should record the meeting and also put her on speed dial in case Reatli or the entire ( felidae) pride goes gaga’ roaring on me. We laughed and hung up. I threw my phone on my bed and I headed downstairs.
As I enter my lounge I was met by a group of feminine species settled nicely on my sofas.
Well, Well, Well , What Do We Have Here ?
Sitting comfortably was my mother in law, Reatli, Fifi ( Sheryl’s sister in law) and some elderly woman.
Let’s just say, the look on both women told me that this was not just a social visit, but blood sucking one...I greeted them and took a seat next to my mother in law. She just greeted me back and spoke.
MamaTau: Mama wa mafatlha, I don’t know if you know or have met this two women before. In any case, on your right hand side is Kefiloe, mmamalome wa Oduetse and Ontiretse and on your left hand side it’s MamaG, nkhono wa bona.
Oh okay! Finally I meet the famous MamaG, the woman who gave birth and raised the Gosiame trash.
Interesting, but then, what do they want in my home?
Because I was raised well, I stood up, and gave MamaG a handshake and introduced myself officially. I then extended my hand to Fifi and she just gave me a ‘don’t you dare dirty look', I got the message loud and clear, I pulled back my hand and took my seat.
MamaTau: Koti, forgive us for just rocking up in your home un-announced. We thought we should come as soon as possible and get this over and done with. I’m afraid we are not here to socialise. In fact, after our meeting on Sunday, we decided to verify your story and that’s why this two women are here with us!
What? What does Sunday meeting got to do with the Gosiame’s? Well it’s got to do with one of them in particular but she wasn’t here, why Fifi and MamaG? I kept quiet, and let my mom in-law continue.
Yaaah some people have a nerve I must say.
MamaTau went on and on about how daddyt asked them to look into every little detail I mentioned with regards to Sheryl’ s confession and the test results and get them verified . So they thought they needed to go to Gosiame's to get to the bottom of my allegations. So upon arriving at Sheryl’s brother’s place, they bumped into Sheryl’s mom and sister in law who were devastated by Sheryl’s sudden disappearance. So the Gosiames needed answers as to what really drove her to run away from home. So that was the reason why they( the Tau’s) thought it was proper and fair that I would answer to them as it appears that I was the last person to have been with Sheryl.
Ooh shame I felt my adrenaline pumping, I had a good mind to chase all of them out of my house because I could hear that they indeed came to piss me off and disrespect me in my own home. But, I thought, let me entertain them. I cleared my throat and addressed my mother in law .
Nna: Mama, with all due respect, I think you wasted the Gosiames time. I don’t have answers for them and I might have been the last to see Sheryl but that doesn’t mean I would know her reasons for running away. So I honestly think you came to the wrong place.
Reatli: Obonolo, you gave us paternity results, and asked me to verify them. You claimed that you got the twins samples and that of Kevin’s to get to prove that they are not Tau's. Turned out that you lied. The reason the Gosiames are here is that they denied seeing you at their place on the Friday you claimed you got the twins samples. So that revelation made us all to question the authenticity of this test results and raised questions as to what you did or said to force Sheryl to say everything that she said on that recording. And that also made us believe that you must have threatened her and made her disappears. So they need answers as to what you threatened her with that made her just to pack up in her condition and took the six months old kids and ran away without saying Goodbye!
Nna: Whoa! Brigga net daar! Are you people for real? Did you just come all the way from Gallo Manor to ask me such bull$h!t? ( Excuse my french Baholo). If honestly that is the case, I’m afraid I m going to ask you to leave my house. You clearly came to the wrong place and expecting answers from the wrong person! All I am going to say to you before you leave is this... I am not Sheryl’s keeper. I don’t know her reasons or state of mind and frankly I could not care less about her. So unfortunately I can’t help you! You can all go now.
Reatli: It’s very funny that you were able to get hold of her and the twins to complete your mission then suddenly she decide to run away but we can’t get hold of her to verify your allegations! Don’t you find this rather strange? Cause we all do!
Fifi: Noli, if I may ask! Reatli told us that you got the twins’ DNA samples to undergo testing, I’m interested to know when did you get them and how?
Nna: How else can I get the samples?
Reatli: Yes, how did you get them?
Nna : Not that it’s any of your business but I am gonna answer this one question and then I will ask you to get out of my house. Seemingly I feel like I am in court, being questioned for murder or something. And I do not owe any of you any explanation. You just wasting my time and unfortunately you wasted yours too. To answer your question Kefiloe, I went to your place on Friday evening and took the swaps of the twins’ DNA and left. Are you happy now?
Instead of Fifi answering my question that I asked about her being happy that I answered her question, she looked at MamaG and they both laughed. Reatli and MamaTau joined in . Talk about disrespect! I was shocked by the whole laughing especially when I did not get what the joke was. I stood up and asked them to either share the joke or get the hell out of my house. I was now getting really annoyed by the foursome . I stood by the door and bang it with my fist, telling them to get up and leave. Reatli got up first, walking towards me, clapping her hands and smiling ear to ear. I let go of the door, moving out of her way to walk out without touching me. Instead he stopped in front of me.
Reatli: my my my Obonolo Kimberley Dire Tau! How about a round of applause for you? You really deserve an Oscar for outstanding performance and creativity. I knew it! To think that I almost believed all this rubbish you presented to us on Sunday? Yoo I am so glad I didn’t . For a moment on Sunday I looked at the test results and believed that I was perhaps wrong about Kevin being the father. Thanks to my mom who encouraged me to check with the Gosiames about what you said you did.
I looked at her, shaking my head wondering what she was on about. I wanted to ask her what she was talking about but instead MamaTau called my name and asked us to sit down. I went back to where I was seated and so as Reatli. MamaTau reached for her hand bag and took out an envelope. She asked me if I remembered the envelope. I nodded in agreement. She went on and said she and Reatli decided to verify how true and legit the results were, hence they went to the Gosiames for some questions raised. And they found out that the Gosiames had never saw me on the Friday that I claimed that I went to their place to collect or take the kids’ samples.
She went on saying MamaG was with the twins the entire day and she would have recognised seeing me that night, of which she didn’t. So that brought them to conclude that I have used fake samples and Kevin’s samples to carry out the tests hence the results are positive for me and negative for Sheryl’s kids. So in conclusion, they are still positive that Kevin is indeed the father of those twins.And whatever evidence I presented is now null and void!
I stood up in rage. I asked my mom in law what was she on about? I asked her to explain what she was insinuating by her statement . I went on telling them what happened on Friday day, how Sheryl asked me not to go inside the house as she didn’t want his brother questioning my presence in his house and taking samples on the twins and how she went in the house alone, fetched the twins and came back with them. I told them that I personally took the twins samples myself in front of their mom and left. I told them that it’s true MamaG didn’t see me because I never went inside the house.
Fifi interrupted me and agreeing with my mother in law by saying that my statement and all the proof I presented was wrong. She mentioned that she was home with MamaG the entire day and doesn’t remember Sheryl taking the twins out of the house on Friday. She further said that the security at their complex was tight, and they checked the log register for Friday visitors and there was no record of my entrance, so I must tell them and prove how I got into their complex, took the samples and left! If they have no record or proof? The only person who could prove anything I was saying has vanished and suddenly I have proof? Sheryl's confession and tests results?
Yooo! Yaah desperation can work wonders on some people. Here I was being interrogated about providing proof of how I got the twins samples to conduct DNA testing. I have no time to be proving anything to them. Not especially about the DNA tests. I knew the truth and I got my proof. If they wanted to get their own proof why did they come to me? I was gatvol and really pissed off.
Nna: Bomme! Ka nnete, this is now getting exhausting. I am not gonna sit here and prove anything to you. Firstly, right now where I am, I would love if you had brought Sheryl here with you because she is the master key to this lock. It’s her who can clear everyone’s mind. She is the one on the video clip, she’s the one who got pregnant, she is the one who lied about the father of her kids, she’s the one who willingly said everything on that recording and also took me to get samples from her kids and afterwards decided on her own or perhaps under threats to disappear. I have no answers for you. I have my own proof that Kevin is not the father. MamaTau and Reatli, you are chasing a wrong wind. Your focus should not be on proving whether the test results are fake or real. You saw the video clip and you know what you need to do. I don’t understand why you are even worried about Kevin being the father or not. You should be proving that the other potential father is ruled out.
MamaG and Kefiloe, it’s clear to me that you do not know Sheryl and what she is capable of and you unfortunately seeking answers from the wrong person. The very same people who brought you here, have mislead you. I really don’t have the answers you need, Reatli does. I suggest you leave me out of this thing of yours and focus on finding Sheryl and the twins and ask her to tell you the truth. I found my own truth my own way, and I’m at peace. Its up to you to do the same.
I looked at MamaTau and Reatli and asked them if they showed the Gosiames the video clip that I left them with, the Original? Reatli’s face changed! She just told her mom and the Gosiames that they should go because they wasted their time coming here. I immediately realised what she was doing. I stopped her and asked the Gosiames if their partners in truth finding had shown them the video clip and let them listen to the recorded confession! The Gosiames looked lost and confused.
Turned out that they didn’t even know about any video and audio. Fifi said that they saw the test results and Sheryl’s voicemail and sms she sent Reatli about running away.
It was evident what princess Reatli and her mom were trying to do. But guess what? I was not going to let them get away with it. I told Reatli that I hope she wouldn't mind if I bring my copy of the original video clip and put it on for the Gosiames to see for themselves what their Sheryl did? Yooo MamaTau stood up and instructed the Gosiames to also get up so that they could all leave.
Just as the Gosiames stood up, I looked at Fifi and MamaG and said something that I sure knew would give the Gosiames something to think about.
Nna: MamaG, just before you go, I’m sorry that I have no answers for you and your family about Sheryl and the twins' whereabouts. I truly hope you find them. Like I mentioned before, I had nothing to do with her disappearance, In fact right now, I wish she was here to clarify all this. I really wanted you to see the video clip and listened to the confession she made. I’m sure those might give you a clue about why she might have ran away. Since my beloved in-laws are suddenly rushing you to leave, I suggest you ask them to show you the clip and let you listen to Sheryl's confession,then you can take it from there. If for some reason they don’t show you the clip, I would recommend that you do what we call Siblings DNA testing between Dintle's son and Sheryl’s twins...
I am sure you will find the answers that you are looking for. And if you are not clear about the results, speak to Reatlehile Baloye’s husband. I believe between the late Dintle, Sheryl and my husband who is now suffering from amnesia , Mr Baloye might be happy to fill you in about the night that your grand twins were conceived. Now, if you will excuse me. My family needs me. Thanks for stopping by to meet Kevin’s wife and the only mother to his kids!
MamaG was shocked by what I just said, Fifi on the other hand seemed like she was getting the picture and although she looked shocked, I was happy that : they did hear what I said and the seed was planted in them! Seed of doubt and curiosity.
I left them frozen in place in front of my lounge entrance and went to stand up by the front door and waved my uninvited guests goodbye.. Another mission accomplished.
MamaTau and Reatli were already in their car, ready to leave.
The million dollar question was, will the Gosiames pursue my last suggestions! Or are they going to ignore what I planted in their minds and still look at me as the enemy? The one with answers?
Either way, I could not care less. The two families had so much on their plates. I was free and at peace with myself. I had no chains binding me. I was content. I closed the gate, locked the doors and went upstairs. My kids were fast asleep.
Thanks to those witches, I didn’t even have a chance to say goodnight to my kids. I went back downstairs ,warmed my food and ate. I told myself that all my prayers have been answered. Victory was mine. I finished eating and headed upstairs. I checked my phone, I had more than five missed calls from my mom, Aus Tsitsi and Abuti Omphile. I returned all of them. Aus Tsitsi phoned Mama and Omphile about the Tau rocking up, so they were checking up on me and whether I was ok. I assured both of them that I was more than ok and didn’t want to dwell on the details of the visit. One thing I told them was that my relationship with my kids’ paternal family might be over, for good.
Mama comforted me by reciting words of encouragement from John 16:33 when God said: “I have told you all these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulations. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
Indeed, my sorrow had turned into joy and my heart was rejoicing. Great is thy faithfulness.
As I lay my head to sleep, I got a call...It was Kefiloe... Sheryl’s sister in law. I picked up the phone..
Kefiloe: Hi Noli, MamaG and I thought about what you said earlier!, Do you mind giving us the video clip and Sego's recording? We just need to know what you were talking about! We are outside your gate!

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