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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 55

insert 55
"theni ungandivusanga kengok
(why didn't you wake me up)" luke remarked as he walked in the the lounge
Me: ndiske ndonqena enyinto ubutipe kamnadi pha k'la toilet seat.
Luu: aibo uthini nah apha kum.
So i fell asleep on a toilet seat.
Me: yep you looked so cute and cozy i should have taken a pic.
Luu: yhuu yi bisto ke le, this must never be mentioned,
like really mfazi it must stay between us.
Me: lol i was just thinking about telling vuyo.
Luu: soze chommie, if you wanna stay alive. You must never shem.
Imagine what will bae say if he learns that the lady after his heart sleeps on toilet seats.
Me: sengu bae ngoku uvuyo.
Luu: ewe tsh...
Me: anyway i want to ask you a favour.
Luu: shoot nana but don't kill.
Me: would you mind looking after imi tomorrow.
Since i would be writing, and you know my nanny prob.
Luu: well you didn't even have to ask.
I would absoluntly love to look after this cutie.
Khajonge, who would say no to this innocent, round face.
Me: thanx love you are a darling to be kissed.
Luu: ai wethu not to be kissed by you zeza vuyo ezi lips.
Me: i'll bring her to your place tomorrow ke.
Luu: ohk, i think its my cue to go, now, its already late.
Me: ohk let me get your food.
I had dished for him, since i had cooked too much food.
I gave her the food and walked him out.
He got in his car and drove off.
Later yolo came back, since he left with his friends earlier.
I was eating when he came in.
He walked in the lounge and handed me a bunch of flowers,
with a box of chocolates.
"am sorry baby" he sencerely said
"i acted like a jerk and a kid, i shouldn't have poured my anger out on you
I mean you have no control over what your exes does and i hate to be an insecure control freak" he continued.
His eyes looked a bit teary.
I felt bad for him, i mean i love this man so why does he feel so insecure around me.
Me: its ohk baby, i love you and am over that,
what happened yesterday must remain there.
I understand your fury,
i would be worked up too if your exes can do that.
But baby you need to understand that i chose you.
If i could do it all over again i will still choose you baby.
You kno why?
Its because i love you and i will do anything to spend my forever with you.
Yolo: owh umfazi wam madoda, i love you woman.
I really am crazy about you and i will never act so dump and stupid again.
Me: owh love you have no idea how much i missed you.
It kills me being in a same room with you and hardly talk to you.
Yolo: i know my queen,
it kills me even more yerning to kiss those lips knowing that i cant.
I promise you, we will never have to argue again.
I love you.
Me: i love you too myen'wam.
That night we had the baddest make up sex ever.
Trust me, make up sex can really be great.
Its different from your everyday sex.
It can make you wanna coz fight everyday just so that you can have it.
The following morning i did my usual daily routine.
Which is taking a bath then making breakfast for my husband and etc....

After he left.
I woke imi up, bathe her then packed her bag.
I packed her pampers ,milk, food, towels and clothes she would use to change.
I went to put her seat in my car.
I placed her in the seat, then fetched my laptop and bag and her bag in the house.
After i had taken everything i locked the house and drove to luke's flat.
I didn't stay long though because i was already running late
I just instructed luke on what to do then left.
i literally flew to school.
When i got there i parked my car, took my things and ran to the school hall which was the venue we were writing at.
2 months later..
Nothing interesting had happened this past two months.
I had finished writing my exams
and i was just waiting for my results.
Sindy was a bit better, her HIV status had finally sunk in...
And she had broke up with babalo.
Well it turned out that zintle was dating nhlanhla.
So yeah she was lesbo, and i had never heard from khitha since the day she left.
Imi was growing up great and healthy, she was now sitting on her own.
And was turning 6 months the following week.
She had a new nanny, umam'nomcebo well she was old and was like a mother to us all
I hadn't talked to vuyo ever since the jail incident.
But i heard that he and jane broke up,
since jane claimed that vuyo worshipped me too much.
Well don't ask me how because i also i had no idea.
I couldn't wait for our honeymoon, well it was in 2 weeks from now.
I could wait being with my man you know.
Just the two of us in our own romantic getaway.
Yolo: mhh i like that dress, i like how well it hugs your body.
Me: well it shows that you know how to choose for me.
But you also look hot.
Yolo: lets go its getting late.
We walked out the room.
Mom'nomcebo: yhu anibahle.
Us: thank you ma.
Me: we won't be late ke call us if imi acts up.
Her: i will, don't worry.
Us: nisale ke mah.
Her: nihambe kakuhle.
I kissed imi, then we left for the party
Well it was yolo's company christmas party.
We got in the car and left.

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