Thursday, May 12

Mahlatse Ramatseba

EFF to remove Graduates students from Credit bureau by Nsfas Loan

Malema is right thou, NSFAS is nothing but debt!!! ANC parading it like it's free education.

Leader Julius Malema In many occasions had been against students been listed on credit bureau for Nsfas loan which the ANC parade it as if it is a free Education but truthfully is a loan.

"Comments have been made by party members that they believe the EFF will remove them from their bad credit record especially students who use Nsfas as their financial assistance for school at a tertiary level.Most graduates are already in credit bureau and they have not yet worked and it is difficult for them to get Jobs because of the bad credit record listed against them.Members believe the Eff will clear them soon when EFF takes over South Africa,because it just very soon."

According to the Department of Trade & Industry, about half of South Africa’s 21 million credit active consumers are behind or struggling with their repayments.

"Money lenders should refrain from reckless lending in South Africa, to the benefit of consumers and lenders alike.Debts counselling should be free in South Africa"

"When the graduates get removed from credit bureau ,the debt must still be settled if you are to keep your credit record clean in the future because Nsfas is a loan not free education.

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