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Friday, May 13


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri spotted with Billionaire Angelo Gallaso in New York City


While his haters exuded figments of wildest of imaginations that Prophet Bushiri is under abduction of thugs, a pronouncement that could even lack space in a rumour zone, the progressive man of God who also majors in investments has involuntarily showcased his levels in the business world.
Bushiri, who has been in the USA since Wednesday on business trip, has been spotted with big business tycoons of the world one of whom happens to be billionaire, Angelo Gallaso.
For perspective sake, Gallaso is a designer of the most expensive clothing line. For instance, a suit under his brand would sell for a minimum of US$11,000, which if converted to Malawi Kwacha, would be around K8 million. This is just a glimpse of the height of Gallaso in the business industry. He is one of the most celebrated men in the USA.
Galaso has, recently, appeared on Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s twitter while pausing together with him. Bushiri is arguably one of the celebrated men of God in Africa with his impact spreading worldwide. Recently, he has been rated one of the richest pastors in the world.
From what this publication has gathered, the prophet not only discussed business with Gallaso, but also had the time to make some shopping from one of the most expensive shops Gallaso owns.
After almost an hour trying to woo Kelving Sulugwe, the prophet’s PRO, to at least estimate how much the prophet must have spent shopping, he revealed that Bushiri wears Angelo Gallaso and advised this reporter to check the prices online.
“I thought you wanted to know how much he spends on charity and educating people. For your question, google princes for Angelo Galasso clothings,” said Sulugwe in a whatsapp message.
Meanwhile, according to a brief from his PRO, the prophet is expected to return to his base this week after successfully registering his franchise businesses in the New York.
In the light of his ever-growing success, Bushiri has recently been victimized with unfounded accusations in his home country – Malawi. From the look of things, it now goes without saying that Malawi has produced her own Bill Gates.
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