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Monday, June 6


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 64


Chapter 64

Mordecai's POV

I was excited that I had a job that didn't have anything to do with my father.
Rianze didn't seem happy about it though. I thought she would be glad that our financial woes will be over or minimized at least. I didn't want to stay at this place anymore however since it was her mother's wish. I was gonna obey it.
I wasn't in her good books after what I did to her daughter so I had to make sure I was back in the books again.
I didn't ask what was bothering Ria, but just changed the topic.
She told me she was tired and wanted to sleep. It seemed the wedding suggestion didn't sit well with her.
I dont know how long it was going to take Ria to be herself around me like before. She was a complete different person who would just answer yes/ no to my questions. She never raised her opinions at all.
I wanted my old Ria back. I know it would take some time but eventually it would happen. She was even more open to Roger than me. Oh and the twins, it was like they were told to like him more.
What was left was for me to wake up one day and realize that lil nigga has stolen my family. You can't dispute that. The world has become so evil that people don't have hearts anymore. The evil they do under the sun surprises the devil himself. However if that ever happen. I would kill somebody.
Anyways I was the one to blame. I guess I was the bad father and husband.  I had to do something to change all this.
I went to the bedroom and found Ria sleeping peacefully. I just sat there and watched her. The guilt of mistreating such a beautiful soul got me every time.
Morning.she woke up before me. I didn't even hear my alarm go off. She woke me up.
" will you be able to take the twins to my moms?I have to leave early today. Or just call Roger to come take them." She said kissing me on the forehead. I agreed then she left.
I woke up and prepared myself and the twins. I don't think anybody can oversleep Here because it just get loud in the morning. The will be people talking and laughing, taxis hooting endlessly and it was actually the same at night. These people hardly sleep. I guess that's the kasi life.

I asked Roger to come and he didn't even take time . he really had to stop obsessessing with my twins and get a job. He could see that recession has hit the martins family yet he continue to sit on his ass like everything was still intact.
I told him about this and he said he was doing something about it. Well I hope so.
My first lecture was at 9. I couldn't wait.
My senior lecturer introduced me to the students but they just seemed to be in disbelief. Probably because they were not used to seeing a young, well dressed lecturer. I wasn't blowing my own horn or something but these lecturers just tend to not care about their appearance. The syllabus seemed to be more important to them.
My first lecture went just fine except that some girls were trying to flirt with me. I wasn't going to entertain any of those.
I spent the whole day thinking about the wedding that Ria always dreamt of. The one I once promised I would give her. But here I was, just being a broke ass. Life had been good on my side that I never thought something like this could happen. I mean I could have just saved some money. Stupidity at its best, you can say.
I had to make a plan, get money and give my wife the wedding she deserved. I talked to Allan about my problem and he promised to help me with some stuff. Well I wanted to borrow the money but he insists I shouldn't pay him back.
Well actually it was just one of those moments where you insist that you will pay back the money but hoping the person keeps on saying no so you don't have to. How the hell did I even get here!
Well as much as he was going to help, I had to pull some strings of my own to make the wedding as elegant as it could be. I borrowed money.
I applied for loans at whichever loan company that was willing to give me some.  Some guy at varsity hooked me up with a loan shark. I was getting myself into some scary situation but it was the risk I was willing to take.
I had everything in order. I didn't tell Ria what I did but we sat down and planned the wedding together.  She still had an impression that it was going to be a small ceremony at her church. I wasn't going to tell her now because she would tell me to return the money and not go ahead with my plan.
With the help of her two friends and the wedding planner, we organized an elegant wedding she always dreamt of.  This was going to be a surprise for her. I did tell her mom what I was planning and begged her not to tell Ria.
Christy made her try on different wedding gowns so she could see which one she loved most. She did tell her friend which one she wanted but couldn't have it because of the budget. She was just going to be surprised to see it waiting for her on the day of the wedding.
The days were passing faster than I expected. I was starting to get goose bumps. What if it all fail or she doesn't like it.?
I did invite my dad and aunt and some friends from London. I just hope they could allow my dad to come.
The day of the wedding arrived and everything was top notch. I pulled it of.
I chose Shepstone gardens as our venue. Ria would just be suprised when she would be drived there. We invited her dad and his family and I asked Dinah not to cause a scene. It was Ria's wish that both her dad and step dad walk her done the aisle. I made sure that I fulfilled all Ria's wedding wishes..
I waited for her to arrive at the venue. I didn't know what the girls told her but the moment she entered the place, her face lit and it was like she could scream OMG!.
I just smiled and watched her walk towards me.
When she stood next to me, she whispered " oh my gosh Mordecai..... How...did you pull this off?"
I wiped the tears off her face.
" you deserved this"!!!

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