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Wednesday, June 8


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 65


Chapter 65
Rianze's POV
It's the things that you least expect that hit you the hardest.
Tears were coming out of my eyes cause I never expected what I was seeing. It was like seeing all that I have imagined being brought to life. If Mordecai did something like this when his family had all that money. I wouldn't be surprised but I knew he didn't have any which pose a question to my mind; where did he get the money from?
I shove that thought at the back of my mind and concentrated on the wedding.
My twins looked so cute and they just on kept smiling like they were taught to. They were even on their best behavior and not running around.
My mom looked absolutely amazing and not forgetting my besties. Everything was just amazing.
I couldn't see Linda and Lucy and I was hoping they don't show up because those two could start an unnecessary havoc to ruin everything.
The ceremony went well without any hiccups. I didn't even want pastors who would preach for 3 hours and people would sleep.
After eating we went back to Tembisa for the traditional wedding. I had a lot of disagreement with my mother concerning this part. I wanted to integrate the venda culture into the tradition and she was so against it. Everything that has to do with my dad was a taboo. She sure loved this guy and he disappointed her.
After a long battle she allowed it. Well my dad already had an outfit made for us which was just amazing. When I showed it to my mom. She was amazed as well.
I was still in contact with my dad and she didn't know because if she knew she would blow everything out of proportion. My life though, It couldn't just have one aspect that was perfect..... Well that had to be my two handsome munchkins; Aiden and Adrian.
It was safe to say, the wedding went well. I was officially a married woman. We didn't plan for any honeymoon. Not that I was complaining. The wedding was enough and my husband outdid himself. That was more than enough for me.
The first week of marriage was beautiful. My mom took the twins and we had the house to ourselves to be kinky and do stuff we wanted. I just wished it could continue being a fairytale like this.
One night while we were sitting watching TV, not that we were concentrating. We never had time to concentrate on the tv, we would be concentrating on us.
" babe" Mordecai said while we were busy drinking coffee.
"Dont you think its time we stop using a condom. Especially now that we are married." He said massaging my legs that were on top of his thighs.
" what?. Marriage shouldn't be a reason enough for not using a condom. I don't even think I'm prepared for that with you yet"I said taking off my legs from him.
"What?, are you saying I'm sick?how about we go test for all the STI's then." He retorted.
"It's not just about that. I'm not on any contraceptive method. I rely on condoms." I responded continuing to drink my coffee.
I just wished my phone could ring so I could escape the conversation. I wanted someone to knock.
"Speaking of that, don't u think it's time for us to try have another baby." He said calmly.
Say what???
I spilled the coffee on my self and immediately jumped and stood on the other side.
I stared at him waiting to hear something different from what he said then I realized he was serious.
He was busy asking if I was OK, taking a towel and trying to wipe me off.
I didn't care about that.
" you must be out of your mind Mordecai Martins. Adrian and aiden have just started walking and you want another child. What the heck Is wrong with you? I fumed
"We don't even have the financial means to support an extra mouth and you busy talking about another baby.mxm" I added.
" how about all these people out here who are not rich but can still support their kids. We are both working. We can afford it. I don't want my kids when I'm old. I want my kids when I'm still energetic and besides I wasn't there for you when you were pregnant with the boys " he said calmly.
I chuckled.
" whose fault is it? Mine? Should i be blamed for the fact that you were running around with another woman while I was heavily pregnant? What do you even mean by energetic? energetic for what? You are not even there for the twins and you talking about being energetic while you can't even spend an hour of your time being a hands on dad. Who want to have 3 kids in their 20's. We are still young Mordecai. We can't be doing this" I shouted.
This guy was losing it. He clearly had a reason for this. He wanted to Give me three kids so I can age fast like a magogo then I wouldn't leave him or worse he would leave me! I was still trying to have a career for crying out loud. Such an inconsiderate bastard.
I walked out!

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