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Wednesday, June 15


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 66


Chapter 66
Longed for him. Got him. Shit!
Margaret Atwood.
Well this guy was doing my head in. I walked out and sat outside. He didn't follow. I sat there for an hour thinking about my life in general and if my marriage with Morde was ever going to work out.
I was scared.
I was scared that he didn't even look me in the eyes the way he used to.
I was scared that all he saw from me was the woman who will bear him kids, His heirs. What if that's all he wanted from me?
To give him a family.
After sitting in the cold I went back to the house. He was already sleeping. I didn't bother him but took a bath then slept.
In the morning, The noise outside woke me up. I dragged my feet to the kitchen. Mordecai was nowhere in sight. I opened the door. Damn it was raining and freezing cold.
I immediately went back to the bedroom where I found a note written " went to work. I made some breakfast for you too. Love you"
I just laid on the bed. After some time of contemplating on whether I should go to work or not. I chose to go. I know I was supposed to go back on Wednesday but what else would I have been all day rather than losing my mind.
I ate the breakfast my husband made which was delicious by the way then prepared to go to work. I knew I was late but I had to go push my work.
I got to work and the CEO was excited to see me. This guy was weird.
After some minutes of settling in,he came knocking in my office.
" hey I hope I'm not disturbing " he said inviting himself in.
Clearly he was disturbing. Well I was actually viewing my wedding photos from the email that the photographer sent me.

" no you are not" I said closing the laptop.
" so how was the wedding. Sorry I couldn't make it. I had commitments. Is everything alright? You don't look happy." He said sitting on the chair.
I assured him everything was more than fine and I was just tired. I wanted to talk to somebody about what Mordecai wanted. I wanted to hear somebody's opinion on the whole thing but all I could hear was my mom's voice echoing " usisidenge Ria" ( you are a fool,Ria).
My mom was against discussing ones problems with people. She said when the going gets tough, lock yourself in your bedroom and tell God.
Well she was right,when you tell people your problems, they pretend like they want to help while in fact they just want to know so they can use it against you.
Mr CEO was trying by all means to make small talk. I finally got rid of him and when I was about to close the door, Rochelle passed with a snarl.
" newly married and you are already flirting with Mr CEO".
I ignored her and went on to do my work. I didn't even realize that tea time passed. I was inclined to my work and nothing else when I got a phone call from Linda. It scared me a little but I answered.
Me: hey
Linda: I need to see you. Can you pass by home after work.
What did this one just say? As much as Linda was supposed to be my sister. She was like a sworn enemy. I always had to watch my back around her.
Linda: Hello Ria....are you there?
I didn't even realized I went quiet for quite some time.
Me: um yeah I'm here. Let's meet for lunch at midrand. I'll send you the details.
Well this was the only way to stop her from making a scene. She probably wouldnt start doing unnecessary things in front of people she didn't know. I didn't know what she was planning for a start and I didn't want to go home because my mom would definitely read my sorrows written all over my face.
I sent Linda the details and prepared myself to go there. I had to use a gautrain. Ag not having a car was getting into me. I was used to driving myself to places I wanted when I wanted.
When I got there she was already waiting for me. I wonder who gave her a lift. We hugged and sat down.
It was just weird acting all white.

We were busy eating when she started.
" I know I have been a very bad person towards you ever since I got here. I was mad my dad was re-marrying so I took it out on you and hence I wonder why things never go right for me. I'm here to ask for forgiveness and to tell you I have decided to marry Banele and I'm going with him to Eastern cape.I'm not getting any younger and the life of being spiteful is not helping me"
Well I hugged her once more. She was forgiven and I hoped her marriage with Banele would be everything she ever wanted. We sat down and chatted more.
After an hour of our brunch. I decided to go back to work. I decided to work till late, some guy from sangweni said he would give me a lift.
When I got home it was 19h00. I did send Mordecai a message in the morning that I was going to work. I also did sent him another one saying I will work till late. He just replied OK to both of them. I was still expecting the same atmosphere from last night.
When I opened the door, I was greeted by the twins crawling towards me. Those two could walk but they could just be lazy like that. I picked them up. They were so excited to see me. Oh how I missed them. I was surprised as to why Mordecai went to pick them up from my mom.
" it smells nice in here" I said going to the kitchen where he was cooking. He immediately turned and gave me a kiss.
"How was your day my beautiful wife?" He asked turning back to the pots.
' it was great. How was yours" I said smiling. This was not what I expected at all.
" it was busy. You and the boys can sit down. Dinner will be served in no time" he said.
I sat down. In no time dinner was served as promised. The boys had their own plates. We ate. Well my husband outdid himself.
" well babe I have actually thought about what you said and you are right. I need to be a hands on father and a husband. I didn't even realized i was the luckiest man on....." I stopped him by kissing him. If It wasn't for the kids. I was going to do stuff to this amazing husband of mine.
" please tell these two to sleep" I whispered.
He chuckled." I thought we should play some games with them tonight ".
" I need to play games with you...." His phone rang and he tried ignoring it but it kept on making noise so he took it out. The caller ID was Bra Nisa. I couldn't believe it.
The only Bra Nisa I know was the feared loan shark who has been terrorizing my mom. I immideately gave Mordecai the " what's going on here look" and he looked down.
Oh my Gosh! No!!!!!

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