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Wednesday, June 22


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 67


Chapter 67
I didnt know whether i was angry, shocked or both.
I felt confused. I didn't wanna believe that my husband had something to do with Bra Nisa. That was a fire nobody dared to sit by.
The guy was dangerous and a lot of people had succumbed in his hands. He had killed people but never stayed in jail because of lack of evidence.
" baby I'm so sorry. I really wanted to give you the wedding of your dreams. I really wanted to and yes I may have crossed the line but I did it for us.
I didn't say much but just gave him a hug. I had to give credit where it was due. My husband gave me the most beautiful wedding I always dreamt of. The consequences were for us to deal with.
As his wife, I didn't have to shout at him.
" well babe its OK. We will deal with this together , I love you". I said kissing him.

Four years down the line, a lot has happened. Well we paid off bra Nisa with our own money that we were working for. We only stayed in Tembisa for a month because the owner had to come back. As a thank you, We renovated her house and bought new furnishers.
We moved to Sandhurst, well the house in Sandhurst already had everything but that didn't mean that things were running smoothly for us financially. Mordecai was having a hard time coping with not having the money he used to have. We were using my car. We couldn't afford another car.
My mother did graduate and fortunately she got a teaching post at mvelaphanda primary school. Well that meant that things were going to be better for her. I was really ecstatic upon hearing she got the job. Finally the ray of light was shining upon us.
My dad was still at venda but he would come see me. My mom seemed to have made peace with his existence.
As for Nandi, she was back to being herself. The bubbly girl full of life. She divorced that husband of hers and got half of his assests. Well that meant she could start a life of her own. She got a job as well.
Christy gave birth to a baby girl whom she named Aletta. She was co- parenting with Pierre and apparently something was going on between her and Allan. I was just happy for her . for quite some time my friend had lost hope of ever finding somebody who will love her.
As for my husband, he proved to be all that I never expected from him. He was a hands on family man who was there for me and the boys.
His father was not found guilty of any of those charges. He claimed some former partner of his was trying to get him down. I was just glad that it was all over. it was actually putting a strain on Mordecai although he would claim to be fine. The guy got his assets back but he said it was high time Mordecai worked for his family. That meant there were no handouts for us.Mordecai was now a senior lecturer which made things a bit easier. I still had my job, which was something I was thankful for. Roger spent time at Sandhurst and London as he wished.
My boys were all grown up.
I was busy cooking when they ran to hug me from school.
" we missed you mommy" they said in unison as they both grabbed my legs.

" I missed you two, my boys. And you too my big boy" I said kissing Mordecai.
" go put your bags in your room and come tell me all about school " they ran to their room.
"How was your day babe" I asked continuing with my cooking.
" it was OK. You know same old....same old, students bunking, doing their own funny stuff. How was your day?" He asked trying to taste some of the stuff I was done preparing.
" huh babe, I always tell you to wait for dinner to be served."
" but you know I'm a hungry lion. Hungry for you even.." He growled kissing me on the neck.
We stopped when the boys started shouting " ewwwww".
We had dinner and helped the boys with their homework. I told Mordecai i wanted to see a Doctor. I haven't been feeling well for quite some time.
In the morning Mordecai prepared the kids for school. He enjoyed doing it anyways.
I had a 8h00 appointment and in no time I was inside.
I had all these symptoms that may have suggested I had breast cancer. I didn't want to believe it which is why I didn't consult the moment i experienced most of those symptoms.
I had a lump on my breast and I thought it would go away. The skin of my breast was dimpled, there was some redness and swelling as well as itching.
Well I might have delayed finding the truth but it didn't take more than an hour for me to be diagnosed with the very same thing I dreaded to have.
I know that if detected early breast cancer can be cured. My biggest fear was how Mordecai would take the news. I think it was going to shatter him. When he talked about his mother, he would finish it all by how horrible cancer is.
I didn't even realised I was home. My mind was somewhere else through out the journey.
I sat in front of the TV the whole day. Just wondering what will happen to my boys if something was to happen to me. I had all these depressing thoughts that I couldn't seem to get off my mind.
Happiness was living in my house for the past 4 years but it seemed to be packing and slowly leaving us.
I didn't even hear my kids coming in with their dad. They both jumped on me which brought me back to reality.
" mommy are you OK?" Aiden asked me busy playing with my cheeks.
Their father immideately sent them to their room.
" baby what's going on?" He asked sitting next to me.
I wanted to say something but broke down and cried instead. I didn't want to tell hin. I couldn't tell him.
It was going to kill him and I didn't want to see him in such pain.
"Ria" he called out my name and I looked at Adrian who was standing on the steps looking at me.
I couldn't do it.

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