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Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Dygo Season final


Dygo Season Finale

I’ve had some tough times in life, and in each struggle I asked the same questions. Why me? How long will this last? What will it teach me? Life is known for testing you, then teaching you. It’s the opposite of how we were taught in school. I’ve gone from test to test all of my life, and I’m sure you have too. I guess it’s just the way it goes. I’ve learned some valuable lessons in my few years on Earth, and amongst those lessons one really echoes; turn pain into purpose! If you have to go through it at least get something out of it. There’s a lesson in every struggle.

I knew I was not immune to learning life's hard lessons. Whether the timing was perfect or whether I willingly enrolled for the classes, I knew there was greater rewards to benefit me through those hard lessons. I knew I was being toughened up.

One of my mentors once told me three profound steps one has to take when experiencing trials, tribulations and tests. She said, first, one need to understand why such misfortune or tribulations were happening to them. She said often times that question might  sound unfair, but the truth is that it’s happening to you because you can handle it.

Life happens to us all, but to each is a share that’s meant to strengthen, not kill. Remember all the times you didn’t see a way out but yet you made it anyways. It was blind faith and instinct that brought you through it every time. If it happened to your best friend, it could have killed them. If it had happened to your enemy it still would have hurt you. Your problems are put on your plate because you can swallow them.

Then the second step will be to get a lesson from it. She said Life is a great teacher, so let her have her perfect way. When the struggle hits don’t focus on the pain, focus on the purpose. Life has an interesting way of handing out valuable lessons. Sometimes we bring them on by our actions, and sometimes life just happens to us. As you’ve heard before: it’s not what happens, it’s how you respond that matters most. Look the pain in the face and smile back at it. Don’t let it beat you. Let it teach you. Life is meant to be lived, not to be survived. And life is survival of the wisest. Get a lesson instead of fussing and stressing about it.

The last step, which is what I always take,: is to turn the pain into purpose. If it happened to you, it was meant to happen so that you could help someone else get through it next. As we live we should learn, and as we learn we should teach. Some of the greatest teachers are those who decided to teach from the hard lessons life taught them.
Some of the greatest inventions were made from a struggle. Adversity should breed creativity.

When Kevin mentioned the divorce, I knew Reatli and MamaTau were behind it and they had influenced him and no matter how much I could try to convince or explain, the two witches had cast their spell on his mind.

Oh God! How could they do this to him? Reatli is a really vindictive woman. I cannot believe she and her mom sat and told Kevin all of this. Not when he was not that strong enough. The doctor clearly asked us not to tell him anything upsetting or that could have a negative impact on his emotional state. But no! Reatli had an agenda and she used Kevin to settle scores. It’s ok. Truth was, yes, I did not tell Kev most of the stuff, not for personal gain but to spare him the inevitable.

I went closer to Kevin, trying to reason and explain why I didn’t tell him everything. He was devastated, torn and crying. I just held on to him, crying together. I kept on saying I was sorry and that I would make it up to him. Five minutes later, Kevin asked me to open the drawer next to me. I slowly opened it and asked him what he needed from there.

He said there’s a white envelope and I should take it out. I reached out for the envelope and closed the drawer. Just as I was about to hand over the envelope to him, he said something.

Kevin: No Bobo, don’t give it to me! It’s yours. Go ahead! Open it!

I was wondering what it could be but went ahead and opened it. I could not believe my eyes.

Kevin: There are the divorce papers you gave to my mother. I signed them as you wished. You don’t have to pretend anymore. You are free now Obonolo

Kevin’s words made a direct hit to my heart and knocked the wind out of me. Not in my wildest nightmare had I prepared for this. Adrenaline flooded my veins, pounding its way through my arms, my legs and my heart. And I felt myself falling farther and farther down into a terrifying , dark abyss. I gave my head a fierce shake and tried to hold on to anything that made sense. This can’t be happening, I thought as I took two steps backwards throwing myself in a chair..

I looked at Kevin and shook my head. I told him that I had those papers drawn and signed before the accident and I only handed them over to his parents because I believed and thought he chose Sheryl and her kids over me and our kids. I told him how I was angry and upset. But everything changed when I made a decision to put it on hold and focused on getting him better.

He said it didn’t matter because I lied to him. I did file for divorce and was planning  to end our marriage so he did me a favour of not having to wait anymore because he gave me what I wanted. I went on telling him how unfair he was, to just sign those papers because of what his family made him to believe . I did admit to a lot of bad choices I made but I emphasised that I did everything for him and wanted him to be his old self, healed and aware of everything before I could discuss such pressing matters.

I told him that he can’t sign those divorce papers meanwhile he doesn’t remember even marrying me. I told him that we owe it to ourselves, to God, to our kids and our families to end this marriage in our clear minds and amicably so.

I told him that he doesn’t know what he wanted, he was doing what his family put him up to do. I told him that he needed to think it through before he does what his little sister and mother wanted him to do, just to hurt me.

He was offended by what I said about his family and told me that I should not blame anyone but myself for everything. He said I should call the kids so that he could say goodbye to them since he won’t see them for a while, especially because I chase his family away from my home. I asked him why he was doing that to me and the kids. He said I left him no choice.

He said he thought it was best to accept that our marriage was over. He said besides everything else, he was no use for me without memories of our times together. Hence he signed the papers, not because of his family.

Unfortunately Kevin had made up his mind. He wanted a divorce. In his own words he said he doesn’t want to be married to me anymore.

My cheeks grew hot, and I was unable to draw deep breath. Tears spilled down my face, my arms and my legs were trembling and my stomach ached. A thud pounded in the depth of my chest as I felt my heartbeat.

In less than it took me to inhale, the reassuring pretense disappeared. Choking sobs erupted from my angry, broken soul and spewed hot tears down my face. Kevin sat up straight and started rubbing his hands together, his eyes searching mine. He called my name and asked if I heard him and if I understand his decision! He stared at his hands and dropped his head in the hands, groaned and then looked back up at me.

He said he doesn’t want to be married to me anymore!

The panic became a tidal wave around me, consuming me. I blinked hot tears. I could not believe what I just heard. I struggled to catch my breath as I buried my face in my hands and tried to search for a reasonable explanation. I must say I was devastated. This was too deep, a guttural weeping that came from a place in my heart. Yes I started this “divorce thing”, but I never thought Kevin would agree to end our marriage without a fight, even in his right mind. It was worse now because he couldn’t remember our love, our lives and our good times in that marriage.

I was torn beyond any explanation. Never in a million years did I ever thought I would feel this way. A dark place empty of all words except a wrenching why?

I pulled my knees up beneath my chin. Everything about the past hour seemed like something from a nightmare, and I prayed I might wake up. I thought of the woman I was that morning. Happy, content , confident and looking forward to a new beginning with Kevin. Believing, hoping and trusting him implicitly and ready to launch a new chapter of our lives. There hadn’t been a single warning that life as I planned it was about to be shattered.

Immediately, the situation became clear. Yes I had filled for divorce but the accident changed everything. Somehow at the back of my mind I knew I would not go through it especially after the revelation that Kevin never slept with Sheryl nor made her pregnant. So I was hoping that as I nurse him back to health, he might end up changing to a better man. A better lover, and a better husband. But boy I was wrong.

The truth was, I still loved him so much! More than I was willing to admit. Yet, in the wake of his unfaithfulness , his betrayal, my heart still urged me to hate him, tell him that I accept the divorce and let him go and never want to see him again. But I would be lying. I knew God wanted something else. He wanted me to see through this journey, and be willing to forgive and make things right. Not only because I felt like it, but because it was something I ‘d decided to do since the accident.

I blinked back the tears, and the terror faded. In it’s place my fury was more controlled. I tightened my grip on the back of my chair and tried desperately to understand and make sense of what was happening. I looked up to Kevin, the rage within me was suffocating. With a voice so broken, my throat pinched, I spoke:

Nna: Why are you giving up on our marriage? Have you stopped loving us? Are you going to look me in the eyes and tell me that this is what you want? To divorce me and move on with your life?

Kevin: there’s no other way or easy way to say this, Obonolo. I want a divorce. I know I do care about you, maybe loved you more than anything else, but , right now...I’m not.. I am not in love with you anymore.Well at least I don't remember loving you.

The tidal wave came crashing down, as I fell back into the chair. My heart raced dangerously fast, and I couldn’t grab a full breath. Excruciating pain shot down my entire being and there was a heaviness on my chest that grew worse each passing second. I breathe in and out and my pain was eased a bit , and allowed me to inhale

Nna: You owe me that much! I am your wife and Reatli and your mom are doing all this to protect their marriages at our expense, yet,  you chose to walk away on yours so easily?

Kevin just starred at me, slowly sliding out his wedding ring off his finger. He said I didn’t get it. He said he made his decision and he doesn’t want to be married to me, especially now that there is another woman in the picture. So he wanted to be fair on both of us!

I was so furious because I knew he was telling me about Sheryl. Before his accident he told me that he never loved Sheryl and that the only thing that combined them was the twins. So with the test proving that he was not the father, why was he still hung up on Sheryl? Unless his two witches made him believe that he loved her!

As the ring clattered onto the cabinet besides his bed, something inside of me shut down. It was almost as if a protective shield had gone up around my heart, a kind of armour that simply would not allow me any more pain. I felt so dizzy and sicker to my stomach, yet somehow I felt detached and clear eyed, as if I was observing and listening to the whole scene from a distance.

It was unfathomable, as if it was happening to someone else. I could barely breathe.

Kevin was nothing of the man I married, the man I loved, the man I thought him to be. Instead he had lied, cheated and betrayed me, and now he was sitting there saying our marriage was over? I looked at him, tears still falling down on my lap. .

I remembered a verse the pastor recited on our wedding day:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love .But the greatest of these is Love.

Acting with what I could explain only as supernatural power, and without so much as a single tear, I studied my husband and steadied my voice. The anger was still there but my determination was greater.

Nna: “Lavo, divorce won’t solve our problems nor bring back your memories, we need counselling “

Yooo Kevin’s mouth hung open and he said something that tore my heart to the core.

Kevin: Counselling Bobo? Why didn’t you think of counselling before you serve my family with the divorce papers? I m sorry this is hard for you to accept, but you need to hear me. I want out of whatever marriage you are now so desperately trying to hold together. Now I want divorce, not counselling. Besides, I’m in love with someone else”

Just as I was about to say something, Kevin held out a hand to stop me. He said he was sorry and he asked me to accept his decision and how he chose to live his life going forward. He said he didn’t need my pity or forgiveness or preaching. He said that all he wanted was time out. He continued that it was not fair for both of us, especially when so much has happened.

Again a strength I could not explain coursed through me. I stood up and took out the divorce papers from the envelope and tore them into pieces while talking to him

Nna: You are my husband. We promised to love each other forever. Yes we all did things we are not proud of. I remember my part, but you don’t. How can you just opt out while you can’t even remember what you promised me? What you vowed. Fine, if you want to go ahead and run to mama like a little boy and believe everything they told you, do so. But copy this, I am not going to file this”

Just as I finished tearing up those papers, I grabbed my handbag and looked at Kevin, for the last time.

Nna: Whatever decision you take will affect the rest of your life. I’m gonna leave now, go to your parents’ place. But when you sleep at night, think of what you want to do. If you still want  divorce, you go ahead and file for one.

Again the words seemed strangely out of place, as if they were coming from someone else. Unbelievable! Kevin thought he was in love with Sheryl and wanted to divorce me.I must say, he'd become the cruelest insensitive man he could ever be. He’d broken our wedding vows and did the one thing that had given me a Godly grounds for ending our marriage. But all the time I had chosen not to. But despite my pain, my anger , my grief , despite the shock that still shook my body, I knew one thing for certain: I did not want to end my marriage like that. I didn’t want to give up on my promise to stay with him nor matter what. Especially in his condition , nor matter what he put me, I still loved him and was prepared to give us a second chance at happiness .

Nna: I don’t want to end our marriage like this Kevin. Not when you are not fully recovered. We can work it out later. Right now let's focus on getting you better.

Kevin: I’m sorry Bobo. I can't.  Please excuse me, I need to get ready.will have to call you tomorrow. We need to talk about the legalities. Reatli told me our Cousin Motsheoa is our Lawyer, so maybe we should call her and arrange for legal advice.

I took a few steps towards the door, I thought of a million things to say and do. A part of me wanted to walk up to him and slap him with a warm clap, spit at him, punch him or kick him. Another part wanted to hit myself for being so stupid. I wanted to just dig a deep hole on the floor or wall, collapse in a heap and never wake up or better yet, woke up with a complete new memory or a breakdown– the one only God would be holding at bay, the one I was certain to have in the hours and days and weeks ahead …

Instead, I walked back to his bed and looked deeply into his eyes and willed him to hear or see or feel how my heart was breaking and then, out of nowhere I said one thing.

Nna: I will never give up on you now and I will never give you a divorce!

I turned and walked to the door. Just as I opened it, there before me, stood MamaTau, Reatli and Nyiko. We crossed paths without the usual greetings. It was simple Hallo’s and I went to fetch the kids and told them to go say goodbye to their Dad . When I got there Kevin was finished dressing up and ready to go. Reatli was smiling ear to ear holding Nyiko’s hands. Something inside of me said I should do something. I asked Reatli if I could have a word with her in private. I asked Mamo to take the kids to the car.

Nna: Reatli, right now you might think you won this round. But let me say this. This is far from being over. You might be happy that my marriage is finally ending but you have a thing coming. You pushed me too far this time. And don’t say I didn’t warn you! And don’t blame me for what I will do in retaliation.

Reatli: You messed with the wrong family Obonolo. Don’t blame me for all this. You are the one who filled for divorce. You should be happy that Kevin signed them. Now you can leave your perfect live freely.

Nna: Hhmmmm. Ausi, seeing that you think you got rid of me, listen here, and listen very carefully because I am not going to repeat myself. The divorce papers that you think your brother signed are now destroyed. So, I just want to warn you! Should you and your family push Kevin to file for divorce, ohhh no no, let me rephrase! You are going to make sure that my husband doesn’t file for divorce or else..

Reatli: ( rudely interrupting me).Or else what Obonolo?

Nna: Or else, you are going to also lose your husband, not to divorce though but to prison . I will take all the proof I have of the crimes your husband and his associates committed and got away with to NPA,  and I am so sure they will investigate him. And between you and I, we know those stuff I asked you to look at in the USB stick, will ensure that Kevin and Sheryl get arrested for defeating the ends of justice and as for your husband, he will rot in jail for many years …For two counts of murder, money laundering, fraud and corruption. Don’t test me! Right now I have nothing to lose remember? So I dare you! Go fix what you did!

I looked at Reatli from top to bottom, and back to her face then I turned and walked away! Who has the last laugh now?

Hurting, broken, shattered as I walk to my car, I had to think clearly about the ultimatum I gave Reatli. I asked myself! Was it worth it? Is Kevin worth going through all this troubles and endangering my life for?

Then I decided that I would not cry over Kevin nor fight for him. I have done a lot of hectic stuff trying to save our marriage while he could remember our love and now that he can’t even remember and was being badly influenced, there was nothing more left for me to do.

Besides, who knows when will Kevin’s memory return? Or if we will ever go back to the times we loved each other? Or if we will ever feel the same about each other? Maybe never….
So what was I holding on to? As I got into the car and driving back home, I decided that I would give in to what he wanted, what his family wanted, what  I initially initiated. I’m letting go!

I wanted to be free and at Peace…I wanted to move on with my life, because I deserved way more than I was settling for…. I deserved better. I deserved more.. Happiness isn't a destination, it's a decision. You can choose to be happy no matter your situation. You can change the way you're looking at things and those things will change.

"I wish people could get what they think will make them happy just so they can see that's not what happiness is."Being married or remaining in a loveless marriage will never make you happy... instead it will bring nothing but pain.

When Vows are broken...nothing else matters...

I was broken but I said to myself: God must want me to learn how to live my life without seeking people's approval or validation. I was in pain but I said to myself: If it doesn't kill me then at least it'll make me stronger.
Thats the end of OBONOLO AND KEVIN 's Broken Vows!
Watch out for Season 2 to find out what will Princess  Reatli chose!  Is it the end of Kevin and Obonolo? Even if Reatli chose to stop Kevin, Will Obonolo take Kevin back?

Season 2 – Lies, Secrets and Betrayal

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