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Monday, June 13


Dating at work place - relationship talks in the workplace


Elijah Padi: Yesterday's answer on workplace relationships.

Question 1

Do you think workplace dating should be allowed or discouraged?

Studies have shown that 70% of employees wolrdwide have engaged in some sort of workplace romance, 50% have become physically involved and the other 20% ended things before they could get physical.

I say workplace dating should be allowed but managed. It is happening anyway, whether allowed or not.

Think about this: Most high performing and even low performing companies tend to recruit people on the basis of person to organization fit(meaning they employ a certain calibre of people). This would mean like minded people will be employed in a particular company. These people may share similar interest and show similar intellectual levels, thereby challenging each other to be more of who they really are at the core. This similarity might create a strong sense of belonging, understanding, and familiarity. Time spending and stimulating conversations may lead to Psychological and social attachment that may lead to intimate relationships. If it were not of workplace policies and certain societal values, many people would have been open about workplace dating. However workplace dating can become a problem when it involves a senior manager and a direct reportee.

Question 2

Do you think relationship talks/ education should be allowed in the workplace?

Relationship and Marriage talks should be allowed in the workplace. In fact, they are a must. Many companies are losing money and productivity because of intimate relationships. People are absent from work because of relationship stress. Medical aid are exhausted because of depressed employees who are suffering from different psychosomatic ills. Most companies expect employees to separate their personal life from the work life. This is an unfair ask. People carry their personal life where ever they go. They may not discuss their problems with the boss or a colleague, but their problems are affecting them during the 70% of their time spent at work. That is why most people have attitudinal problems at work, or mediocre productivity, or even staying absent from work. Companies that are not allowing relationship talks at work are paying a high price. On the hand if companies can allow relationship talks at workplace, employees will find time during thein 70% stay at work to learn of conflict management skills, emotional management, how to deal with abuse, boosting your self confidence, when to let go of toxic relationships, people management etc. These are the same skills that are needed at workplace. this will translate to improved productivity and a conducive environment. People don't need to broadcast their problems in public, they can have one on one sessions with professionals, but allowing them to learn relationship skills in a public forum can add so much value in their lives. This is a proactive solution as opposed to being reactive. Some people might not know what to do in a situation and may be shy or ashamed to ask, but when they know that they have a platform to listen to qualified speakers, they will be confident to speak and be effective in dealing with their relationship problems. Workplace romances are are part of  organizational life, and prohibiting them will not solve the problems associated with them, but talking about them within a work context will improve the lives of employees. Let's start the conversations.

Elijah Padi

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