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Monday, June 27


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 83


insert 83
The evening was just great
we ate, drank and danced the night away
it was approaching midnight already
and mam'nomcebo and imi had already gone to bed
we were sitting in the lounge with the door closed
as to not make alot of noise
two of yolo's friends had joined us
it was Luzuko
and the guy with dreads they were with two ladies i didn't know
yolo: so vusi are we still on
he was refering to the guy with dreadlocks
so his name was Vusi

vusi: am not sure, we will see on monday
yolo: k mjita akho smoko
luke: so baby don't you want a refill
me: ompi(which) ubaby kanene coz you into Vuyo and Dave
Luu: i mean Vuyo, Dave is just my shield roll on
you know my 48 hours protection
kinda nigga
Vuyo: Luke please don't start
Luu: sorry baby ke, you are my main man
i will dump Dave
(VUYO wanted to burst in that instant
we all laughed at him)
Luu: let me get you that refill
Vuyo: no Luke i will get it myself
me: don't worry i will get refill for everyone
i stood up
"let me help you" one of the girl said
she was beautiful
and yellow, she had wide hips and an ass for days
me: ohk you can come
she stood up and followed me
"i love your house, i like how you decorated it" she said as soon as we entered the kitchen
me: owh thank you
what's your name again
Her: am Dikeledi but you can call me Dk
most people call me that
me: owh so is VUSI your boyfriend
DK: No, he is a friend of my friend and he asked me to accompany him
Me: owh, but you too look cute together
i actually thought you were an item
Dk: no way, i don't love him like that
besides my heart belongs to someone else already
Me: look at you blurshing and all
you must really love this person
Dk: i do with all my heart
i believe that we are meant to be
few circumstances stands between us but am sure they will be gone soon
Me: lucky for you, i hope everything works out between you and your guy
Dk: believe me they already did
all thanx to god
me: k thats great
Dk: you and your husband seem happy
me: we are happy
Dk: happiness, i like that, i can't wait to own a home like this
me: lets take the drinks to the guys
am sure they are wondering where we are now
Dk: yeah sure lets go
we walked back to the lounge with the drinks
Luu: yoh finally, kunini nilindiwe
me: ai wethu, we were just talking
luyolo: about what
Dk: girl's talk nothing interesting
loyolo: owh
the was an awkward silent
Luu: so Dave are you really single
Dave: jah
Luu: i think GOD is testing me
how does he kept sending handsome single men in my way
well if you are looking dear just know that am available
and i am a wife material
i can cook, clean and give you a hot steamy session anytime you want
Khitha: lool Luu leave my brother alone
Luu: ai umona yikofu shame sisi
can't you see that am busy sending a CV apha
Mandy: lol since when do you need a Cv to find a man
Luu: since this world is now full of two faced bitches who are so misrable with their life that they decide to keep ruining other people's life
now that stung a bit
we all kept quiet again afterLuu's response
"anyway let me go to the toilet" Luu said

he stood up and exited the door
leaving us with the awkwardness he created
around 3:00 AM i decided to go to bed
i was sloshed and i couldn't keep my eyes opened anymore
so i said my goodnights or rather goodmornings to everyone
i then i went to my room
i threw myself on top of the covers and felt asleep immediatly
i didn't even take off my clothes
i woke up around ten
infact the pumping music woke me up
i was still ontop of the covers and yolo wasn't on his side
and it was clear that he never came to bed because everything was exactly how it was when i came to sleep
i woke up with a heavy head
it was pounding like hell
i went to take a quick shower
came back, wore my leggin and a black vest
with flat sandals
i combed my weave and tied it into a ponytail
put on my make up lightly
i then exited the room
my headche got worser as i got closer to the lounge
i got there and there was no one
the lounge was empty
i just switched off the music
i went to the kitchen
yolo and vuyo were eating the meat from last night
"hey why so much noise"
i said
yolo: you look beautiful
me: i wish i felt that way
yolo: hangover
me: a terrible one
vuyo: don't worry i know just the perfect cure
me: not your yuck remedy bro
that thing tastes terrible and it smell as bad
vuyo: then drink another dumpy and your headache will clear up
me: really
yolo: yep if you drink it will go away
me: k then
did you guys sleep
yolo: we slept on the couches
but khitha,Dk,vivian and luke slept in mandy's room
me: who's vivian
yolo: Luzuko's Gf
me: owh, so where is everyone
yolo: they've gone to freshen up
then they will be back and the party can continue
me: wow so we gonna party the whole day
vuyo: yep, when was the last time you turn up
plus i salute you, you really can dance
(yolo gave him a death stare)
yolo: muna you need to stop eyeing my wife
vuyo: dude am not eyeing her
i just smile at them

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