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Wednesday, June 1


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 69


Insert 69.
I may have drank myself to sleep.
I woke up the following morning
with a heavy head.
I was a bit dizzy.
I went to take a quick shower. I couldn't go to work even if i wanted to because i was so late.
After showering i wore my black knee lenght body hugging dress.
Wore my black nude heel.
And a cardigan.
I looked a bit formal and a bit stylish.
I let my weave loose.
Applied my minimum make up.
In no time i was ready but i still had the headache.
I called room service and ordered a very strong sugarless coffeee.
Within minutes it was brought to me.
I had a sip.
My face frown in that instant
The thing was just so bitter.
But i drank it none the less, i had no choice, i had to get rid of my hangover.
Finally i had finished drinking my bitter coffee.
I touched up on my make up.
Took my hand back and laptop back.
I took the elevator to the floor.
I left my key on the reception.
My car was already parked on the hotel parking lot.
I went to it got in and drove straight to work.
I needed to explain to my boss that i won't be at work this entire week.
I needed to plan my dad's funeral.
I parked my car infront of my workplace.
Got out and walked in.
Pearl was busy on the phone.
She hung up as soon as she saw me.
"hey you we've miss you yersterday" she said.
Me: i missed you too guys but i had something to attend to.
Pearl: i hope everything is good.
Me: i wish they were good, but sadly they are not.
Pearl: whats wrong.
Me: besides my father's passing everything is just a mess.
Pearl: omg your father passed away.
(i nodded).
Am so sorry girl.
She stood from her desK
and gave me the warmest hug.
"everything will be fine sisi just be strong" she said brushing my back.
Me: thanx pearl.
(we broke the hug).
Me: is the ceo in his office.
Pearl: yes. And i have messages for you here.
Me: i will take them on my way out.
Pearl: ohk then.
I took the elevator to his office.
His pa was busy with her nails on her desk.
I greeted her.
Then she told me to walk in since the boss was not that busy.
I knocked once and he ordered me to come in.
"owh mrs mdingi its you" he said.
Me: morning sir.
Him: morning please have a seat.
(i sat down).
Him: i hope you are here to clearify why you were not at work yesterday.
Me: yes sir about that i apologise.
I should have called.
I had a personal crisis to deal with.
My father passed away a day ago
and i received the news yesterday morning so i had to go to the police station.
Him: owh am so sorry, how are you coping though.
Me: am taking each day as it comes.
Him: am sorry you witnessed such tragedy.
I think you will need some days off.
Me: yes i need this whole week off because i need to arrange the funeral.
Him: its ohk you can take this whole week off.
We will see you tuesday next week.
Me: thank you so much sir.
If there is anything that needs my attention you can email it to me.
I can work from home.
Him: i like how dedicated you are with your work.
I will ask my assistant to email your work load to you.
But you don't have to overwork yourself.
Me: i won't.
He signed my leave then handed me the document.
"see you tuesday then" he said.
Me: see you then, thank you again sir.
Him: you are welcome. And take heart this will pass.
Me: thank you.
I exited his office.
Took the elevator to the floor.
Pearl gave me my messages.
And he walked me to the car.
I bid my goodbyes to her.
Then drove to wimpy
I needed breakfast
while i was busy waiting for my food
my phone rang, i didn't know the number.
Me: hello.
Caller: hi umh am looking for athenkosi rhadebe.
Me: this is she, who is this and how can i help you.
Caller: my name is vatiswa your father's housekeeper.
Me: my father had a maid.
Her: ewe, i got your number from him a while ago.
And he has been missing for two days now.
I don't know what to do.
Me: where are you.
Her: at his house. I didn't wanna leave the house empty so i decided to stay hoping that he will be back soon but till now he is not back.
Me: so he has a house
(i spoke more to myself than to her).
Her: what.
Me: i said where is this house.
Her: its in mamelodi.
Me: ohk send me the address and i would be right there.
Her: ohk sisi i will send it just now.
And please find him.
Me: i already did, but i will tell you everything when i get there.
Her: ohk then.
I hung up and waited for her text.
My food came.
And i just dug in.
I didn't realise i was this hungry.
Vatiswa sent the address and directions.
I really didn't know mamelodi
i hoped i wouldn't get lost.
I finished up my breakfast then slit the money together with the tip in the menu.
I got up and left.
I got in my car and drove straight to mamelodi.
Mamelodi is the township of pretoria.
So you know how townships are.
They are just messy and mixed up.
I drove around asking for directions from people
I finally reached the street drove down looking for the house
i was greeted by a huge pitch house
Was this my father's house
How did he afford such luxury
I wondered

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