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Saturday, June 11


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 73


insert 73
vuyo left almost around 23h00 am
then i went to bed
vathiswa was already alseep
atleast after talking with vuyo i felt a bit light
i was a bit better
i woke up the next day with the house full of
neighbours were here to pour their condolences
in the midst of all that you have to make them tea and cookies
i was glad of the fact that vathiswa baked in the morning
well she was an early bird
that one
after showering i wore a bit over the knees pencil skirt,
an identity white t'shirt and a cardigan
then put on a doek on my head
with my flat ankle boot
i then went to the sitting room
vathiswa had moved the couches in the lounge, she had put a matress and mats
the problem is the was no one to sit on the matress
since there was people i sat there for the time being
i sat there with a blanket over my shoulders
i had no idea what i was doing
vathiswa just told me to do that
a group of women came in they sang
after singing they prayed then they sat down
and started to say how sorry they were
they talked about how much of a good man my father was
and how god give and then take
right then tears stung my eyes
i quickly wiped them away
it sank in that i had lost someone
vathiswa brought them tea and cookies
after drinking their tea they left
for a bit we got to be alone
"i can't do this; i thought i was strong but am not" i said wiping my tears
vathiswa: you just have to be strong
it will be over soon
right then the door bell rang
vathiswa went to check it while i returned to the matress thinking that its someone who was here to offer their condolences
but to my surprise vathiswa entered with a medium suitcase
a women almost in her late fourties entered behind her.
Vathiswa: we have a guest ma'am
me: who
i lifted my head and i was met by an older vision of zimkhitha
"is that....owh thixo onofefe look at how much you have grown
Angela is that you" the woman said
me: uhm yebo mah am Athenkosi
her: i know, you are Athenkosi angela rhadebe
i gave you the name angela
the last time i saw you, you were just a toddler
its only right that you don't remember me
am your father's younger sister
my name is Nozuko
me: owh welcome dabawo
her: come give your aunt a hug.
I stood up from the matress
then i walked to her
"look at you, yhu awusemdala mntana ndin
ungumfazi ngok" she said as we shared a tight hug
we then broke the hug she kissed my cheek
me: take her bags to the guest room vathiswa
vathiswa: ohk ma'am
we both sat on the matress
"i heard what happened
am so sorry mntanam

i also heard that your mother passed away
owh ebelungile shame
you must be so strong to go through all this alone
kodwa ungamsoli uthixo nana
he knows what he is doing" she said brushing my back
tears just fell
i was just reminded that i was now an orphan for real
we continued talking and catching up with dabawo nozuko
she was a nice person
so calm and collected
and unfortunantly she was the only remaining family member in my father's family
she also knew about my older brother
but she said that she last saw him the time her sister moved to the states with her husband
and she also had never heard from her again
so she didn't know where she was
or whether she was still alive or dead
her: so where is the other girl,
the child of the woman who made your father turn his back on us.
Me: you mean zimkhitha
her: ewe
me: well its a long story
(i filled her in on everything)
she stayed on the matress while i went to run some errands
my uncle and his wife were gonna come later on
Zintle and nhlanhla came around midday
atleast they were more hands on deck
Sindy had called and said that she will come on friday
since the funeral was gonna be on saturday
and pastor smith had agreed to lead my father's funeral
i called mam'nomcebo and told her where i was.
But i told her not to bring imi
i didn't think it was a good idea for her to be here
i never bothered to call yolo
infact he was the last thing on my mind.
Condolences were pouring all over the place
even on my facebook
and i had no idea how they knew about my father's death
everything was settled
with the insurance
they had moved my father's body in their morgue
so everything was just going well
vuyo came around to help after he had knocked off.
Having aunt nozuko really helped me
atleast i didn't have to sit on the matress
and she gave me ideas on what to do whenever i was stuck.
That day i went to bed just as tired
A knock woke me up on a thursday morning
me: come in
(it was vathiswa)
vathiswa: someone is here to see you ma'am
Me: who
Her: i don't know, its a young man with a lady.
Me: ohk am coming
i woke up went to take a quick shower
i wore a long dress
don't forgetting a doek on my head.
I wore my slippers
then walked out
i went to the kitchen and i was met by a terrible looking Khitha
she was with yolo
yolo: hey
me: morning
him: i found her
i hired a PI and he found her in some hillbrow at sunnyside
me: omg Khitha
i went to her
and we hugged

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