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Monday, June 13


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 74


insert 74
my sister had such a terrible odour
A strong armpits smell
i felt so bad for her
why did she leave a normal life only to go live in a hillbrow
did she hate imi that much
i mean she would rather stay in a hillbrow than raising her kid
she cried softly on my chest
i brushed her back
"its gonna be ohk dear please stop crying
am here now, and you are home" i said trying to comfort her
her: is it true, is daddy really gone
(i just nodded,i didn't trust my voice
i was afraid that if i open my mouth i will break down)
she broke into a hawl
i knew the pain she felt
i mean she was the only child who atleast had the priviledge of spending time with our father
so it was understandable that she was more hurt than all of us
i tried calming her down but she cried even louder
her: owh thixo why would you do this to me
am now alone
an orphan i don't have anybody
me: don't talk like that
luyolo: thats not true khitha you have us
you have as many brothers and sisters around you
me: and we all love and adore you
right now you need to take a shower
you can wear my clothes
Vathi: yes ma'am
me: can you please take my sister to my room and show her the shower
Vathi: ohk ma'am
pleases follow me
they exited the kitchen
leaving me with the man i call my husband
quietness loomed the room
"so how are you feeling" he broke the ice
me: are you really asking me that right now
you wanna know how i feel luyolo
ohk i am hurt about my father's death
i feel like a fool and betrayed by my husband
who brought a snake into our home
and he didn't even see the need to talk to me about it
i feel broken because the man who married me knowing that i can't have kids is now asking for kids from me
do you still wanna know how i feel
i was already in tears
my voice was shacky
but i didn't wanna break down
i just didn't wanna give him that satisfation
yolo; am sorry for bringing mandy into our home without your permission
i miss you so much
the house is not the same without you
our bed is just so empty and cold
i tried looking for you but your friends told me that they didn't know where you were.
I hardly slept this few days
i was so worried about you
me: ow so now how did you find me
yolo: i had to convince mam nomcebo to tell me
me: owh ohk now that you have brought my sister
can you kindly leave
yolo: please baby let me help
i wanna help
me: no i have enough help thank you
yolo: please i wanna be there for you
me:NOOO!!! You need to leave
i was now screaming and in tears
"aibo kwenzeka nton apha" my aunt said as she appeared at the kitchen door
me: its nothing dabawo
her: this doesn't look like nothing
look at you
you are crying
young man what did you do her
me: no Dabs he did nothing
he is my husband Luyolo
her: oh so he's the husband
he looks like a fine young man
me: indeed but then looks can be deceiving
Since yolo kept on begging and pushing so i let him stay and help
he went out with my uncle they said they were going to buy a cow just don't know where
the house was still busy flooding with people
but having my uncle's wife and aunt around was really helpful
khitha was soundly asleep when i got in my room
i went to take a long quiet bath
then i wore a maroon body hugging dress
and i took my hand bag and exited the room
i went to my father's room
took a face photo of him
i was going to get it enlarged
since it was going to be on the stand near the coffin
uncle's wife: you going to the mall already
me: ewe mah
her: please can you buy this few items for us
(she handed me a list and money but i told her not to bother about money)
i asked LUKE AND ZINTLE to come with me
we got in the car and drove off
luu: yhuu finally we are out of the house
me: you can say that again
its just so cramped and crowded
Zintle: you guys have seen nothing yet
on the funeral day it would be worse than this
me: eish i wish it was over
but i like having you guys around though
luu: well that's what friends do toto they support each other noba sekunjani nah
me: am blessed then
luu: yewethu ebephi ukhitha nah njeba ecwebe enje
me: i have no idea
luyolo said a PI found her in a hillbrow
zintle: so she would rather stay in a hilbrow than staying with you guys
me: yeah i guess
luu: yhuu ai une liver shame usisi mna bendingano survivor tuu
i decided to start at my workplace
i parked the car
luu: so you work in this huge building
me: ewe
luu: ai girl you are living thee life
i envy you
me: look whose talking
the biggest events planner around pretoria
who is his own boss envies an employee
are you kidding me
luu: ai mfazi planning events is so stressful shame
i just do it because i love it
me: i would give anything to be my own boss
zintle: yhu mna i won't cope shame
i don't think i can handle the pressure and demand which comes with such responsibilities
me: yah neh it could be tricky
we entered the building
they waited for me at the reception talking up a storm with Pearl
while i took a lift to Dave's office

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