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Wednesday, June 15


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 75


insert 75
i got to the third floor
Dave's PA was busy in her computer
me: hey wendy
her: owh hi mrs Mdingi
me: is the boss in
her: yes
me: i would like to see him
she took the phone and called.
Her: you can go in
(she said as soon as she dropped the phone)
me: thank you
i entered Dave's office
he was busy on his laptop
him: owh morning
you can take a seat
(he said as soon as i entered)
me: thank you sir
him: so how are things going
me: so far so good
sorry i couldn't come yesterday
i was very busy
him: owh no its ohk
i totally understand
this is what i wanted to show you
he handed me a file
i browsed through it
it was a new programme design from the start they wanted to introduce it after Java
me: wow this is good
Dave: i know right
its even great when you run it in the computer
me: but it needs bits of touch ups here and there so that it won't be freezing in the ATMs
the programme needs to be upgraded a bit
so that it can be different from java
Dave: my thoughts exactly
that's why when you come back tuesday i need you to modify it
me: no problem
give me a copy i will work on it at home for the time being
Dave: you can take that file its fine
me: ok, anyway do you know any photo shops nearby
Dave: yeah infact there is one right around the building
the owner there is my friend
me: i wanted to enlarge my father's photo
it needs to be on the stand on saturday
Dave: give me the photo and i will take it to him
me: wow thanx you are such a life saver
i reached on my handbag and took out the envelope
me: here
(i handed him the envelope)
he opened it and took out the photo
for a while his hands trembled
his hand was literally shaking
he buried his face on the photo
he was dead quiet
"no....no this can't be" he said with a shaky voice
me: sir is anything the matter
him: no...this can't be your father
it can't be
me: did you know my father
he reached in his suit pocket
took out a photo and gave it to me
i was tongue tied

my mouth ran dry
Dave had given me the exact same photo to the one i just gave him
this was my father no doubt about it
so why did Dave have my father's picture
me: where did you get this
Him: the woman who raise me gave it to me
she told me that the man on that picture was my father
on her dead bed
she told me how she took me from her brother and his girlfriend while i was still a baby
me: owh my God i don't believe this
him: well after i found out that the woman i knew to be my mother was my Aunt i was shuttered
i tried searching for answeres but i kept hitting dead ends because my mom/aunt was already dead
and her husband was also dead
so i came to south africa
to search for my family with no avail
so i used my inheritance to start this company
my name is Luyanda Davon Rhadebe
but my friends call me Dave
thats why you know me as Dave
in shot for Davon
i never gave up hope though
now holding this photo and hearing that this is the man who passed away is really heart breaking
its hard to believe that i couldn't find my father while he was right under my nose
he sniffed
tears also stung my eyes
i couldn't believe i have been working for my brother all this time and i didn't even know it
i stood up from the chair and went to him
he also stood up and we shared a hug
me: owh my God this feels like a dream
i cant believe i have been working for my brother all along
him: i know right
who knew that i have a younger sister
i always thought that i was alone
me: make that two younger sisters
there's another girl younger than me
well we just few months apart but am older than her
him: wow i can't wait to meet her
so how was my father
me: well unfortunatly i also didn't know him that much
i never got a chance to be with him
he had another wife
the mother of my younger sister
him: ow and mom
me: our mother passed away few years ago
him: oh GOD so i missed my chance with them
me: am so sorry
him: its ohk
atleast i have you guys
and i atleast have a chance to say my final goodbyes to my father
me: there's still alot to catch up on
him: and i can't wait to hear everything about you guys
(he chuckled)
me: and then
him: to think that i had my eyes on you
the only thing that stopped me from persuing you
is that you are married and the fact that you are a bit young
so i was inlove with my younger sister
its just pure madness
we both laugh
me: well you didn't know
we talked a bit
then i told him we were gonna meet later so that i can take him home
he took the photo for enlargement
i left his office
took the lift to the ground
then i alerted Luke and Zintle that we must go
pearl was so sad that we were leaving
since she had find herself friends to gossip with
but she promised that she will be there for the funeral
we drove to the mall
while i told them what had just happened
we bought everything that was on the list and even more
after that we drove back home
and i told everybody that i had found my long lost brother
everyone was just glad and couldn't wait to meet him

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